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GME infinite squeeze finally cooming?

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RH is giving me another 2k of margin tomorrow morning what should I do with it?

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Imagine being this guy.

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First for pltr 25 Eod tomorrow

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I'm going all in on LGVW and BABA. No calls, no puts, just straight investing. I can do this. I believe in myself.

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I can't believe I am in the green again on my OXY holdings. Oil is scaring me a little.

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Well at least he won the Kanto Championship.

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Sold pltr last Friday
Should I fomo back in tomorrow?

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Probably the same guy that got out when gme was $15. Your first one's always free.

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Hold DPW?

>> No.24191237

Does anyone use Power Etrade for options? I'm having a hard time understanding the UI and could use some help.

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Do you think he even remembers Ash at this point?

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How do I copy people? I don’t know what I’m doing do I just buy memes?

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Should I?

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>*the noise when I walk by your girl and she gapes her butthole out of instinctual surrender*

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:^/ its extremely low 6 figures not much i can do business wise. Stock market wise i need at least another 100k and for my entire portfolio to be in cash to make any sort of move that
>generates 5% monthly (200k = 10k monthly)
>has little downside risk
Plus right now lots of stuff is inflated if i cashed out and immediately implemented this strat i could stand to lose 20% of the account should a dump happen after weeks of pumping

500k anon ur getting pretty desperate there.....kek me too except unlike you im not rich (100k aimt gonna do much) and am considering cashing out all my positions (except the ones that stand to go up several more X's) and dumping it on a meme stock. I wanna be rich and unless i got 200k cash to implement my passive 5% monthly strategy at this rate it aint gonna happen until at least 2022. 10k a month is nice but 5k is meh when one wrong move will hit hard whereas 200k a wrong move would just drop my monthly gains to 9k at worst.

>Maybe you'll earn another 100 boxes of ziti with it.

Am a neet. Need to hit 200k minimum so i never need a job. 300k/400k and the ball gets rolling to easily reach 7 figures

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Dam bro mooning afterhours

Im looking for a cliff to jump off RN...had 4000 shares at 4.98 and sold them at 5.20

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Is LGVW the next meme pump?

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There's a shortage of toilet paper and stuff again because of the rising case numbers. In 2 weeks the hospitals are going to be over run with people needing beds and Trump isn't going to do anything because he's a fucking duck with a broken leg.

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50/50 GME stock and July $20 GME calls

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I still don't know what this means anon

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Yeah uh kinda getting June 8th vibes from all this

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What's the deal? It went up 100%.

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All in on WKHS

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>shilling it after it pumped hard

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That’s aping into memes

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it means buy dips and sell rips, simple as

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>absolute trash mooned today including NKLA
That is when I knew to buy puts.

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Fuck me I sold GME at a 700 dollar loss

How can I rebuy the next dip without getting fucked by this Wash sale bullshit?

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Gary's living off of his grandfather professor's tenure. Closest thing to a Pokemon-world trust fund brat. Probably rode high during the first few seasons, blew it all on Enron, and now is a little more humble.

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LGVW is the next PLTR that people will be losing their minds over and talking about "should I FOMO into this?"

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Yeah I did this with like every ipo and got spooked out of them. Took a decent loss on 100 CRSR because it seemed like it was getting rekt in the reopening trade.

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That chart looks toppy...qrd?

Holy shit up almost 100% afterhours on ETRADE power right now.

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Can’t wait for the second round of GME FOMO from the same fags that pretend they’ve been here longer than a month.

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How the fuck did you manage that?

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Kekerinos anonrino ill lose over 20k if that happens.....oh man i think i really should cash out

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The big EV bubble
>t-this time it's different!

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Well I did something maybe dumb. I was offered another line of credit from my card company. I took it. I added my wife to the new account also. I'm just asking for a nasty bill down the road aren't I?

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?? did you sell after it bottomed out or were you catching the falling knife?

did you not see all the 13Fs of institutions buying up the dip hard in the $10-$11 range?

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>portfolio stagnating while everyone else is making 20% a day
it hurts bros

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Well where the fuck do we go now

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I thought I was FOMOing in at $18 last week, I can't imagine what it'd feel like when it hits this. Or further

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What the hell is this worthless shit

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You're still in time to get cute with COTY.

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I hate poor people.

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Yes anon it’s a bubble
Are you in or out?

I’ve been out. And right now I have to wonder: is something different tomorrow or is today another day I should just throw a bunch of money on the table and walk away when it starts to dip?

