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xrp 1.00 eod waiting room

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.24 waiting room

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0.62 confirmed

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.80 cent waiting room

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If trips, .80 eod

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Hello, I'd like to report a retarded person on my image board

Yes, a schizo

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.97 to .68 back to 1.12 checkem

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It’s about to get dumped

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volume keeps increasing...its going to go up, they cant keep suppressing it

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It is clearly in a continuation pattern. Going to pump at the end of this flag

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damn I wish I got in on xlm that would have been a nice 2x pump and dump.
don't feel the need to fomo since I got xrp though.

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If trips, 4$ EOM. If not, just a regular retard.

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This crab is getting boring. At least it's not doomping tho

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Why do cRipples pretend to be weirdos and outsiders when they hold the normiest central bank scamcoin imaginable?
It's the crypto equivalent of
>im so le quirky and randumb xD

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1.11 eod checkem

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We are freaks, just ask your mother

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>when they hold the normiest central bank scamcoin imaginable?
you mean chainlink? XRP is universally hated in most of crypto except for in a niche group of a 1000 people. Look around the different boards on this site. Chainlink is known on every board, XRP is not.

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i think xrp stands a good chance of overtaking btc permanently. all btc really has is first mover advantage and its status as #1 marketcap. once that's gone, it's all over. people will move into xrp and it will devour btc and probably a bunch of other coins too.

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What a retarded question. Imagine NOT being schizo knowing banks are using your coin and mass migration towards a digital economy will pump your bags to multi trillion dollar MC.

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3 3

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Just dumped my life savings on Saturday into XRP. Haven’t told my wife yet. Her boyfriend will be pissed if I lose everything.

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How are you going to afford to raise their kids when the price drops?

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This isn't a crab you fucking zoomer.

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I feel bad for all of you

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