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>girlfriend makes fun of me for spending too much time on my phone
>tell her I made monthly rent in two days trading stocks
>"oh, nice anon you are so smart" and shuts up

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Anon I..

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>living with your girlfriend
Anon, I...

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Living with gf is the fastest way to understand if you are compatible (we are) and it's great for savings

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You tell cunts about your crypto you're gonna end up losing it

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Your relationship will not last. Simply by engaging in sex with her before solidifying terms you've raised your chance of divorce substantially and that you've fallen for society's shameful idea of love shows that you don't care. She will take you for half of what you have and you deserve it for being a fucking retard.

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Living with gf is the most comfy and based thing ever, dont listen to these cucks. I live since 3 years with my gf and never was this happy before.

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Even if a woman is a virgin when she meets you, and you have sex before you get married, end up having kids or get married later on, this changes the divorce rate from 14% to 33%. If you're willing to allow a whore into your home before she is yours you are happy to see her go. Unless you don't care, but is she aware of this? You are ruining society like the jew wanted you too. Slinking us further and further into hell.

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>t. Never kissed a girl

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This is because you are married in the traditional since, you just don't acknowledge it. By calling her your gf you are signaling that you would gladly trade her for something better instead of using her for her intended purpose (A fertile womb) and having children

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Can you even fucking read? I talked about stocks

I didn't read your post incel

Yep comfy af. These virgins wouldn't understand

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I have had many near sex experiences many times and have kissed multiple girls, but I regret giving into temptation to this day.

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may be taking it too seriously lad
women won't ever love you the way you love them
I was just yanking chains, living w/ gf is kinda based as long as you can kick her out whenever
You guys can do that, r-right?

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>you are a [insert dismissive]
Is not an argument, and ignorance will be just one of many ills that befall you.

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You can't legally kick someone out that lives in your house. At least in America there are very strict rules. Especially if she is not paying and has no income you will be forced to support her even after you split if she chooses to force that upon you.
If what you are doing with your time is a joke to you and you just want to play fun times McGee and fuck around then be my guest, but I have a little be higher desires for my dynasty than 3 singles mothers spread around in separate households with my children. I think that's unfair to the children and it's unfair to myself. Having a woman you can count on is an important advantage and if you think that women are unable to be a valuable resource then it is not me who hates women, but yourself and that may be why your relationships will fail. Along with you having contingency plans at all points to leave "love" instead of creating a commitment towards a family.

>I love her and that's what it is we just LOVE so much
What the fuck is love buddy? You can't fucking tell me because it's just fucking emotions. If you want a successful relationship engaging in premarital sex is not a good sign. Now I don't mean you need a state marriage, but having both you and her commit to "What we are doing is having sex, to have children and I want to raise these children with you and work through whatever we need to in order to better both them and each other." or some variant BEFORE you get oxytocin involved you're likely to have a stronger relationship less based on lust and more based on character.

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based opinions friend, I wish I had your strength
the sad truth is I don't think there are many virgin women left in western society by the age of 20

we are flushing away our future. A stable family is the number 1 requirement to have a new generation of children with strong moral backbone. Who cares about climate change or the economy or even freedom, if the moral fabric of the new generation is lacking?

Strong people can solve any problem. For weak people, no luxury or advantage will ensure survival.

We are throwing away our future by throwing away the concept of family. And we are already becoming too stupid to see it.

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Do you think you have a punchable face?
2 months rent is 5K. Your gf is going to leave you hackerman.

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it's not that I don't hate women, and it's not like they can't be a valuable resource, but you're basically cucked from day 1 with technology and progressive systems we're in
you can no longer rely on her because she can leave at any moment, and you can't trust a women to not give into her emotions
handing a dog a steak and making sure it don't eat, good luck

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you'll be happy, but unless you knock her up, she'll go away. Enjoy your happiness while it lasts. Don't you ever for a second make the mistake of thinking it will last forever.

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>divorce rate from 14% to 33%
True, cohabitation is the 3rd worst factor for later divorce.


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Are you role playing Adam? Is that how you get laid? By telling females you’re here to repopulate the earth?
Booo hooo I didn’t help repopulate the Earth. Stop crying, the world never wanted you. Take your blood and fuck off.

