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Uh oh stinky linkies...

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Ok can someone tell me why LINKIES still hold? Like why wouldn't you seek LINK at 20$? Even assblaster said it would only go to at most 25$. How greedy can you get? The real and true LINK marines bought in at below 1$. That is such a huge return on your investment already. So many people bought in below 0.40 cents. Why wouldn't you sell right away when it hit 20$? It doesnt even make sense for an ERC based token running on ETH to be this miracle Oracle solution. ETH sucks.

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Because you don't know when the top is in until AFTER THE TOP IS IN YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING RETARD. IT'S CALLED GREED. Also, post proof of your last sale at the top.

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Only a parasitic jew who knows his project is a failure would try to patent out more competent competition.
There is no better proof than this of Ripple's failure if you needed one.
Now is a good time to dump XRP.

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Doesn’t matter. Craig has all of the patents already. This one will be voided.

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Dude ask ari about our patents

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ripple is doomed

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> 77 usecases for stinkies

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>patent is for smart contract system
>that can use oracles
who's oracles you think theyll be using

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>smart contract system that used oracles

They're literally using Link you smoothbrain.

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Cope harder linkies. You twist the narrative to fit your agenda whenever possible. I can't wait for you midwits to rope and fuck off this board forever

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Too bad the oracles themselves are already patented by Ari Juels.

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d o o m

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> midwit
hello plebbit

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>A device
This patent is not decentralized. It will not, and can not affect chainlink

I cannot link the website but search for No. 10,789,068 patent

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>smart contract
>that uses oracles
Then what the fuck is the point of the smart contract?

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None of you faggots could counter my argument. Been here since we branched off from /g/ but keep coping linkniggers you are worse than ripplefags because you have delusions of grandeur. Half of you bought my suicide stack that I dumped in August and have the nerve to talk down on me LOL

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Chainlink is the Oracle you fucking idiot

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LINK will be 100 dollars soon

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Link is blockchain agnostic, the token is just primarily represented on the ETH network.

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yea it's bc you're a coping linkless cunt and you're just upset you missed the gravy train. You had 3 years.

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Malding faggot. Watch your mouth when you're talking to me like that nulinker. In fact, tell me what was the original suicide stack and then I can tell if you're a newfag or not. Until then, you take orders from me stacklet

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Kinky. Spit in my mouth daddy

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I'm a top 100 wallet idrc about the vomit you are spewing right now. Rage harder. I wouldn't even hire you to clean my toilet.

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why are you here seething
> filters /link/ etc.
have sex

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Since you asked nicely, I'll give you a pass linkie.

LOLOLO FAGGOT NULINKER LARPING AS TOP 100 HOLDER. Sure bro and let me guess you bought all in ICO too? Mentally ill larper couldn't even answer a newfag question. Despicable poorfag with sub 6 figure portfolio

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>smart contracts system that uses oracles
>uses oracles

not only is it the vaguest shit, crippletards don't even understand the shit that they post
but i guess this is coming from normie newfags who got completely fucked out of buying sub single digit link because they actually believed it was a scam thanks to biz
stay in your lane, nigger - and hope that your shitcoin gets to its ath so you can finally be free of it

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This is what mental illness looks like. Just imagine being so emotionally attached to hating other people's investments

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>competent competition
>erc20 shitcoin based in the Cayman Islands

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I hate larpers and newfags. Simple as.

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I guarantee you anon I've been here since the og days and before that BBS

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You are so dumb.

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are you sad that XRP is still worth less than 20% of what is was in 2018 compared to link which is worth well over 1300% what is was in 2018?

I would be upset and seething as well

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>needing state approval to do something on the fucking blockchain


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