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That's how I imagine Ripplets. Starwars loving BLM supporting onions drinking cuck bois.

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>meanwhile, in reality.....

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>Starwars loving BLM supporting onions drinking cuck bois.
I couldn't give a toss what you think about us. I'm making bank, son.

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>no u
Good rebuttal
XRP is never going back to 70 cents ever again meanwhile Chainlink is poised for another huge pump. Stay mad.

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I have 10k link and just shy of 250k XRP. I'll be alright lad.

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>still xrp
how stupid can you be

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I can’t keep silent! RBC token breaks all records! DESU I’m proud I joined the Rubic two weeks ago and now my investment has reached x3! But what makes it so profitable?:

> legit team
> multichain p2p exchange without any limits
> instant trades options for different blockchains

> https://rubic.finance/
> @cryptorubic_chat

And now I can make only one prediction - Tothemoon!

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You faggots have been saying this every pump.
>Never going back to 40 cents
>Never going back to 50 cents
>Never going back to 60 cents
>N-never going back to 70 cents
Stay mad faggot

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>I can’t keep silent!
That's the problem

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Its unironically over this time. Bears have taken control and whales are smashing the sell button. See you at 50 cents.

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>See you at 50 dollars*
see you buddy

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You'll have 10 million dollars from the Link and 75k from the XRP congrats.

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22 CeNt StAbLe COiN

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>10 million dollars from the Link
zimbabwe dollars?

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So is it too late to buy 10 or something?
I'm a nood who put a fiver into an invest account and bought a few cheap ones

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>I'm making bank, son.
No you're not. Unless you did a 5 day scalp and are completely out of XRP now you're bleeding and missing better opportunities.

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Honest question here, why would you buy a bank coin where banks run on debt. You are buying XRP when its primarily used is for international settlement and needs to be stable. They will always dump to keep it sub $1.

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Your going to have to realize that the units of cryptos are arbitrary, and just because it's "cheap" isn't really a good way to invest

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n-n-no... i mised oot on sub one dollar link n bote a 20 dollr bag

gotta fud exarpeepooopoo now :(((( XSSS

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Sorry I didn't explain enough. I messed about with a free account ages agio, came with 50,000 free/fake money to use. I practiceddoing cfd's after buying some random stocks. I tried putting money in gold and a few things on cfd and all the money was gone by morning. I didn't really mess with it afterwards because I wanted to read more. On real money I've spent is £5 and just bought a few cheap to feel. Profit went up 70p the other day.