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>Even AAA-rated bonds are tumbling as default fears spread in China
>A string of defaults by Chinese state-owned companies has sent shockwaves across the world’s second-largest credit market
>“Most of the onshore bonds hit hardest this time share a common symptom: their profitability has lagged far behind their debt growth,” said Li Yunfei, credit analyst at Pacific Securities Co.
>An official in charge of information disclosure from Yunnan Health & Culture Tourism didn’t answer calls or respond to an an email seeking comment.
>An official in charge of Tianjin Teda Investment’s bond issuance department declined to comment when reached by phone. Multiple calls made to Jizhong Energy’s general line were not answered.

You know what will speed this shit up even more? China selling US debt, which they are doing. China will most likely have its own 2007-2008 crisis perhaps by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022, IF a certain someone doesn't save them now that Trump is gone

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Man im making good profit of 2 or 3% everyday..(about $300) im clearly selling my shit too early and walking away from some 20% moves

I need to really study why thid happening

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I’ve made 0% in 3 months

>> No.24191598

that's ok, you're supposed to. it's in our DNA to reject failure

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100k is more than most of the world earns in 10 years. It's enough to buy a nice house in Thailand or in Central America.

Enough to retire on western standards? No.
But with 400k you would be able to retire easily at a young age and spend the rest of your life comfortably AND give 400k to your children.

You'd probably need even less if you're older.

Americans are the only people I know who have these completely over the top standards on retirement.
Most westerners retire with less than 100k and some state pensions to their name, because they are all dumb consumer pigs. Yet Americans are still convinced that only two millions and 3 fully owned houses are enough to retire.
I know many retirees who retired with less than I have now and are happy and content. None of them American, who have three times the money, but still keep working till 70 somehow.

At this point I'm honestly convinced this is some Jewish trick to keep the US sheep working.

Just don't retire in the middle of NYC and you will be fine with way less, living a great life better than 98% of humanity.

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>t. JPOW

>> No.24191606

I like this never ending load of EV companies out of nowhere.
Where is everyone gonna go after it bursts?

>> No.24191608

Convince me LGVW is better than EOSE

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>line of credit
>added wife

You've fucked up, good job.

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Gary actually placed worse than Ash in the Kanto League. He lost to Ash in the Johto League, but he's lifetime 2-1 against Ash.

>> No.24191625

>Up 400% in a week

Not even I'm that retarded

>> No.24191629

Rather just buy BFLY than give money to some Boomer SPAC.

>> No.24191630

95% of what people post on smg is a larp, I wouldn't feel too bad

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How did you lose money on a fresh stock that can only go up and has been consistently green for weeks?

>> No.24191639


Bro i was the one who first posted about COTY last week..i also posted about MPLN and BLCI.

So i know you arent some oracle.

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I did re-buy the dip at 11 but I saw that wash sale bullshit and I panic re-sold

>> No.24191650

Is that a high end golf cart? Where's the steering wheel? All I see is that uh stick looking thing in the place where the steering wheel normally is.

>> No.24191657

your wife is now mine

>> No.24191661

>Where is everyone gonna go after it bursts?
pls gamestop pls gamestop pls gamestop pls gamestop

>> No.24191664

Vix is at an excellent price if you want to cover yourself from any possible hapooning

>> No.24191667

Why would anyone stop it? They didn’t stop the GFC and they’re not stopping this impending mortgage bullshit

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Are we going to get crash 2.0 when the mass evictions start?

>> No.24191681

I'm taking a guess and say he doesnt

>> No.24191695

just fucking hold idiots stop trying to swing

>> No.24191697

Mass evictions?

>> No.24191701

Is Bill Gates dick inside EOSE?

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>Third time he has posted this.

You know you're getting close to identifying yourself each thread which is bannable, identifying as a poor fags who couldn't even beat inflation on his meager pathetic savings.

>> No.24191718

Go back to your third world. This is a first world only discussion. A house costing a 100k in Thailand has no bearing on the housing market in America. I don't want to move to Thailand, so shut the fuck up with those asinine comparisons.

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>> No.24191726

I was answering your roll call and telling the other guy to re-enter. Don't get your boypucci in a knot.

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I decided to make this webm for the hell of it, because I love her so much


>> No.24191746

TUP, a buy or sell? Insane run this year. 2400% EOY

>> No.24191753

haven't you learned
the more suffering and misery, the higher the market goes

>> No.24191783

>wahhh why is everything so expensive
>of course I'm only looking for beach front property in Malibu why do you ask
you are literally creating your own problems

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buy my course for $25k and you can learn to be a 7 figure trader!

