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I unironically lost 62,5K today

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I'm down 70k in the last 24 hours. Still don't feel anything

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Me too, but I don’t feel anything anymore
I’m just preparing some spare cash to buy 2.5 BTC

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wasnt gonna sell my golden ticket anyway

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I’m still feeling comfy

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You only lose if you sell

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Roughly 300k.
It had to correct at some point.
BTC can go to 15k easily.

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nah, you didn't. unrealized gains are not real gains.

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Why didn't you guys tether up?

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I swear I've seen the same 3 posters post over and over again "I unironically lost ___ today", followed up by "I'm down ____. Still don't feel anything", and then "Me too, I don't feel anything anymore"

It's always the same words. "I don't feel anything".
What exactly made you faggots so god damn numb that you need to spam this line over and over?

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Because my BTC will never touch an exchange, imagine trusting a centralized third party, I’m gonna stack and stack and stack and when I cannot do it anymore I will just use lightning to spend some

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I lost 2.7 million but I bought Bitcoin between $2 and $24 back in the days.

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Why are you posting this like it's something fucking casual? You're a dipshit, you know

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Sad I missed a chance to increase my LINK stack. Lost 25% value in a day, but it’ll bounce back. Coping with the fact that I bought LINK at .30 so no matter what happens I’m still up >x30

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tether up = realizing taxable gains. they need to be paid in usd. now you have to set aside part of the sale into tether and cash out to pay those taxes, which reduces the size of your stack in the runup. and you could make that move and be wrong about tethering up while it still pumps. the risk reward is fucked for burgers with large positions.

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If XRP starts pumping, get the fuck out.

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alright champ good luck with that

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I might have to sell my X6
Anybody wants to help a boy in need? 0x16B9cB0e5aE44718eaCeDb03E42f7aBa81bFfc2a

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Once you've been through the swings a couple of times it gets easier.

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What the fuck, I never said cash out. I just just said tether up instead of jumping off a cliff. You're freezing your stack so you can buy the dip later. You're just saying words.

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I don't feel anything

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>Sell Off

Its fine. Its just black Friday sales for crypto

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>using a comma in your number
>no blue passport detected

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crypto to crypto is a taxable event, brainlet.

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Trading crypto-to-crypto is taxable.

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whens the bottom, I tethered up but Im nervous ill miss the bottom

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56k linkies here
Unironically lost 202k$ today
Haven't taken any profits since I got in 2017

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it still has a long way to go down. Crypto market is still crazy overvalued when shitcoins like bch has a multi billion mcap. Just remember theres lots of whales that havent taken profit yet. When they decide to do, retail buyers will get buttfucked so hard. The biggest crash is yet to come, winter is coming faggots

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lost $12k on a long with no stop loss. i sort of want to die

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>I lost 2.7 million but I bought Bitcoin between $2 and $24 back in the days.
what are your moves like in this market with such a stack? I'm at low 6 figures and the only way I can meaningfully contribute to my stack at this point is by trying to become a top 50 holder in low cap shitcoins and hoping they pan out. DCAing into BTC/ETH/LINK isn't making as much of a difference in terms of stack size.

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>he provided ID to his exchange service

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and you're poor as shit

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brb, a few whale decides to sell a billion dollars worth of bitcoin. Who is gonna take the opposite side of that trade? retail hahaha? no
Also remember that Mt gox still has 150k btc left to sell. May happen in december

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And you're weak and have a small dick, faggot

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It's just money, bros. It'll eventually bounce back harder than ever

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This is why I trade btc options. I don't actually believe in the underlying product but the volatility is just too good.

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You aren't "in need" you have an X6 you can sell

Fucking nigger

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Only if you sell

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Buy some IDNA they are really cheap right now , easy 100x return.

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i noticed that shit too>

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I losted 500k

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Why you think its gonna explode. whats this inside knowledge

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Serious question, if you're not LARPing.
Since BTC is down 13% over the last 24h, that means your stack was worth ~$20.7 million.
Why the fuck don't you sell half, i.e. having $10m in an S&P 500 index fund, where you can safely withdraw $30k per month for the rest of your life?

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Oh sweet innocent anon, you don't understand taxes, do you? Also, that much wealth just makes you a target. ALSO, we're not even close to done on the crypto moon mission. Selling now is as dumb as selling at $1, $100, $1000, $19000. We're going to SEVEN FIGURES anon. And fiat is going to collapse entirely anyway, why throw away real value for paper nonsense?

Now, buying land and guns, that's a good use of crypto gains. But paper? Fuck paper. Can't eat that.

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holy based

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Genuinely curious, what was the reason not so sale?

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I "traded" my 100 coin stack down to 20.
So now I just hodl.

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sorry for your loss man, I hope you can "survive" the drawdown.
I'm up around 500k today from shorting the top. Untethered today at 16500, feels good.

