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How many of you are retiring next year?

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Not I, I only have 35k FTM
God I hate being poor

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anyone with 250k+. FTM $5 EONY!!!!!!!!

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Depends on how much DHT I buy.

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110k FTM, hopefully I'm set by 2022

>> No.24255199

no way in hell it's reaching 4 bidens next year
i would be a multimillionaire

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We will flip NEO next year.

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You have to give a symbol and a Uni link with your scam or no one will bother.

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But then I won't get scammed.
Just trying to teach OP.

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keep buying XRP

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I was in on that a long time ago and just made a lot of money.

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how new are you if you need the fucking ftm contract
keep buying xrp and nano redditard

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Jesus Fucking Christ.
I am the new one and you fucks can't even recognize a snarky bit of sarcasm after I even add a second bit making it plain as day?

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>I am the new one

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15k here, we will make it a little bit.

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Anons if I go all in ftm now I get a 1m plus stack, what the does Frm even do? Lazy nufag

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im 10k stack nigger here need this shit to hit $1 so i can actually build a somewhat okay portfolio

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Its eth but better.

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Cope with me have BTC since 2013.

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