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>bitcoin is literally 300 bucks from ath
>nobody cares

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This means crypto is proving itself. It made it past $19k again without nearly as much normie FOMO.
It's solidifying itself as an actual currency and platform, not just a get rich quick scheme.

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600 bucks*

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Normie still call it a scam every time it brought up and brag how much money they make off GM and Ford stock since March

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I actually wanted BTC to consolidate hard at 18k. Like for a month so it wouldn't overextend and alts could rally. So I'm honestly just mad at this point

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>>nobody cares

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sorry my compatriot, my eyes have been glued to the xrp charts

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the alts are gonna explode soon!

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as digital gold, not surrency... and that is good

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It’s because everyone who got burned before ain’t coming back, and all of us know it’s bot driven now and we realize we’ll wake up one day with it down $2000 as the China Jew gets his cut. We’re looking at scamming and ponziing shitcoins. Crypto has literally become getting over on someone before they get over you.

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Numbers no longer mean much in our new world.

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XRP board retard

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Retail wise we are no longer near the hype of 2017, institutions are either buying or made up Tether is just being used to artificially build up the price.

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pic related

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This. Worried about a pullback that is going to wreck alts now

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can't someone just miss 600 bucks to pump the price up already?
Even if it dumps after I'm sure some whale can miss 600 dollars, right?

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>it costs $600 to pump bitcoin $600

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It's about to hit media

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is that the xrp chart

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>Crypto has literally become getting over on someone before they get over you.
Been like this since 2017, thats when I got in, probably been like this before as well.

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it would still break ATH, even if only one person buys it. Actually, what would happen if someone were to buy 1 Satoshi at $10, would BTC wick to 1B ATH?

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Alts still rallied though. What alts are you in?

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Yup that’s how it works. I’m planning a new attack that will make me millions: I’m going to buy 1 satoshi for 100 bucks and then immediately afterwards sell all my btc while the price is 1 billion dollars. I’m going to be so ducking rich anon. Just promise you won’t share my secret technique

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Yeah this is going to crash any minute now

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I know people won't pay for it at that price, I just wonder if it would count as ATH and if the wick would show on the chart

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actually nvm, the lowest sell order would just fill instead, I forgot about that

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it would work on some dexes

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Pomp goes on MSM all the time, we're way past any one person being some kind of meme counter-indicator... It being some sort of noteworthy event for bitcoin to be mentioned by the corporate legacy media is an old phenomenon, something for a shitcoin to consider noteworthy or some kind of "sell the news" counter-indicator, not bitcoin.

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>It’s because everyone who got burned before ain’t coming back, and all of us know it’s bot driven now and we realize we’ll wake up one day with it down $2000 as the China Jew gets his cut.
100% factual /biz/ post , miners are literally under attack in China and they cant cash out. if you think Jackie Chans are unloading atm, you are in fuckin wrong.

first chance they get to unload at these levels, whale alerts will start popping off like a fuckin popcorn kernels in microwave.

doom is near

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>Crypto has literally become getting over on someone before they get over you.
How is that different than any other investment that doesn't provide a passive return?
>muh company stocks can't be rug-pulled
They have and they will again, and it's the wealthy fatcats who are getting one over on YOU.

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This is good though

Once normie money and FOMO pours in whales will push BTC to $100k

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It's a well known fact that numbers are racist.

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I'll buy bitcoin when the tether scam gets busted. 4 billion market cap in tether in April and now it's 20 billion. There's more jewish money printing there than in the whole Federal reserve.

Tripled my money with chink EV stocks don't need to step into crypto ponzis.

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Is that ballsy mad cunt who bought with a 20k *EUR* limit producing the wick on kraken in here?
He might get revenge soon

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What the fuck anon. For your economic security please leave this website

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People are becoming more aware that the economy and finances are being gamed...This includes Btc.

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That's how stocks work

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You will die a horrible horrible death

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Dow Jones break all-time high today. It's literally just following the stock market.

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nobody cares?? two frenz asked bitcoin, one fren asked ethereum, one fren asked tokamak network today

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Why does XRP make you lads so mad?
Can't schizos have a good run too?

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