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> asset values are only real if you exchange them for FIAT currency
by your logic Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk aren't all that rich because most of their money is in stocks they haven't sold

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Turns out I'm really a little bit innocent here. First, I'm German, so I didn't pay any taxes when I cashed out more than a million in 2017. Zero taxes, so I forgot about that. Second, I live in the South of Germany, where having 10m does not make you a target at all. It's nothing special. In my neighborhood there are several houses worth in the 2m-4m range. If you run around with 10m in the bank and think you're a target, people will laugh at you. A coworker of mine is 40 years old and just inherited 6m in rental real estate. Nothing special.

The thing is: if you are really sure about your so called "crypto moon mission", wouldn't you have excessive wealth even with 10m in crypto right now instead of 20m? That said, if it blows up, well, you'd have 150m instead of 300m. Would that be such a big problem? Again, I'm serious.

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I cashed out 59k, 39 of it was profit. Sorry boys.

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You are not alone annon. I bought 30 eth. Then invested in Ampleforth. Went to 100 eth. Then i did 300(i kid you not) trades to end up with 30 eth now.

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Oh shit it’s a LARP lol

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It depends where you live. In the rich parts of the USA it's the same. However if you live anywhere else, you become a target for scammers and possibly gang violence. As for taxes, they're going to take 20% minimum off anything you cash out that you've held for more than a year. If you've held less than a year, it's like 50%. Then put that into paper for 30K a month, well they're taking half of that as income tax, so it's really 15K a month. And everything I said about fiat and the moon mission still applies.

New money gets treated very poorly in the US if you try to move to an old money area, where security is actually decent and you don't have to worry about hordes of niggers. Look at poor Notch. He's treated like shit. It's unironically better to just sit on your holdings and cash out only what you need to be comfortable and just bide your time until you're in the multibillionaire range, where even politicians start bending the knee and you can afford to hire a merc squad kitted out with full auto to go with you anywhere you want.

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good luck cashing out large amounts.

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>thank you goyim

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Fucking this.

I don't care what XRB is at, I averaged .33c,. I don't lose any unless I sell at .32

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I decided to chase losses on futures by trading my whole crypto stack away


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I’m down 50k and I barely feel it, I already have my price points picked out when I want to sell I either make fuck you money and never have to worry about waging again or I ride it to 0. I really want to take a break from 4chan to quit COOMING but all the happenings lately have made it hard to quit.

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Yes, I completely agree with you about the bad parts in the US. I've spend some time in the US (internships, holidays, business trips), and heard about the really bad parts. Wouldn't really want to be there... That doesn't exist in the wealthy parts of Europe. However, old European money will never accept new money. Same everywhere I guess.

Tax-free selling of crypto equity after a year is nice in Germany, but yeah, we're taxed as hell here as well. They take ~45% of my salary, there is a much higher VAT, and they take 25% of capital gains and want to increase that, etc.

Still, let's say there are two extreme scenarios in 10 years: crypto, and the coin you're holding is worth much less. Second scenario: moon happened and a single BTC is worth 200k.

So you have a $20m stack in BTC, long-term hold. As you said, there's 20% tax. So you only cash out $8m. Unfortunate. And say you pay ~50% taxes on your dividends or capital withdrawal (25%+ in Germany too). Sucks ass. But as you said, that's a secure cash flow of $15k every month! And your overall net worth is still 18m instead of 20m. Is that such a bad deal for so much more security?

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As you can see, started small, then chased my losses.

I'm financially ruined

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Sorry bout your loss but 4k is nothing.

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Wealth is relative. Poorfag student from poor family, that was my life savings.

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I know. I'm sorry.
Keep your head up high.

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Link your binance usdt wallet for receiving.

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>Is that such a bad deal for so much more security?
I already said that fiat is not security. Land and guns? Yeah that's some security. But we're pretty close to the edge here in the US. Now that we've confirmed elections are fake and there's no justice even there, we've gone full anarcho-tyranny. Fiat can easily be stolen by the government regardless of where you hide it. Property is a bit harder because they can't just send a letter to a bank and fuck you, they have to show up with troops at your ranch (look up bundy ranch). Guns are the best because they are not only supremely useful, they also hold their value really well if you need to resell for some reason.

A better way to look at it is how much money do you need each month to live comfortably? In the USA, it's about 2-4k/mo. And that's to live extremely comfortably. It's a better idea to cash out enough to buy a house/flat outright (no rent) and just cash out little bits here and there for pocket money, which you can do with in person local cash for crypto trades without facing any taxation or even reporting.

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Whatever you have, don't sell. Just forget about it and check it every month or so

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I swear i've read your post 3 times now, but I don't feel anything

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make lines go up or armed robbery will be the next big coin.

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Give email (cock.li if you don't wanna post here) I want to help you out.

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Fair enough. Nice trips, btw.

I guess to each his own. Your desired lifestyle is entirely fine. My family is from a rural part of Austria, so minus the guns (we don't do that over here) the lifestyle must be pretty similar.

I'd say that an S&P 500 index fund is not FIAT, but ofc the gov can seize that very easily. Anyway, my point is that it doesn't matter if your 10m in crypto blows up to 500m or if 20m blows up to 1b.

