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It's like ever person new to cryptos crush. Normies ALWAYS love XRP for some reason, no matter how deep they get into crypto they revert back to it later.

Can anyone explain this? It's been the case since early 2017 and it still the case for new normies and old

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Because they want to be women.

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Profits I assume.

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Because they've been holding since 2017

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That's a good thing, I bought in just a week ago at like less than 30 cents and I'll just dump on the normies then put it in something more promising when my profits go up

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Normies only buy BTC and maybe ETH right now. Wallet statistics show this. You are delusional if you think crypto youtubers or twitter accounts are "normies". There are only 100 million crypto wallets in a world of 7 billion people, and many of those wallets are owned by the same people. Of those wallets, only 2 million hold XRP and only 10% of those wallets have more than 3k. I'm more interested in why there has been a consistent narrative to push XRP as a "normie" coin on this board for years.

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Nah mate. you are a newfag.
Every normies IRL in the last bullrun was having boners for XRP. I was in college at the time and all the pakis and jsut generally anyone into crypto at the peak of the run was all about ripples and maybe ethereum if they were not poor.

Something about it just attracts normies. I want to know what.
Im guessing its the low nominal value, the high exposure (high on the ranks) and the fact its not really a blockchain or crypto makes it easier to understand, as its more connected to traditional finance from that aspect, and we all know how much pajeets love forex.

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You want a real simple answer from some one who has been in this forever?

Transfer XRP, or XLM from one exchange to a wallet, or another exchange. It gets there practically instantly. For any normie that is ever going to hope to use it, that’s what you need.

Now to send Ethereum or Bitcoin and you tell me how long it takes to show up..

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Reminder to ignore all fud and invest in XRP my brothers, the simulation has brought you here for a reason

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Because price cheap! next bitcoin 2k eoy!

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>what is anecdotal evidence

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remember when btc was 0.3 cents

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fucking lol, you were not here in 2017 and its so painfully obvious

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Unironically this. You can to assume normies can't understand basic concepts like market cap, or inflation/deflation. They all basically have the intelligence of your average 12 year old.

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Wow lots of hate for XRP. What's that I've been told? Always do the opposite of what /biz/ says? Nigger.

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Pretty much this. LTC as well to a lesser extent.

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>My extremely limited anecdotal evidence trumps objective facts about what wallets are holding what
Sure, okay. Been on this board since it was created, bought LINK at 30 cents. Tell me more about how I'm a newfag because I BTFO your hot take.

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>It gets there practically instantly
it takes xrp 10 minutes because the exchanges wait for confirmations

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>Swift transfer to Japan took 4 working days
>this is much too long for normies

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Because it’s cheap
Because it’s not BTC
Because it has a cool logo
Because buying something that banks will use seems like a smart play

There you go

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A few years ago my normie friend bought some XRP and I asked him why the fuck he would do that, his answer was "I can buy a lot of them but don't have enough to buy a whole ETH or BTC"

It's that simple. They also regurgitate shit that they heard other people say like "The banks like it". Beyond that they have absolutely no clue what it does or what it's supposed to do.

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It's a recognizable name, it's considered "cheap" because of the high supply, and they think it's a good thing that it is centralized and trying to be used by banks.

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Nah. You were not here. nobody with your opinion was here in 2017 unless they are bagholding XRP and a normie.

Nice Larp.

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Imagine thinking normies have even begun to enter crypto en masse just so you can feel smart. Jesus Christ. Tell me when crypto wallets are as prevalent as checking accounts. I just see a bunch of people like >>24198667 >>24198659 >>24198429 who completely underestimate the average person so they can suck each other off about knowing basic financial concepts.

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Bingo. My friend's boomer boss was "thinkin' of getting some skin in this crypto game" and asked if he should by XRP at $1 after it already peaked.

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Normies don't buy/trade ten thousands of XRP tokens per day.

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t. normie

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No but for the whales it's like shooting fish in a barrel, not only that but shooting fish in a barrel that fish keep jumping into despite others being shot with an M60 machine gun

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Its cheap per token and people with zero concept of how any of this works believes that its easier for it to pump to double digits as opposed to ETH pumping from $500 to $10,000 for example.

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Yes they do

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Mate thats like $5000 even at this pumps price for the median of those transactions.
Literally half that a week ago.

How the fuck is that not normie money.

Anyway i'll just ignore the fact you are trying to use exchange trades as a legit source as if they isn't spoofed or arbitrage bots

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This is the only reason desu

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Imagine it's difficult to be on this site from 2017. You some kind of 2016 election tourist? As stupid as arguing about this is, I guarantee I've been on /biz/ and this site longer than you.

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it’s literally 60 cents

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Muh banks are gonna run on xrp!!
Xrp is a pozzed fedcoin.

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No. I came to biz around mid 2017. Owned BTC since 2014 or whenever coinbase first released.

Been visting chan only seldom since about 2007 but only a couple times a year. thought the site was full of fucking weirdos till i found biz and made money

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your brain really hasn’t aged since 2017 has it

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Do you really think your average normie has 5,000 to drop on internet money when the average American can't afford an unexpected $400 expense? Do you just ignore reality out of cognitive dissonance or something?

