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I bought some at 0.019, it was definitely going to bounce there. If BTC doesn't crash then we'll be back at 0.024 soon enough.

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buy the dip

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If BTC goes on a run it will drop too like all other alts. People will sell to get on the BTC train.

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last time it mooned with BTC together. But all these attempts to pretend to anticipate what's gonna happen are retarded. Never selling

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If it dips more I might buy another suicide stack.

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we don't know which direction it is going in the near future, but we do know which levels are most likely to act as resistance or support in the case of a bearish/bullish event. E.g. if Coinbase listing were to happen at current price you'd be safe setting a sell order at 0.028.

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hold tight fren, this one is a golden ticket.

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>don't read the whitepaper
>don't understand that this is just some idiot's vanity project
>don't understand how inflation, deflation, and currency pegging work
>get dumped on
many such cases

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