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Why is it rising? What's the reason behind this small but consistent pump? I wanted to buy when it was 0.25, but now it's 0.36 am I too late?

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It was $0.32 two fucking months ago. It hasn't pumped at all.

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I bought at .67 cents last pump fk off retard.

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Everything is pumping numbnuts. It’s alt season, you could make a 10x on niggercoin.

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Was it? I've just discovered this coin a while ago

>I bought at .67 cents last pump fk off retard
I'm sorry. Being retarded sounds hard. You should've not fomoed in, you mong

>It’s alt season
Btc season hasn't even fully started yet. Fuck this board is full of fucking newfags

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This is the answer that I'm looking for. Thank you anons. Sounds like a pretty serious project. Will read more on this

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Alright will check out the thread for more discussion. Thanks

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>BTC season hasn’t even started yet

We’re up nearly 5x in 8 months

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Np anon. I made the other thread so others can see the reason for the slow and steady rise. Algo is a real project and one of the best out there tech wise. They've been live for a year now and have grown their partnerships like crazy.

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>We’re up nearly 5x in 8 months
This proves that you're, indeed, a newfag. BTC hasn't even passed the last ATH in Jan 2018 which was ~20k. Lurk moar

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