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Now that the beginning of the bull run is in full swing, what was the catalyst?

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the halvening you fucking corporate idiot

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this, imagine being a CONSOOMER not knowing what really drives BTC

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Where's the ATH?

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Checked, and defnietly Rona. We just saw first hand AGAIN that all it takes is one push of a button to print 40 gagillion shekels for NOTHING, while we all salve away for 30 shekels an hour on average - it’s a fucking scam

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Why are people downplaying paypal? It has at least 10x the customers of coinbase. It's THE normie gateway.

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Fucking Arya Stark, who would have predicted?

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The fraying credibility of the US dollar.

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yes yes it is

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It wasn't one thing, but a combination of all mentioned in this thread

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Is it hard to find good defi?
Looked through DYMMAX (dymmax.com), they used a referral program with Probit, wanna join. Good staking model, private sale was finished with 1mln funds

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it was LINK

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>the halving
>The most important investing firm on the planet saying "bitcoin cannot be stopped"
>the impending stock market collapse
Uhhh idont know retard.

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do I want to hold btc or shitcoins hoping they will ride the wave with more x?