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Why doesn't this get shilled anymore?

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Everyone sold

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because no one wants OG reddit tokens

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Everybody moved to xrp nano and xlm. How hypocritical of biz to hate on reddit coins only to shill them once the market turns green again. I guess they were redditors themselves all along. I suggest you hold on to your LINK, I will do the same. We haven't seen anything yet

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Zeus capital proved it was a scam

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Schwabcoin. Satanic & vile.

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Because it's part of pop culture now it doesn't require any shilling

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You had 3 years. The OGs have left biz and are all in the top 500 wallets. No point in shilling something when you’ve already made it and are just waiting. 2018 was the best time to be a true link marine. The next wave of linklets will shill now. Tier 1 link holders are in hibernation

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It was outed as a scam. 2-man team registered in the Cayman Islands.

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gains are over bud

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they all sold, made it and are now doing some degenerate stuff somewhere.

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there's literally three threads in the catalogue

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Already got pump and dumped, there's nothing else to say...only bagholding retards left.

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unironically XDF is the next LINK

dont you fucking pass this shit up.

>$120,000 ICO
> $0.05 per token
>Advertised everywhere on telegram
>64,000,000 Supply
>CEO's always in telegram
>United States based
>Top notch CEO
>no dirty pajeets
>being listed on CoinTiger.com with over $4B in volume




thank me later

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All OG linkies left between $18-20. You're delusional to think people still hold after 25x. It's just literal bagholders trying to reclaim the magic. Good luck trying to convince people to buy those off you for profit. Lol

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Only pump and dumps are shilled here.
Chainlink is a real project.

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When can I buy it on coinbase

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LINK went from an underground project to a crypto blue chip, it doesn't need to be shilled because everyone knows about it.

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It does. When you see a dozen link fud threads at a time, they is shilling.

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token not needed

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>itt sour grapes

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Pretty obvious that they all moved onto RLC and Quant because this is where the real gains are to be made.

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I just doesn't need to be shilled anymore, and nolinkers are trying to cope with the fact that they missed out by saying it has lost potential, not realizing they're tricking themselves into missing out AGAIN

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we have spoken about and discusssed the vast majority of what had to be talked about. If you still can't see how massive smart contracts and actually connecting these things to the real world through link is it's your own fault for missing out.

XRP is a shitcoin, absolutely no need for this token whatsoever. Muh banks use it for international transactions. Why the fuck would they care to use the xrp token? Why not use digidollars or digieuros or whatever the fuck? It makes no fucking sense to use the xrp token for them.

XLM is a shitcoin, garbage, what fucking usecase does this trash have?

ETH: solid, at the momest greatest potential to become the main smart contract platform, but keep in mind this is at the moment and greatest potential, there are is some comp. out there.

Link: literally alone in what it does. Every "alternative" is fucking dogshit and lightyears away from where link stands. Smart contracts without decentralizing oracles is a goddamn failure. Link has a solution that is a necessity. Token is needed as you need validators to stand by and back their validations with their own money. Can't use shit like ETH or BTC or digidollar to back these contracts as the value you need to lockup to validate these 200mil, 300mil to gigaquadrillion derivate contracts needs to be independent from shit controlled by other entities/not prone to outside projects failing, there are articles written about this for you braindamaged newfags, look it up yourself.

BTC: does what btc does, you can believe in blockstream or not, whatever, might go up, might go down.

If your portfolio isn't majority ETH/Link you are either a fucking retard or you have third world levels of money invested and as such should rightfully be looking for a x100 on top of another x100 in the shitcoins with a sub 10mil marketcap as that is the only way forward for you.

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what's funny is even after everything 90% of people who read this pic won't believe that this is exactly how it went down

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Lmao fuck your oracles


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what is this? Iexec desperately needs to use link to attempt to stay relevant?

Anything else you want to add ranjeet?

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>tfw only top 600 wallet
Should I just kms?

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because its busy getting fuded, open your fucking eyes

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Old news. Doracles are superior now

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This 100%

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Buy now

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Because everyone has their bags packed and is waiting

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I shillll it every day since I bought it at 19 dollarninos

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Profit is everything. Cope.

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Old fags sold and made it. Newfags and redditors bought their bags

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I'm a liberal lawyer ENTP with a girlfriend who has a bunch of friends who I got into link early.

I just happened to have been on 4chan for 14 years and was tipped off by my friend in law school (who I met there and happened to also browse 4chan) that /biz/ was making fistfulls of money on crypto in late 2016/early 2017. Started coming to /biz/ exclusively. Found link. Pretty obvious it was the best bet in crypto.

Now I own 25k link...

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i only bought 100 link boys.

i only spent $20 because i didn't believe in you autists

turned into $1200.

why didn't i buy more

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COPE no Linkers

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Sold my stack of 10k for Fantom and AVAX

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Because it was legit and now everyone wishes the accumulated more

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because it's the 5th biggest crypto, 4th if you dont count tether. the shilling days on /biz/ is done, now we just wait.

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biz is a jewish board of profits

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Zeus exposed it for the manipulated scam it is. I can't wait to short this shit to nothing.

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gee I dunno, maybe because it was a distraction before we accumulate our real taget xrp? drop this shit and hop on the xrp train before it’s too late

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I have 0 LINK and I'm salty as fuck about it but even I can tell "Zeus Capital" is just retarded baseless FUD

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>bag holding retards
>looks at 1 yr Chart

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crazy true

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It’s pumping past ATH right now gg

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