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NFT sold alot

>> No.24292544

If btc hits $25K. Vids will hit big ATH

>> No.24292545

do us all a favour, open a 100x short on binance and watch it shoot

>> No.24292547

The next 10x is right in front of us.

>> No.24292554

Damn Niggercoin!

>> No.24292557

Hmm. What are the actual chances of this being legit? Should I just throw a grand and see what happens?

>> No.24292561

thanks bro, i think that is part of it

>> No.24292564

Will hodl more tags and resell it later for more eth!

>> No.24292574

I will buy more VID NFT tags. Big profit bro!

>> No.24292580

I only have a limited time to short at a good area. Please help

>> No.24292590

Nice Project

>> No.24292594

Worth to invest some tags

>> No.24292603

my coin is pumping, yours isn't. keep coping

>> No.24292604

lets go to party!

>> No.24292608

What's going on with this shitcoin?

>> No.24292616

crypto has jaded me too much

>> No.24292625

thanks bro, i think that is part of it

>> No.24292626

Looks so nice vid tags

>> No.24292638

Thnx for sharing

>> No.24292640

I bought more tags now

>> No.24292643

Is it going to dip or retrace again I sold thinking I would try to getit back

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