On a side node, If I were notch I'd just live in Södermalm instead of shoehorning into a wealthy part of the US, and banging old Scandinavian roasties with fake booba (pic related) until having a heart attack from being morbidly obese.

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Tether is ERC20. You can trade it on uniswap, retard.

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How do I do this? Thanks

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[email protected]

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Checked nice. It's interesting reading both your views, they represent the two possibilities I've been wrestling with recently. I have about 2mil in link now & am trying to work out how much to cash out - how much do I really need. After cashing some out for a nicer flat etc, the question is do I cash out a larger chunk at some point to reinvest in an index fund / property to get monthly passive income (& if so how much should I aim for), or do I leave most of my stack alone & see link as the investment & just cash out smaller amounts as I need it? (I'm in Germany too & already get modest passive income from 3 rental properties). It's tempting to think I'll cash out 10mil & try & get 150k per year in passive income etc. But then, am I really going to need that much money each month once I've had enough of nice hotels & expensive restaurants, buying what I want etc? I'm sure I just don't need so much liquid cash. So the q is, what is the optimal amount of income per month necessary?

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sent ;)

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Unironically up 11k.

3 step guide on how to:
- 1. Lear to read the market and charts, at least the fucking RSI

- 2. Be vigilant, look for signals and indicators for changes.

- 3. Stay cool, the market changes whether you like it or not, whether you're ready or not. So keep your shit together and either ride it out, or don't look at it if you're weak nerves cant handle pressure.

Assuming you got the correct bags, and viola, back on track!

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I've had the same internal struggle in 2017. My BTC was suddenly worth 600k. I've decided to cash out nearly everything at the top. I'm almost 100% in index funds now and I can sleep well at night.

Why don't you cash out 50% of your Link? So you have 1m in an index fund, secured if Link goes down. Staying rich is not the same as getting rich!

If I were you, I'd cash out 100% of my link and be happy with 2m!

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23k lmao

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Falls du noch ne Entscheidungshilfe brauchst: guck dir mal an, was der fette Russe Sergey mit seinen Links macht. Der kloppt regelmäßig ne halbe Million Links raus. Wenn du 2m Links hast, hast du die womöglich günstig eingekauft. Du hast bereits gewonnen! Zwei Millionen im MSCI World und drei Mietwohnungen, und du hast für den Rest deines Lebens ausgesorgt. Für mich ein no-brainer.

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>just trust your net worth to wrapped btc bro

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you carrot top? you're like the carrot top of schizo

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Based Bavarian anon, why is Paulaner Munchen the only good beer?

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Lol politicians, even in the US, start bringing much sooner than multi billion

>> No.24304127

I get that, but I've already got 1.2mil in rental property with no debt so Im in no rush. But the question will come up eventually, it's how much do I cash out for an index fund. 2mil? 5mil? 10mil?
On aside note how is it with index funds in Germany, did you have to go through a broker to put your money in them? How do you manage them and watch everything? Also how much passive income do you get a month? Thanks anon don't you miss crypto though??;)

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complete scam, fuck off

fuck off ip poster

>> No.24304148

>really want to take a break from 4chan to quit COOMING
As a nofapper, it’s literally all you need I really swear to god I’m not joking
Quit 4chan, (and caffeine if you’re addicted to stimulant dirty energy) and all of your urges to coom will go away

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correct, not 100 billionaires until they sell. Even then, unlikely they could sell for the full amount so it's all pseudo shit

>> No.24304190

>you become a target for scammers and possibly gang violence
You are a larper.

>> No.24304195

Pfffft.. I lost 700million in 24hrs, I feel happy

>> No.24304208

you're the one who tethered weakling. Get fucked by taxes soon.

>> No.24304211

I know much more than you can imagine in trade signals and enough to know that you’re retarded from this post alone

>> No.24304229

i noticed news always inflate net worth number likely to demoralise people

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I moved there for work, so not originally from there, but it's very tasty, I agree. I'm getting old and I have the tendency to get chubby, so unfortunately I've had to stop drinking beer. Don't want to look like Sergey soon.

You know what sucks, though? While my net worth hovers around a million thanks to BTC, all of the native Bavarians around me inherited several millions in real estate. I'm a millionaire and I feel dirt poor, it sucks ass.

>> No.24304264

Kek ja ich weiß, ich habe für Jahren nicht so viele Sorge über das Leben usw. Mein Kopf ist jetzt in einem anderen Platz

>> No.24304267

That is a lifetime of quality hookers here.

>> No.24304377

Of course you need a broker to buy index funds. There are very cheap ones. I strictly buy accumulating, not distributing funds, so my passive income is zero. (Just the value of the fund raises.) I do miss crypto sometimes. I'm an oldfag and I hold BTC since 2011. In 2013 and again in 2017 my depressions started when I realized I could have many many millions, instead I "only" got 65 BTC.

>> No.24304886

Checked, interesting thanks anon, but there's still link, even if you buy now you'll still make money, it's going to x10 without question.

>> No.24305167

oh, you're trading boomercoin.

sorry, can't help you.

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Happy thanksgiving everyone! Heads up!

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