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My girl never took hormonal contraception, she is nothing like all the braindead girls i had before. It's a difference of night and day, i met her mother too, she is the epitome of a nice lady that only wants to care for her family and knit woolstuff. My girl is the same, and i will absolutely start a family with her and i will absolutely be happy forever with her.

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>trading stocks on your phone
truly pathetic

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based autist.

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bro I really, really wish you were right. I read this post, and what I heard was what I used to tell my friends like 3 years ago. I hope you never have to deal with her leaving

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kk. But what we are saying is correct though. It's a better life path.

I'm happy your happy.

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prime example of the petulant, self-centred type of human we condemn the earth to if we don't change.

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>she's not like the others bruh

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incel detected

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>statistics makes me cry
>i'm gonna call an incel everyone who doesn't agree with my normalcucked worldview

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Marrying increases your chance of getting divorced by an infinate amount
Check and mate christcucks

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>Goyim thinks by breeding he is rebelling against society.
>We should put more money in R&B.

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Liars never change do they?

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Im like a 8/10 and have a chad mindset, she is a 7/10 and will never leave me, cope harder bros

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I have the opposite, I guess it's over

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ITT OP calls someone an incel and hasn't been seen since

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Hold my hand and let’s sing songs faggot. I wish you good fortune on your dream of having a bunch of dancing children. I’m just worried mine would eat yours.

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They're like women, if you don't agree with them they insert you in the social category that is supposed to be inferior.

And they have a massive ego as well >>24291332

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so many goddamn incels on this board who are religous sad fucks too

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I really wasn't looking for this thread to degen like this

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If admitting the sky was blue evoked bad feelings they would spend their entire life looking down at the ground.

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Not your personal hugbox nigger.

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And what woman nowadays hasn't slept with over 21 dudes? If you haven't been with the same girl since your early teens, or if you're not looking for an 18 y.o in a religious small city in Utah, your relationship will end soon

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Don't make the imperfect the enemy of the good.

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Very good, I'm happy for you.
Not all women are trash. Be a good and reliable person, and your girl will respect, admire you and listen to you. The pb with incels is that they want a good trad wife that is submissive, but they don't have anything to offer in return. (Not talking about money here, but values and being strong-willed) To get a (good) woman's respect, you need to be respectable. Then you can take care of her and teach her what she needs to know. It's not that hard.

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>3 years
Come back in 13 or 23 and see if you feel the same. 3 years is nothing.

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Wtf does this have to do with living with your girlfriend you spazz

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mores stats puhreese. Would love more stats on relating to cheating. One time my ex (who was a whore (dropped her once I found out)) asked "why do you always have to bring up the sex. This conveys that to a certain degree, without even BEGINNING to delve into the physiological effects as well as the psycho-social complications associated with her situation.

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>got immigrant girl pregnant
>now she has to do what I say or get deported

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When a man and a woman play house together they tend to have sex especially if they use terms like "Compatibility" as this is almost always in reference to sex, so if they are playing house and having sex then that chart is relevant. Since they are effectively "married", their bodies are telling them they are married hormones change, if a child happens no one is surprised, it is a marriage it is just a new age marriage where divorce is very very easy.

If op wants to maximize, resources, time, and his spirit it would be better to be clear in what he does and consider that he's playing a very high risk game blindly. This often leads to unplanned children which get aborted or live in single parent homes, both situations very horrible. If autistic scrawlings make even a single person be more careful, or finalize their marriage and actually form a family instead of playing house then I have bettered society if only in one tiny way.
It would also be best to be peaceful and not beat your kids also, but this is not the case yet in these people's lives who will live in the honey moon period here for a few years until their marriage gets boring then break up and get married again and again 5 or 6 times until everyone is cynical and hates eachother

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Pretty much all I have one marriage. The other one was posted.

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>me so smart
>me buy palantir and it go up
>me will do it again and ti go up again

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This but only if they cook and clean like mine does, I help out sometimes and that's enough for her but she does 90% of the home making, I also have her do the shopping etc and pay the bills. I just cover our mortgage and overpay it like fuck avoiding the early repayment fees.

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Seriously please shut the fuck up and have sex you are retarded.

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Fucking joggers

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>will you please stop stating facts anonymously on the internet
No, go back to plebbit fag you're not cut out for the cold hard realities of life.