>> No.24191797

I don’t care you snitch faggot I’ll never stop complaining

>> No.24191815

Federal Eviction Moratorium ends on the new year. All the landlords not getting rent can start evicting. People who fell behind in rent and can't pay the owed amount because of layoff/unemployment gonna get punked.

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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The market doesn't react to grounded reality, FED 0.0%

When will people stop saying we gonna crash every 40 minutes.

>> No.24191835

No. The fed will just print more money. Printer will go brrrrrrrr into the forseeable future, then somewhere down the line someone will realize that you really can't print money for ever and the market will crash. Until then ride the clown market. Everything is bullish, even when it's not.

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i can't read what's in his cassette player from that distance

>> No.24191856

You could literally have beaten your performance by buying and holding a REIT, much less SPY. Unironically put all of your money in Gamestop calls for April or July.

>> No.24191868

Making money in the stock market and in crypto, best of both worlds.

>> No.24191874

>he doesn't know how comfy Thailand is
Ok stay poor poorfag

>> No.24191893

>Cares enough to post it all day.

Just saying, it's pathetic. Are you poor?

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>missed out on FCEL

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lads i'm getting a 2-3 dollar an hour raise next year and that combined with my estimated capital gains my monthly health insurance premium has gone from 9 dollars a month to 200 for complete and total garbage insurance, only use is for the maximum out of pocket of 8.5k

do i just say fuck it and go with no health insurance and hope uncle joe can hook me up?

>> No.24191923

DBX and GME personally

>> No.24191924

>cassette player
Kennedy died in November '63, and although the Phillip's Compact Cassette did come out in September of that year it wasn't used for prerecorded music albums until the 70s.

>> No.24191936

is some people going to get put out on the street?

>> No.24191946

It had autopilot. You say "take me to hole 6" and it'll drive into the sandpit on the way there.

>> No.24191951 [DELETED] 



>> No.24191953

yeah for a brainlet loser or a fat american who's addicted to chewing tobacco

up your standards of life, this is why you'll be poor forever

>> No.24191957

Well he is an animefag. Of course he is a fucking retard.

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>I only want to retire in a hip quarter of LA not in a cheap country or some rural US area of my liking
You do you.
Or Indonesia. Or Turkey. Or Georgia. Or Costa Rica. Or India.

I mean there are places for any flavour. Just nobody sane is retiring in the west where everything is expensive.

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i was referring to the sad duck in the background

>> No.24191972
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wtf am i even looking at

just buy buy buy what are you even doing

>> No.24191976

downvoted and reported both here and on reddit

stop advertising you fucking nigger

>> No.24191983

Fucking america holy hell

>> No.24191987

Why did RIOT do so well today despite bitcoin doing nothing? Has the rise of bitcoin not have priced in yet?

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>/smg/ recommends a stock
>i buy it
cheers lads, here's to hoping this LGVW is the next growth meme

>> No.24192024

what do you make per year? you probably qualify for a subsidy from the state exchanges

>> No.24192031

I guess ETH and XRP

>> No.24192042

you fags justifying 3rd world countries need to lose weight. your loser existence is palpable

>> No.24192060

>spent 3,500 on margin in the past week
>almost have double that in profit after Friday and today
Thank you based EV bubble

>> No.24192074

You’re on here all day retard it’s been visible for 3 minutes and you see it every time

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>> No.24192126

about 36k, going through healthcare.gov i'm getting 50 dollars of subsidies.

>> No.24192134

There is 105.8 trillion ft sq of land in the US with values ranging from $138 per acre to $8990 per acre. Comparing that to fucking Thailand of all places is ludicrous, especially since that country's real estate market has been shitty even before covid.
100kUSD can be a lot of money to a lot of people on this planet but if we didn't want to make a ton of money, we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be impressed over the value of any amount of money if it doesn't fucking appreciate in value.
tldr: quit being poor.

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Only looked at this board after each meal for 10 minutes, idk even know if I closed green or red.

You just posted it so many times, my schizo brain remembers all the images poorfag.

>> No.24192143

I have both a 401k and a individual brokerage account. How should I be investing in my brokerage account if i just want to make money on a short term (0-2 years) basis?
>cant option trade
>cant margin trade

>> No.24192153

Thailand isn't just Patpong and Walking Street you dumb faggot.

