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My little nigga came in today boys.

Hope you secured your nigga while you still can.

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it's pronounced NIGGER

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how many little niggas to make it EOY 2021?

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is he anatomically correct?

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Just 1 (one)

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Great, got mine 3-4 days ago and my life is already turning better.

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He sure is anon

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They have a listening device planted in the head somewhere

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ngl, he is really cute

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i sold my niggah for $100

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Where do i buy counterfeits? I dont want to support that kike matt furie

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There are no decent counterfeits ive been able to find. Theyre all saggy looking and deformed. Nothing beats the real deal unfortunately anon

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Hi Frens!

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I knew /biz/ played with teddy bears, ha! Stay virgin virgins.

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I'm just disappointed his pants are stitched on.

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I missed these threads. They were the best part of the bear market.

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My gf bought me one years ago

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do they come circumcised or uncircumcised?

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Cute, but this is fucking autistic as fuck. Don't EVER let a female or family member see that.

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>caring what others think
Feminine mindset

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Kinda want one but its $40 :/

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Link plz will buy immediately idk why I waited so long to secure

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To the OG one, not the cheap fakes. Also is there anything that verifies it’s authenticity as far as being the OG Pepe plush for /biz/? As a potential collectors item once LINK and other crypto’s moon, verifiability will be important

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based, my king.

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Someone please take a picture of this device

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It's a doll, doubt they will be too collectible in the future.

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Being aware of others' perception of you is a trait that has survived humanity's evolution since day 1 and for good reason.
So no, it is alpha to be cognizant of it. Or you'll find yourself on the outskirts of society without a mate. Or if you do find a mate, she'll be low quality and you'll only pass weak genetics and your flawed behavior, and your children too will own autistic frog plushes and be shunned by females with good genes and live a life of low social status.

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bullshit, where did you hear this?

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Thanks anon, copped

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Correct: not caring about what others think is low status. You won't get ahead in life by acting like an autistic. High status men become high status by climbing the social ladder which means caring about what others think and making them like you for gains.
The idea that an alpha male is some lone wolf who does whatever he wants is fantasy cooked up by socially retarded loners who set off alarms whenever they walk into the supermarket with their shit clothes and awkward haircut.

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They're not selling him anymore???
I'm about to fomo a frog

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This but also social cognizance is largely a passive trait, which >>24241924 likely doesn't get, i.e. why he's autistic

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By that logic you should get off this site, no one wants to be associated with a racist nazi 4channer on current year

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Yeah but they don't know. Which is the point I'm trying to make.
Don't let females or friends see a grown man owning a frog plush that's dressed up as a child with autism.

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Yeah, too bad it is an anonymous Korean kimchi making forum.

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Yes, I tell all my girlfriends I surf 4chan and do so on my work computer. Are you retarded?
Find friends who think it's funny as a meme, just like biz

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be aware but don't let it control you.

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Nothing wrong with owning a Pepe plush if it was bought because its memetic value. He's a symbol of many great things that stand opposed to everything we hate. Some might not get it, but any channer would and that is all that matters. It's not like it's a Pikachu doll you bought because you're a manchild; it's something entirely different.

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I just got one off amazon. Did i just buy some bootleg shit?

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He's legit, has the hashtag collectibles tag and everything.

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Whew. Thanks anon

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My girlfriend said "is that the racist frog?" And I said "yes" and put him front and center on my desk

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Your dice prices are a bit steep.

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I want one that looks just like this.

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Literally shaking right now I'm so happy, would have easily paid 1k for one

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Fuck it I just bought one. Apparently there's only 13 left in stock. Super rare

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Kek be praised.

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You all just got memed into buying a nerdy modern version of a beanie baby. Congrats. Im sure the market will be booming for this in 20 years.

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sometimes it's okay to buy things just to enjoy them anon

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Based and redpilled

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Mine is for my kid. Enjoy life nigger

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I need to get in contact with the supplier and see if they have an affiliate program. I need to start selling these on my site.


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Nice Pepe collection

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Thanks anon. Got like 500 more I'll be adding soon.

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Who gives a fuck?

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Buy two so your fren isn't lonely

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Built for fucking

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Is it a good idea to buy 100. Wait 10 years sell for each for 1000 dollars?

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Checked. This is the second run, so scarcity isn't guaranteed. I've seen a couple sell on ebay for 300+

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fuuuuuck me shipping is like 24 american dollars to australia, do these go out of stock often?

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that is to keep it out of reach from the nulinkers

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you know I never thought of trying to monetize my fucking 4chan folder, smart move anon. how much does it make you/month?

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where to buyed

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I don't like Matt Furie's version. That's not the smug or Kek Pepe. It's the "feels bad man" Pepe.

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I think a coomfy pepe would be better or even a clown pepe.

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I've made around 1000 BAT this year as I'm not running ads yet. Believe it or not its actually more difficult than it seems to catalog and maintain 5000+ images. I've been collecting them for around 2 years and only went live last year. There were a lot of learning curves with the webdev stuff and just general project management. Between coming up with naming conventions, avoiding duplicates, generating the html tags for all the images and optimizing an image heavy site for speed I've probably spent 200+ hours on it. I don't think there is a way to use wordpress for a site like this so its just raw javascript, html and css. Pretty happy with the progress though. Monetization is my next big push and I've been trying to get banner ads on 4chan for the longest time with no luck. I still haven't heard back from the self serve ads people.

> thanks for reading my blog

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keep it up anon its really nice

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Thanks anons. I really appreciate it.

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Mine came last week :)

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thats not pepe, thats ugly shit

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nice style fren

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2 lil nigga boiz jumpin on da bed
1 fell off an da otha wun said
“I see yo hynee all black and shiny
It makes me giggle to see it wiggle”

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Be weary of this second run it looks like an imposter pepe on the right. I’d be weary this go round anon

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Wtf I ordered one and got pic related

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Holy SHIT nice. So smooth too. Bookmarked

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He has downsyndrome

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Just placed an order, looking forward to seeing the new designs

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Glad you like it my dude.

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I bought this Matt Furie comic book off of his Etsy page a decade ago and he signed my name and drew a character of my choice (Landwolf) saying it. I don’t know why I didn’t ask him to draw Pepe.

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oh wow thank you posting this I just bought it!

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I only have one of these pepes. Am I gonna make it? Looks like there are only about 500 left. Should I fomo in and pick up another 2?

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He looks different. Did they change the material?

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its spelled nigger

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rare af

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Checked and business pilled. This finance move cannot fail.

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I bought a dozen awhile back and gave 'em all away as presents except for a few. Should I buy another dozen and lock 'em up? Should I buy another crate?? fomo - but hope they don't look retarded like some do...

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Nice. So sup b.

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got mine today too!
already noticed a difference, general improvement of everything in my life. I can feel myself reverberating the energy Pepe is giving off and people notice. they aren't sure what, but something is different

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Mine has been watching me poop since 2018

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secured mine

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So 3 linkies... Soon 2.. Not a bad deal

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