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I lost everything in futures, only got 2700$ left, where do I put them and never look back ?

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$2,700 is a lot. Maybe just throw it in some Index funds. No need to be a degenerate gambler

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Now would be a great time to buy if you wanna lose more money

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wait mid dec
coinbase listing
easy 100x

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XSN, i think you can afford one mn which is make it level

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Are you Reluctant Kneepad "Girl"?

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Unironically ALGO for a good long term moon shot

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All-in on LINK. I am officially convinced it is the one shot you have if you were just a kid when BTC was affordable.

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Considering those two options but even a x10 (which seems impossible) would give me just 20 000 $.
I know I’m greedy as fuck but is a x100 in 5 years a possibility on those two ?

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How does x10000 sound?

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It's also a hell-network literally forging the chains of total technocratic control, at least PNK has a vision of bring affordable and mathematically stable arbitration (one of many services in the Kleros ecosystem)

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On which one ?

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hop onto the dht moon mission

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>X100 in 5 years
Possible but not likely. $2700 is not a ton of money. Put that shit in a wallet and basically forget about it for months at a time. Staring at the price every day will drive you crazy but you're going for long-term gains. LINK is basically guaranteed to X100 at some point with any luck, so you can relax and let it do its thing. You won't find any "sure thing" quick X10s here so you will want to go for long-term if you want a low-risk-high-return of your money.

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Chainlink is a hellnetwork that bill gates and joe biden will use to enslave the entire planet before it is overthrown by mama vitalik's AI, but that's okay because at least I will be rich.

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Look into SDX (SwapDEX).
Wouldn't hurt to get yourself a bag in case it moons.

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Oke pajeet, 2700 is nothing