Correct. I know people worth 8 figures who decided to live in the Philippines.

>> No.24192155

in '63 the sad duck probably had an 8 track

says the guy justifying California lol, why would you pay ten times more to live in a state that has just as many rolling brownouts and race riots as south africa?

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Holy based Citron, BLNK blown the fuck out!

>> No.24192192

>seething uncultured poorfag

>> No.24192224

Max 401k/roth ira, then brokerage.
Based. I may move to the Philippines as well. My goal is 5 million and I'm almost at 1m nw

>> No.24192230
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Dips coming soon.

>> No.24192242

Bright green ID, yes do it

>> No.24192245

>goes up another +10% afterhours

>> No.24192255

why the fuck did GM surge just now?

>> No.24192267

I just told you

>> No.24192274

post bike

>> No.24192276

i buy

>> No.24192278
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>> No.24192305

im aware of maxing out my 401k. Im more so trying to find a strategy for my brokerage.

>> No.24192309

General Motors Co. will no longer back the Trump administration in its legal battle to strip California's authority to set its own fuel-efficiency regulations, saying GM's goals for green cars are aligned with the state and the new Biden administration.

>> No.24192328

nasdump lagging everything again what a piece of garbage this shit will be red for eternity

>> No.24192339


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>> No.24192373

God i hope so. I took a lot of profits today and need an entry point

>> No.24192382

Just go without insurance

>> No.24192385
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Hopefully this apxt play pays off, seems like a highly under valued stock just because not a lot of people are following it

>> No.24192391

Is this a good position? Will I make money tmmrw, feeling confident

>> No.24192399
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>> No.24192401

Based. I hear you get 72 gookfu's if you hold long enough.

>> No.24192418

Called the cops on some niggers at the park today, feels good.

>> No.24192423

Bro why don't you want to live in California? Sure it has the highest tax rate in all the nation, insane regulations, massively inflated housing prices, poverty-inducing cost of living, the air quality is horrendous, the whole state burns every year, mexicans and blacks outnumber everyone else at a 2:1 ratio, the traffic is never ending, crime is through the roof and the local government is incompetent.

Other than that it's a... it's a great place to live. The- The uh.. the weather is nice, I guess and uh- weed? Weed, bro.

>> No.24192430
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>> No.24192444

That was known HOURS ago.

>> No.24192464


>> No.24192474

i dunno what your position is but we went up massively green for no reason on relatively low volume
don't be surprised to see the opposite the next day

>> No.24192481

Doing the lord's work, anon

>> No.24192510

>muh weed
I've grown my own weed it's not fucking hard, it's a weed, it grows like a weed, just fucking plant some seeds and smoke it nigga, California isn't special

>> No.24192517

You know bros, the elites have turned Modern live into such a clusterfuck of clown world torture and insanity that they can at least throw us a few bones tomorrow.
One of my old neighbors hasn't been able to see her husband since July because he's in a nursing home and the governor won't let her visit him.
These people are out of control. Please let there be a hell. Please dear god let there be a hell.

>> No.24192518

When the fuck is the pullback, holy shit who buys at these levels

>> No.24192525

Retarded incels

>> No.24192526
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Convince me not so sell PLTR for a quick little profit

I am addicted to the dopamine

>> No.24192541

We really are becoming a third world country and only realize it in flashes.

>> No.24192566

When did you buy?
Its less painful to sell for less than you could have than to watch it rocket without you.
Trust me.

>> No.24192571


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>Think retiring outside of a US metropolis is out of the question and as alien as retiring on Mars
>Complains about the housing market being fucked like a poor person that doesn't even own land
>Calls others poor
I know one guy who makes millions and retired on an island there where he built a school and brought internet there. Build his own villa there, is a hobby ski instructor in Hokkaido for fun, a scientist for several Chinese universities and now travels around the world as a hobo photographer when he isn't in the Philippines with his younger Jap wife. Speaks 6 languages fluently.
Absolute alpha male. Left Canada as an 18 year old when he earned enough money in a coal mine to travel to... Pakistan.

But yeah. Retiring in cheaper countries is the way to go.
My family has some millionaires and they all left to warmer and cheaper places.

>> No.24192585

Jfl at the chuds trying to justify moving to a third world.

>> No.24192592

>he thinks there will be a pullback

>> No.24192593

>getting dollars
No one wants those poopoo peepee green things. Better to hold US stocks, the real future global reserve currency.