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Newbies are attracted to it because at first blush it looks to have the best fundamentals. Then, as they learn more by trying (and failing) with other shitcoins, and start learning about how crypto works, they realize XRP has the best fundamentals.

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Right always do the opposite of /biz except for the times they were right on BTC, ETH, XMR, ANS, LINK, YFI and countless others. XRP was generally fueled by retail insanity. It tokenomics don't support it being high in price. There is simply no reason or feed back loops that dictate it needs to be much higher in value for the purpose it tries to solve.

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So you rant about normies but then you also think most people on here are "fucking weirdos"?

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Do you really think a few $5000 transacions with most of them being literally under 100$ to a few hundred dollars are large enterprises liek banks buying up the supply on exchanges rather than buing directly from ripple like they are supposed to?

even I know more about XRP than you and i knew its fucking dead. It had some merit a few years ago, but once banks started looking into CBDCs and making their own ones that was the death spiral for XRP. its no wonder it was bleeding non stop since late 2018, when the news leaked of banks starting to look into CBDCs.

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While it's unlikely XRP actually replaces SWIFT, it would have to worth considerably more if it actually did. As a bridge currency for international finance, it would be handling trillions in volume every day. It's not unrealistic for it to be worth 10-20$ per coin if certain conditions are met. The 2k shit is a big LARP though.

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Newb here. I started following bitcoin back when it broke $20 and thought that was insane. I was poor as shit back then and couldn't even really afford to spare 20 bucks on bitcoin always convinced it was topping out. Then I saw etherium being shilled on here saying it was going to the moon, but still didn't believe it, and I was wrong. I don't want to miss out again, but this time I have a little bit of spare cash, bought a few thousand XRP, maybe this will finally be it, and I'll actually have enough to help with a down payment on a house, that's all I want

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You clearly don't know more about XRP than me if you think CBDCs are a bad thing for XRP's intended usecase. It's designed to be a bridge for them. It's hard for me to take you seriously when you're so clearly against XRP, you can't even seem to think straight about it. You just lash out it with seemingly misinformed opinions.

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You vill eat ze bugs, and you VILL be happy.

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basically this

and also "banks r gonna use it"

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>its cheap
>muh banks

seems like an obvious choice for someone who wouldnt likely know they had to sue the developers to prevent them from dumping, 98% of transactions have no value, and swiftGPI is destroying it.

>inb4 muh ODL like anyone uses it kek

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Isn't this bullish for XRP though? Normies have not jumped on the bullrun hype train yet. They're going to pump XRP once they do.

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>No argument
Already made x3 returns on XRP after selling the LINK I bought for 35-40 cents for it back near the end of Summer. If you don't think it's a big deal that they're one of two Blockchain firms on the ISO 20022 Registration Management Group, that's your prerogative. I am fairly confident it will retest ATH during this bullrun, and that's easy money.

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normies often outperform because the only people who make it are those with a low iq and those with a very high one

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Using ripplenet to bridge cbdcs is literally like doing tue exact same thing they do now with swift and escrows except using some random kike software.

If they are serious about cbdc infrastructure they’ll likely be developing something else more centralised or even wrapping them in a network like Ethereum or other Defi like protocol.

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Bitcoin hasn’t broken ATH yet this is not a normie pump. You think normies will flood in creating over 4k wallets per day on a 3 year bear market altcoin? Fudding XRP is the NORMEIST thing there is. Anyone who knows of bitcoin more than likely has a seen a bitcoin maxi YouTubers with millions of views talk shit about XRP.

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>He thinks schizos are normies

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>SWIFT GPI is destroying it.
Still a messaging system that only credits funds and doesn't offer instant settlement, meaning it still requires money locked up in Nostro-Vostro accounts. Still somehow slower than XRP even under best circumstances (the fastest GPI payments occur in popular corridors or areas in the same timezone. Gets much slower if you're trying to transfer money between something like US and Africa). SWIFT does have the huge advantage of being incumbent system though.

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Doesnt change the fact normies are attracted to xrp like a fly to shit.
Maybe the schizos are late newfag /pol/ or other tourists who are midwits so anything more than centralised coin with fast bank transfer is too difficult for them to see potentials in

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Completely wrong. SWIFT still doesn't have an instant settlement solution. And now you're complaining about XRP not being centralized enough when you were just bitching about it being too centralized? You're naive to think big institutions are going to use fucking ETH when they still haven't delivered on 2.0. It would be way too slow as it is now. Meanwhile XRP already matches VISA in TPS, and can scale even higher if needed. It also uses considerably less energy than BTC or ETH. XRP may not be the future, it certainly isn't going to be ETH or BTC either.

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perfectly valid reason
ISO 20022 is your fren

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>Trying to larp as a /pol/ poster

We see you.

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BTC, ETH, and even LINK all have more exposure to normies when you go off wallet/search engine metrics. You think otherwise because "some pakis" you met at uni bought XRP, wow. That's an amazingly convincing argument, you got me.

