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*ting* *ting* *ting*
Gentlemen, look into my eyes and you shall see the true king of the upcoming golden bull run.

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Checked and based Fantomchad

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Best tech by far in crypto. Once newfags get a wiff they"ll creme their pants. Fast as fuck. Actually useful, compliments or can compete with eth 2.0 and win easy. Its not a competition, room for both but just saying ftm is the best coin in all of crypto . Its a fact.

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sitting comfy on my millions.

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Why are you fucking retards sti shilling this trash? The cbdc is gone and the team has proven themselves to be completely incompetent and helpless without andre

>over 5 months delay on ff alone
>haven't even started implementing fiend
>this is all theyre working on, their pajeet main chain defi suite no one will use

God I fucking hate you faggots. We lost. Fuck off and stop shilling this trash

>t. Edmund who is still holding more than 15 mil

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Absolutely unbased and ngmi

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>he doesn’t know

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I know more than you actually, I have insider info from the team

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>>this is all theyre working on, their pajeet main chain defi suite no one will use
that could be a serious cause for concern

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If this hits $10...

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