>> No.24192601

Why not sell in small amounts?

>> No.24192607

so are we dumping tomorrow or more pump? im concerned about my gains and feel like i should set a stop to prevent losing my profit (for the third time in a row)

>> No.24192608
File: 262 KB, 2048x1046, Screenshot_20201123-161541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ooop haha

>> No.24192617

but what if have any sort of health issue?

>> No.24192620

Racial ratios are the actual determining factor. Its directly proportional in every fucken way. I wonder how long it can go on before the average white guy can no longer put the country on his back and the elites bail.

>> No.24192621
File: 508 KB, 2081x2976, 67d5a016e388a8fe18eaac8e1f8e517297bbf7a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>answering rhetorical questions
>losing money on CRSR

>> No.24192624

I bought at 18.10, sold at 18.60

rebought at 21, now I wanna resell for 21.30 cause im addicted to the dopamine you get when you sell for a profit

>> No.24192638
File: 182 KB, 800x500, kenosha-shooting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What stocks would Kyle Rittenhouse, Hero of Kenosha who did absolutely nothing wrong and who's bail was paid by based MyPillow guy, invest in?

>> No.24192639
File: 224 KB, 828x1673, EnizuNWXMAICMIX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24192640

How can I make sure my address is added to Spark? I did it via Wietse and Nano Ledger but how can one confirm?

>> No.24192653

sell your bags to me

my dopamine is more demanding, it only activates after my stock goes x10

>> No.24192657

Pretty spot on, anon.

>> No.24192660
File: 474 KB, 2824x1254, 1606156218719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24192666

Damn, first transgender President so soon.

>> No.24192667

Post the words and I'll tell you

>> No.24192670

He will never be a woman

>> No.24192675



>> No.24192703

Nice kek, satan.

>> No.24192709

Palantir and gun stocks.

>> No.24192723

>retired on an island there where he built a school and brought internet there. Build his own villa there, is a hobby ski instructor in Hokkaido for fun, a scientist for several Chinese universities and now travels around the world as a hobo photographer when he isn't in the Philippines with his younger Jap wife. Speaks 6 languages fluently.
>Absolute alpha male. Left Canada as an 18 year old when he earned enough money in a coal mine to travel to... Pakistan.
This sounds familiar. Is it from the dos equis commercial?

>> No.24192733

>Putting her husband in a nursing home
She didn't love him anyways if she did that shit.

>> No.24192748

Who is 4xing shares here anyway?

>> No.24192763
File: 579 KB, 1446x2048, rpe32wa49kw51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Think retiring outside of a US metropolis is out of the question and as alien as retiring on Mars
What's wrong with retiring on Mars?

>> No.24192767
File: 801 KB, 968x725, 1606094283659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lads i think i want to buy a solo

>> No.24192777

>Putting family in a nursing home
Kek. I agree it's crazy but your family is not great either

>> No.24192780


Living conditions, at least those with money, is better than anywhere in the nation. Exempting nyc, jfl at third workers/chuds trying to cope with reality with fantasy.

>> No.24192785

How do we short qanon?
Nevermind, I think just having stocks is enough.

>> No.24192798
File: 15 KB, 643x120, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at this piece of shit tech trash. the bags are so heavy it's holding it down. the worse index in history it will make nikkei look like a fucking joke. dow to 100k under biden it will be 30 EV companies by 2024 and tech will be 100 indian apple clones shitting all over themselves every quarter

>> No.24192816


Nobody is buying that three wheelie bag. Cuckold machine ain't gonna do well

>> No.24192828

this is your brain on less than 6 figures

>> No.24192830

c r i n g e

all that text just to say "trim profits"

>> No.24192835

PLTR will be green again tomorrow, mark my words

>> No.24192840
File: 49 KB, 240x240, question.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24192857
File: 54 KB, 628x360, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24192860

I was talking about my neighbor, older lady that had back surgery and had to put her husband (who had a stroke) in a nursing home while she recovered. Now she might never be able to see him again as he might die before then, hasn't been able to see him since June and they can only talk on the phone briefly.
That isn't the way its supposed to end bros.
I hope those responsible roast in first for eternity.

>> No.24192865

Green ID confirms, kek bless

>> No.24192866
File: 44 KB, 599x276, Screenshot (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like its over

what does this mean?

