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Is Tether ever gonna come crashing down? Thing's been goddamn untouchable for years

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What is I use DuckDuckGo not google?

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>Check CMC to make sure OP isn't bullshitting
>Over triple increase in market cap in 8 months

What the fuck.

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i hate all these crypto moonboy retards that think crypto goes up for any reason other than tether printing money out of thin air

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Is it really any different than the FED printing trillions of dollars every few years? The markets can never stop going up because society would either collapse or fall into civil war if that happened.

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The difference is that the crypto market is so young compared to the stock market that has well over 40x the size and age and does help the economy over all so there is a benefit for printer being left on for it. Crypto not so much, being only 10years old it's meaningless to have a printer and will severely damage crypto for many years. Also crypto doesn't have the backing of nukes to warrant a printer.

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Yes it is. The fed has an entire machine behind it. The systems of control it employs are deeply embedded within western society itself

Tether on the other hand is just 3 guys running from country to country switching bank accounts. They are supporting a system that is in open defiance of the fed, and will have all of the kikes resources brought to bear upon them when the time comes

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>society would either collapse or fall into civil war
That wouldn't happen if crypto printing stopped

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>Giant hedge funds investing billions into Bitcoin are going to let it die and let Tether collapse.
Yeah, sure buddy.

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i'll have sold by then... for sure... hehe

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This is why you buy gold, silver, and mining stocks. The real anti-fiat hedges.


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You said society is going to collapse or we're going to get civil war. Unless it's a third-world country those giant hedge funds won't be able to fund destabilizing whole countries like the US. They wouldn't even want to because they live there

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This shit is gonna collapse 100% but I don't want to quit crypto in the middle of a bull run. I'm I simply destined to be poor?

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I can't tell which of you are serious or actually retarded. You realize of course the more people that buy crypto often do so using tether, which means the more money flows into crypto as a whole the more people need tether, which is why they print the shit.

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>Gold going up
>Prints billions in paper gold
>Gold price flatlines during 10 years of insane monetary policies

Nothing personal kid

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Tether isn't even a real coin. How can it collapse?

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Tether is no longer a problem because real fiat onramps are liquid and fast enough to support the arbitrage if the chink house of cards known as tether implodes

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You really think there is that many new people entering crypto to allow the tether printer to print 200mil+ per day with no burning of excess tokens. Pull up that meme chart of Google trends of how Bitcoin is not trending at all or bring any new investors, and you honestly think Greyscale and 'Institutions' are buying 200mil of Bitcoin at 19k per day?. Ridiculous. Hard reality coming soon.

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Normal people outside of the internet aren't talking about crypto at all these days, even with this price boom. Clearly it isn't about more regular people getting in on crypto

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>buy tether using usd
>buy btc using tether
>none of that tether ever disappears
What you're saying would be true if tether was ever burned when converted to fiat, like USDC or legitimate stablecoins. But not a single tether has been burned in years and the supply is going exponential. It's going to be one of the biggest rugpulls in crypto history.

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It doesn't actually have money market backing/the fed decides they don't like allowing a money market fund to inflate risk asset prices. Given how shit the US bond market is right now, any slip would cause a run on money markets and tether is a money market token.
If we see deflation, tether will default.

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