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Normies are not even in the market

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It’s instant wallet to wallet

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It’s is 100% COPE.

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This is the truth regardless of what coin you're pulling for. If crypto truly is the future of finance, there arew hundreds of millions of more wallets to be made. Normies have not even begun to enter the space. They may be aware of it, but they aren't invested yet.

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Unquestionably based

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He's right you know. Anyone that doesn't believe 2k eoy ngmi honestly

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this is pathetic levels of cope
the movement you're seeing is coming from big Institutional players not normies
top notch projection
ywnbaw though

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fags fud btc without knowing by scaring normies ask any retard 12 year old and theyll say its for buying drugs on deep web

the only way for bitcoin to hit 100k is when big company / media pushes bitcoin onto zoomers. which they are going to do. all news stations ARE THE FUCKING WHALES OF CRYPTO.



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stfu faggot and stop with the plebbit spacing or just go fucking back

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paypal bought 70% of all newly minted btc last week
litecoin has doubled in price in 2 weeks
ripple is pumping
the masses are well and truly here

btw do not buy ripple

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>stfu faggot and stop with the plebbit spacing or just go fucking back

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>The masses are well and truly here
Until crypto wallets are as prevalent as bank accounts, that's just not true. Digital wallets are coming though.

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lmao seething nonholder didn't pack his bags
no one cares about your reddit browsing self portrait niggerfag

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>no one cares about your reddit browsing self portrait niggerfag

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>it's another "two schizo retards sperg at each other" episode
Daily life

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You know normies pumped btc so high right? Does that mean BTC is shit?

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Don’t care, not selling

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it's easy to shill to people with no technical knowledge. I can assure you that you've fallen for fud believing it's a newfag coin. you're ngmi if you fall for the tribalist shit flinging. it will pump and it will dump just like every other coin. do you want to make money or do you just want to be in some cool club with strangers on the internet?
yes I'll go dilate now.

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2/2 projection, nice and you will never be a woman
I bought @ 11c, hope you bought rope tranny faggot
sort of, the following crash is also forever seared into their minds and most are back to being near 0% interested like the early days

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You really do have mental problems wont be long for you now

>> No.24200546

Bank of America

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>2/2 projection, nice and you will never be a woman
I bought @ 11c, hope you bought rope tranny faggot

holy shit youre going to snap

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you might be on to something

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Seriously I do have mental problems, like how do I mentally brace myself for absurd wealth? and how do I use my absurd wealth to get purge you trannies?
Very mentally taxing problems indeed anon

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Shhh.. wont be long faggot. :)

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yeah before we hit double and then triple digits
seethe again
[pic related]

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well it's all relative. xrp is shit, whales will dump, and newcomers will panic sell. don't get too caught up in the hysteria

look at price history in or sats or eth

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like what?

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Imagine thinking normies know what XRP is

leave your basement anon. its time

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((( :-) )))

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like the grammar of this post

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Fuck off shill
>7billions people
>implying subsarjian Maca bogoo boggu or your grandmother should buy coins on internet

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I hate this fucking chart. It has no sources for those wild figures.

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Because xrp had insane gains. It's top 3 for a reason don't be retarded.

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>Eco friendly
>Matches VISA TPS and can scale further
>4 second transaction time
>Actual connections with Govts and Banks
>It's shit!
Whatever you say.

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There are billions of people who have checking accounts. Imagine thinking 100 million crypto wallets, most of which have jack shit, is even close to a lot. God you are stupid. So sick of people who can't see the big picture.

>> No.24201538

They are poor and it is under a dollar. The sheep flock to graze.

>> No.24201787

>Normalfags haven't found XR-

>> No.24201890

They've been running their 2nd rate shill campaign on /biz/ for months (imagine general threads on fucking /biz/ lmao) to fuel this pump and dump. The crash after their airdrop will be brutal.

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How might one make money off of SWIFTgpi anyway? BitSwift tokens?

>> No.24202375

Have you ever used it? It’s the tits, basically instant.

>> No.24202505

When I was a super noob going to make my first purchase ever on coinbase a year ago, the first thing I looked for was price. "Whats popular that I can get a lot of and is ""cheap"" thats why normies are flocking in right now and is why I'm riding this train

>> No.24202965

You’re actually a brainlet kekekekek

>> No.24203255

This chart but unironically

>> No.24203598

Linkie cope is getting juicy. Don't kys when xrp hits 100 by new years

>> No.24204367

but if it does get widely accepted between financial institutions for ODL settlements they are not going to want to send 5 million coins for a transaction... if the demand is that high why would the price not increase?

>> No.24204419

All crypto gay

>> No.24204488

Oh yeah I'm really glad I didn't buy XRP I would have only been up 3x by now.

Oh wait, I did, and I am.

>> No.24204558

it's based on current market values and XRP's price you brainlet nigger

>> No.24204578

So many angry kids lol
Enjoy not making money while XRP moons

>> No.24204764

Reeeeeeeee get off my board.

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If you think normies are already aboard this bandwagon rally, you'll be disappointed.

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>unironically posts plebbit
just go back you immense faggot