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damn based

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lmao whats up with all these losers on this board? cringe

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nonetheless, I appreciate the info. I've always known the neurological/physiological effects, particularly coupled with the psycho-social and paternal issues that essentially can make the most gorgeous, and otherwise enjoyable woman to be around utter trash. Always wanted the actual statistics, so thank you. But women somehow deluded themselves into believing "it's just sex, it doesn't mean anything"'; you're right doesn't mean anything, to the guy that is. Hell, one time I was hit with "idk why it bothers you, it's not like I loved them". The lack of self-awareness is astounding. I would literally prefer they loved them, because then yes, it would mean something other than just being a hedonistic whore incapable of retaining a truly fulfilling relationship, without the insatiable need for male validation ("they want me, therefore I am worth something", ie., a receptacle for semen. Sorry for the rant, but this is a huge fucking problem for males my age.

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autism detected

i wish i didn't have to share a planet with you

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What is nice about men is that we can always just wait for an 18 year old virgin since your eggs do not dry up. Keep on waiting and be resolute in your beliefs and things will be okay. Do not believe that meaningless sex with random people will not harm a man similar in that it harms women. You are not immune to psychological and physiological changes from sex which do exist. "Have sex incel" is a meme because when you engage in sex you are comply with societies descent into hell and weakening yourself in kind.

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show pic or gtfo

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>But women somehow deluded themselves into believing

Nah, they were told what to think over and over until they did it

Also birth control destroys their brains. (not even a meme)

>"idk why it bothers you, it's not like I loved them".
Pic related.

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>many near sex experiences many times

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Good job OP
Care to give some tips on trading, what should I pay most attention too

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pride goes before fall, and he who warns you is your friend. You do whatever, there's nothing for me to "cope", but in time, you'll come to remember these posts my guy.

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Few things I've learnt in the past few months:

- Momentum is key
- There's always another trade
- A small profit is better than a small lose
- Trust your gut
- Stick to your setup
- Always have a plan (e.g. profit target or stop loss)

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>bragging to gf about gains

You dun goofed.

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Absolutely positively based.

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Bros it's okay to have a girlfriend but don't get too attached to them, my gf broke up with me for no reason a few months ago and it sucked, women just aren't loyal

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>realities of life

Lmao buddy. The only reality here is that you're coming into the autism forums and posting tldr schizo rants about something you have no experience in.

Think why you do that and if it has any connection to your incel status.

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Why is spelt out clearly in this post.
You also were unable to make an argument against a statement I made you instead attacked me personally. If you're unable to see the logical flaw in this then it's quite obvious that you're the one who is distraught and not I.

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who trades on a phone

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I think it's ok to tell her the gains, but I'd never tell her the size of my portfolio. This makes her know I make great money on the side but keeps a bit of mistery about how much money I really have.

Imagination is everything for women and this is a way to stimulate it

I obviously chart everything on computer but I use my brokers app to set orders etc

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>having enough in stocks to make rent in 2 days
Pick only one for your fanfiction

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I live in UK but I don't want to buy in this shithole. Will move home to Italy to buy

>> No.24293862

>he sets a considerable amount of his money on fire every month

>> No.24293881

Like I said, I don't see myself living here for the next few years so why would I buy?

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stupid chimpanzee knuckle draggers makes me want to cap them both and bring the cat home with me and raise it as part of the family. 2 dead nigs and 1 cute cat secured. Life is good.

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Based and truth pilled. Never move in with a girl before getting married.

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Gotta ask: Did you all make all of this data up? That works cited is dog shit and I'm willing to bet you've created this chart purely to justify you're incellity.

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wow the incels are on the loose again

anyone who doesnt have sex before age 20 nowadays must be a retarded amerifat living in a rural shithole state

probably even goes to church


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>make all of this data
>you've created this chart purely

Okay this is parody levels of cope. I genuinely laughed. Bravo

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Are you the guy on the right or the left?

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You didn't address the weakness in your works cited. Seems like you found a website with "stats" that justify your world view and have created a narrative that you will find eternal love by abstaining from premarital sex and telling your wife to be that you want to have children with her.

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>doesn’t tell her he lost it all trying to hop in the next shitcoin

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Conspiracy theories. Take your meds.

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I'm all in XRP

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Living with gf is hell

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