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To figure out which blockchain is going to take off?

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Jesus christ...

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2 1 3

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Heroically based and asspilled

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Poop for me

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imagine the SMELL

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*Shlop shlop shlop shlop*

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Xrp short term
Xlm long haul

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Yeah vechain
You dont have much longer

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clam chowder?

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A blockchain just flew over my house.

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Oh my goodness. Crypto talk aside, I'd love nothing more for all three of those girls to take turns sitting on my face while they dunk their soaking wet labias onto my nose, and i dig my tongue into their assholes while they let out big, wet farts.

But then again, every vagina smells like absolute shit if not washed to oblivion in the past 12 to 24 hours, so all three of those girls' vaginas probably smell like dead fish.

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I have a blockchain in my pants

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Absolutely not

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Check out SwapDEX. SDX pumped to 2 cents today and youtube influencers are pushing out media for SDX.
It's still early to get a comfy bag.

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Nice asses.

Want to know what else is nice? https://cryptokek.com

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Statistically speaking they all shit within hours before they took that picture.

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Ok look im just going to say it and this may sound weird so dont judge me you sound pretty confident about a video so im taking that as a sure fire evidence that you have said video. I would be happy to barter with very rare pepes in exchange for the video

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>when you have oneitis so damn bad those 3 dont look good
Help please. Oh god help me.

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Those are white men.