>> No.24192869

>dow to 100k
Then I am all in on Big Mac futures

>> No.24192870

it's ok im only holding GME shares which is both a value pick and a meme pick

i am immune

>> No.24192876
File: 471 KB, 625x965, 1592749869492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you imagine showing up at someones house in that?
People would always park it 3 streets away, saying you used public transport is better.

>> No.24192882

>1 post by this is
>Green ID

>> No.24192888

>Living conditions, at least those with money
Anon, this applies to most third world countries. That fact that the US is mirroring these conditions is, well....

>> No.24192897

I've made 50% on GME, 20% on WKHS, 50% on PLTR, 40% on RIOT. Just take the meme tickers from here and buy them and hold until they go up. Unironically stocks only go up.

>> No.24192906

>Mass evictions
this is the most bullish thing I have ever heard. People kicked out of their apartments can live in electric vehicles. Tesla 10k eoy.

>> No.24192908

So are markets just closed Thursday or is it closed Friday too?

Also I hate Thanksgiving, worst holiday and shittiest food

>> No.24192919

Citron literally just FUDs everything and then peacocks around the ones they were right about, it's a monkey dartboard tier strategy

>> No.24192938

checked, it means globo homo won. there is a reason PLTR is pumping to no regard of fundamentals. Make as much as you can and bug out into the woods when things go full 1984

>> No.24192941

I walked out of work today and saw PLTR. Big time fucking happy about this.

>> No.24192945

Half day on friday

>> No.24192953

Markets moon tomorrow.
Stocks make us tons of money.
The faith in the system is at zero by a good chunk of the population.
Our time to make money is limited, lets grab those green wads and then get the fuck out of America because holy shit the end is coming.

>> No.24192954
File: 54 KB, 500x500, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The Most Interesting Man in the World

>> No.24192957

KEK guides us all, brother

>> No.24192974

Rich people live great in south africa as well.

>> No.24192975


If you're in the us there's absolutely no reason to move out for some third world pussy. Unless you're legit hideous with a small dick.

>> No.24192986

Just so people can CONSOOM?

>> No.24193000

oh fuck that's brutal. why did they have to kill it prematurely, I was looking forward to pumping it for a bit.

>> No.24193014
File: 196 KB, 960x603, 19312_960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shittiest food
are you a nigger or something?

>> No.24193023

So when does it close, 12 est?

>> No.24193035

You have changed my mind. I will now retire in California where I can experience third world life at 10 times the cost. Gonna smome so much legal weed now, bro.

>> No.24193047


Yeah, south africa, where all the white people are migrating to literally any former british colony. Jfl, keep coping.

>> No.24193073
File: 192 KB, 1350x1350, 39430995-1189-45CF-B0E3-E4E13084DF0B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to order some textbooks and novels to learn new maths and entertain myself
>no black friday deals at all

ah.. so now i truly see..

>> No.24193092

No, turkey sucks, and mashed potatoes texture makes me throw up, when I grow up we're having pizza and chinese food for Thanksgiving

>> No.24193133


Most likely you're smoking indian shit on some corner store in the Philippines. This general has really gone down the shitter.

>> No.24193134
File: 26 KB, 598x792, 1591631135897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order some textbooks and novels
>buying books

>> No.24193140

>trying to sell the concept of good food with an image of dry turkey...

>> No.24193145

states with good living conditions don't have regular rolling blackouts, that's nigger tier

>> No.24193149

information wants to be free

>> No.24193150

IBKR is really pushing me to switch to a margin account since I hit $25k, should I do it?

>> No.24193185

Less likely to get shot by a nigger in the Philippines.

>> No.24193189

the only difference is Californians move to Texas instead of Canada for some reason

>> No.24193210

Do you guys think the BTC bubble is gonna pop soon?
I'm invested in MARA so I'd like to know.
Some people on biz are saying crazy shit like it going to 300,000 or something.

>> No.24193211

>white ID

wtf first time I see one

>> No.24193213


Yeah you're most likely to die to anything else that moves

>> No.24193214

Why not?

>> No.24193217

What happened? Why is the market mooning?

>> No.24193236

meant to quote

>> No.24193239
File: 32 KB, 876x365, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 100% of my account plus maxed out margin all on PLTR

Based or cringe?

>> No.24193250

Sold at 2.5, honestly wish I didn't even own it

>> No.24193257

>some people on biz
pajeets on biz are scamming again


>> No.24193262

Margin makes me nervous, I don't want to get double fucked by interest when a trade goes wrong

>> No.24193264

Trump starting to bend the knee. I think I might have to go to /pol/ to bully some shits. See you later nerds.

