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Has any one developed a blockchain that hosts data encrypted on the chain that can’t be viewed with out a key or token that allows that file or data to be uniquely unlocked?
What I’m thinking is
1-upload to chain a file
2-that file is encrypted so no one can plainly view it but it is on the chain forever
3-each time some one wants to access the file it is rewritten into a new block with matching key which is shared to that user (kinda like a mega folder system)
4-tokenomics for hosting revolve around miners writing things onto the chain uniquely for what ever fee?
5- wallet/file browser integration so you don’t have to download something to view it (example could be pdfs, images or movies which are banned or illegal in countries with censorship)

Am I schizo posting or is this kind of distribution of information a good idea?

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im too stoned to understand waht you just said
hope that helps fren

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Blockchain file sharing
Token for pay per view access to files that funds each file being written onto the chain in an encrypted method

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ok now i get it

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Sounds fucking awesome
Would the ETH network be big enough for file sharing already? If the full file would have to be only in one block, then pretty much all blockchains are too small for that right now

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yes i have all the code right here. good luck

also, buy Freedom Reserve


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While the concept seems good, it's going to get used to transfer weapon schematics, explosives compositions, and child porn. Again, I think it's a good concept tho.

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I’m still somewhat confused about tokens vs coins

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The token would be used as an unlock to a unique part of the chain.
I have a pdf of a book or what ever which is worth 3 USD
I upload the file and it is encrypted onto the chain.
This is not “on chain”
User X wants to have a copy of my file
I set a price on the chain that says any one can copy this file if they send me 3 dollars in coin/token
This with a fee to pay miners to copy the file and RE-ENCRYPT it so that only the user who paid for that file has a key to unlock it.
Thus it would allow for unique access and pay per view of files.

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This is now “on chain”
Sorry I had an iPhone auto correct moment there

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Could be very doable with smart contracts desu

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This should be a reddit question. Retarded actual boomers have taken over /biz/ now its just 99% shitposting. There is ipfs but you currently have to encrypt the file(s) yourself, and the way it works isn't exactly private so, maybe one day. There was also a project called ravencoin was supposed to allow private assets uploaded to the blockchain via burns but I never kept up with it.

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So you want to give globohomo even greater ability to control everything? So that people need to rent the ability to read a pdf they’ve bought?
Feels like selling my soul desu

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Globohomo wants to control the media not the content.
This is basically decentralised globohomo.
If your book is good people will buy it and the chain publishes it for you.

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How is this any different than just encrypting files with standard sha-256 bit encryption? The blockchain aspect just seems kind of unnecessary unless you plan to monetize the data. But Ocean protocol does almost exactly what you're saying, but with a marketplace for data. I imagine you could use that and just not have your data available for sale (but as said before, the blockchain aspect just becomes basically unnecessary)

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I like this concept, but it would need some sort of spam control. perhaps paying a fee to upload a file too

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Ok I’ll clarify.
Imagine I have a dick pic I want to sell for 1$ I upload it with a set of instruction for payment to a contract address and what ever I other metadata I need in the file for what ever reason.

I put my pic on the chain and it’s encrypted with a key ONLY I CAN VIEW THE FILE.

Now imagine for what ever reason- you want to view it. You can send the required sum of money to call that encrypted pic and the blockchain will rewrite my file with a new key ONLY YOU CAN USE.

So basically it’s p2p but publicly?

If that makes sense?

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But you need to pay every time you access it?
Also, more importantly, why Monero

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You just described Ocean protocol basically (although a dick pic would probably be better suited to NFT models, but images still count as "data")

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No, the token payment you make is a key swap so you get a key to unlock a specific part of the ledger. Your key would basically be used to decrypt the data on that specific part of the chain. If you wanted to make it slightly more secure you could add a pruning function that requires the miners to keep re writing the block for a fee or permanently onto the chain...
Tbh I’m not sure what im saying at this point.
Just think BitTorrent
But public private keys and unique files with plausible deniability

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Im rn writing my Uni thesis about blockchain like this so stop copying my shit

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Something like Filecoin? Based on IPFS

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Blockchain storage protocols I know of include Siacoin, Storj, and Filecoin. As mentioned, Filecoin is IPFS which is probably the most sensible approach to tackling something like this.

Files take up much more space than transactions, what you're talking about doesn't really make sense in terms of implementation if not only the same file is rewritten over and over into the same chain but also has to be copied to every computer that runs the blockchain.

You're going to need an implementation that can split up files or store multiple copies on different computers for redundancy and censorship prevention. And some type of protocol in place such that if one computer holding a piece of a file goes offline the file can be "repaired" by restoring the missing piece to another participating computer.

All in all, much more complicated than just a "ledger."

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That’s what I was thinking.
Each unique file upload and it’s corresponding copy with unique key would need to be part of a thread but also not a thread.. like some kind of local file maybe? Like a user could have his wallet “online” for sales purposes or have a certain amount of tickets for purchase before the relevant file is made available for access to a group of buyers.

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