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XRP to retest 50c
Sell now buy back after retest
For now buy ETH
t. TA fag

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show us your TA then faggot

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>ever even considering selling out of the standard


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>show us your TA then faggot
put a pen in your bumhole and timestamp it
then I'll show you my TA

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Cope, test already happened at .62c
Biggest sell volume ever, still wasn't able to dump it, RSI pretty low. Weak hands are now gone, it'll only go up for the next 12 hours. Only one more test might happen in this period, but it'll already be at around .71~73c, saying .50 is pure cope.

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Show your work if you're so great.

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>saying .50 is pure cope.
watch and learn newfag

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pee pee poo poo
changes your mind yet mumu

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Looks like this will happen
Good call anon

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You’re gonna get burned, don’t sell in this market it’s like trying to catch a knife but upwards. Ps TA is bullshit

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>buying alts when btc is in upward price discovery
This is how I know you're an expert trader. Don't let the newfags know the secret.

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I hold btc as well but ETH is hardly an alt at this point. They are on equal footing I would even argue ETH is more important now

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A shakeout was inevitable.Some newfags probably panic sold. Bought some more for cheapies.

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>buying XRP above 30c
pick one buddy

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Yeah, eufags woke up and took their fomo 10% profits to go back to BTC, pussies

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BTC is the right move

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bump to remind you all

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It's not really dumping.

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>It's not really dumping.
how new are you
people are closing their shorts that's all that's holding it up right now

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So how long does this usually take?

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Imagine selling your XRP now. KEK you aren't getting back in at a lower price.

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>Imagine selling your XRP now. KEK you aren't getting back in at a lower price.
sold at 70c
If I bought back now I would literally be getting back in at a lower price