>> No.24193265

>California is shit because they vote poorly
>Cali fags move to Texas because it isn't shit
>Vote for the same thing that made Cali shit
>Texas becomes shit
>"How did this happen?"
Where is that asteroid?

>> No.24193270

Time to take some profits

>> No.24193276

im god buy pltr

>> No.24193303


>> No.24193313

I have $80k in PLTR and $17k of that is margin, with another $10k margin in MARA.
I mean, I know YOLO is a cringe statement, but for real. Yolo senpai.

>> No.24193324

This is the way

>> No.24193334

The 9 grand isnt my profits. Its what I spent on it.

5k of my own money plus 4k of margin

>> No.24193349

yes Father

>> No.24193368

You really can't fuck up with margin if you check your trades.

>> No.24193373

I have 666 PLTR
picked satanic number on purpose

>> No.24193374

>100k is more than most of the world earns in 10 years. It's enough to buy a nice house in Thailand or in Central America.
You have to factor in residual costs like housing taxes or simply food and electricity. Once you hit 100k if you go buy your house you won't have the capital anymore to generate money from the market. You have to aim for what you want to buy PLUS enough to generate a monthly income, or you'll have wasted your "make it" chance.

>> No.24193381

Thank you lord dropping a grand on pltr tomorrow

>> No.24193387

Yeah, it's much better to die in a wildfire in California.

>> No.24193390
File: 256 KB, 1410x1080, PROFITS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24193399

You do realize you already lost the genetic lottery right? Also pol is overrun with untermensch now

>> No.24193412

Airlines are still cheap as shit. Buy them low and then cash out when the coof is defeated and everyone travels again?

>> No.24193441

Yes, so take some profits.
Go on tradingview and zoom out. It's crazy steep up

>> No.24193446

Pretty much.

>> No.24193451

wtf you weren't kidding

>> No.24193453

How many pltr to make it?

>> No.24193462
File: 337 KB, 1080x2400, lgKl84u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everything is good

>> No.24193470

hi newfren...

>> No.24193479
File: 776 KB, 680x743, 88.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pol was always ultra-based, this MAGA shit was honestly cancerous. It was fun while it lasted though...God dammit Trump was fucken hilarious. It just won't be the same.
Though to be fair, after 2016, it wasn't the same either. There's no way to truly save the West other than letting it fall apart.

Just enjoy the ride, fellow anons. Try to make it in the meantime.

>> No.24193496



>> No.24193498
File: 45 KB, 614x480, question_ump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's why I wrote "buy a house" and not "permanent cost of living", just to address the cost of living a literal paragraph later.

Are people drunk today or is it me writing shitty posts at 12:30 am?

>> No.24193505
File: 97 KB, 500x732, 1459109700926-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah a civil war would be nice.

>> No.24193522

LGVW. It’s the next big one

>> No.24193526

Eose is based cause NJ already is a heavily electric state. No brainer.

>> No.24193530

Based boardroom Jimmy poster

>> No.24193536
File: 60 KB, 887x498, solo on the flash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24193542

There won't be a civil war.
The machine will just keep chugging along until White people can't sustain it anymore and then it all comes crashing down. Asians will have the next cycle while we rebuild and make sure it doesn't happen again. This is the way of things.

>> No.24193545

investing in airlines when they're not profitable and involved with shenanigans regarding bailout money isnt a great idea. it's an idea, though

>> No.24193567

>paying for insurances
The only way I'm ever paying for an insurance is if the governement holds me at gun point to make me. Which it does.

>> No.24193585
File: 43 KB, 500x415, 1605759318742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he bought dumb boomer tech stocks instead of EV
oh nonononononono hahahahahahahahahahaha ishygddt

>> No.24193588

Prolly so. After I have sucked as much as I can from the system I am going all in on land so I can provide for my family while I watch the shitskins destroy this country.

>> No.24193609

Based because this is new tech, newer than EV fandom. Only have 1-2 competitors, but This one offers it at a value, Make money off poor people FTW

>> No.24193615

PLTR will either
>Pump tomorrow because Trump is giving up and PLTR benefits more from Biden
>PLTR dips tomorrow because boomers leave the stock market because Trump is gone and they're having a meltdown
My political opinion aside, what do you think will happen?

>> No.24193622

Yes, but be careful of their current value trap status, and also be aware of the timeframe on their recovery. It could take upwards to a year for them to fully recover and there are other opportunities available in that timeframe.

I personally wouldn't think about heavily entering airlines until 2H 2021. I had Air Canada positions (I am a leaf and can trade it 0 fees) that I swung a bit earlier this year to varying success, and although it has 2x potential going back to ATH, that's not going to happen for a while.

Definitely a safe bet moving towards the end of next year though. If you can get a reasonably good entry on airlines it's safe enough to go all-in on and get a semi-guaranteed 50% minimum.

>> No.24193631

Same anon, I feel like everyone is buying EV and forgetting about other markets

>> No.24193640
File: 94 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20201123-120251_Fidelity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. Moving to Asia in 10 years.

>> No.24193641

I hope everyone ITT knows they got robbed by tutes and that GME is going to moon now that they got their cheapies.

>> No.24193645

I'm doing the exact same thing. It will be cozy, anon.

>> No.24193648

no, i bought blockbuster instead....

>> No.24193660

it's going to pump on
reason: my funds havent cleared yet. it will only dump after I buy

>> No.24193670

>arrest criminal
>cop car has one seat

>> No.24193674
File: 275 KB, 1440x3200, RjgvMxU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why have you not bought some CLF brother?

You missing out

>> No.24193680

trumping conceding is the ultimate sell the news for EV stocks. expect a selloff tomorrow, even if they gap higher. screencap this.

>> No.24193693

Sure but they're all so low that they must go up again after the Rona. I really can't imagine that they won't go up and I wouldn't want to hold them for long anyway, only until they're up again.

>> No.24193700


perhaps a few 2022 LEAPS?

>> No.24193702

In a SOLO ideal world the police would just hand the car over so the criminal doesn't need to perform crimes anymore.

>> No.24193705


>> No.24193707

>criminal is black
> :)
>no need for that extra seat

>> No.24193709
File: 1.65 MB, 314x314, dont_draw_muhammed.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold all my Microsoft to buy a Bitcoin ETF today, see you later wagies

>> No.24193711



Bullish for CLF

Biden is president CLF goes to 50.. Trump somehow pulls off a underdog story CLF goes to 100

No way to lose lmao

>> No.24193712

Lads ‘‘twas a good day. Hope y’all gained from this insane pump

>> No.24193727
File: 91 KB, 864x1212, Screenshots_2020-11-23-16-29-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You retards are gonna make me rich. I turned 30 this year and am pissed nobody taught me this shit earlier. Ive picked it up all on my own with a few close frens and you guys. By the time Im 40 Im retiring. Fuck being a wagie.

>> No.24193748

idiot. the jogger sits on the cop's lap

>> No.24193753
File: 39 KB, 769x935, photo_20201121_204524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and fentanyl overdosed

>> No.24193758

Gotta ask bro. What was your initial capital? And how long did that take you? Do you swing or say?
I just wanna make it like you bros

>> No.24193765

Me too lol, bought calls 6 months out

>> No.24193770
File: 209 KB, 1080x2400, 1606174540853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Good attitude you have brother. I am 26 trying to become a millionaire before big 30.

We are gonna all make it. I'll dab to that


>> No.24193776


pltr slowly fades away.

>> No.24193778

He can't cash out

>> No.24193786

Your word is my command.

>> No.24193794

air canada is back to its 2017-2018 valuations, heck a bit more than that actually considering they did stock dilutions this year
what reasoning is there behind air canada going back to the inflated 2019 values? Thinking it will 2x based on ""price memory"" is just so fallacious newbie thinking especially with all the cash burn it had

i'd sooner buy canadian banks for a coof-recovery, at least these shit are still making a profit every quarterly even with lower interest rates

>> No.24193802

It isn't real money because he can't cash out, he spams the board because he NEEDS poor anons to buy his bags


>> No.24193809

I can’t wait for the tech bubble to burst so all the retards get out of the market for good

>> No.24193816


>> No.24193818

It's daddy's money and he can't sell his options anyway lmao

>> No.24193821


I started with 4k.

Bought MNKD calls and Afrezza launch made my 4k turn into 50k

Went into AMRN watched that one for 5 years from 2013 to 2018

Sold AMRN early Q3 2018 with Reduce It Results at 12... watched it go to 27

Bought REFR at 1 sold at 5

Now all in CLF riding this once in a life time wave



>> No.24193823

how did you hit +19%, even palantir was +15%.

>> No.24193843

The tech bubble won't "burst" it will just become an eternal crab.
EV is in an actual bubble.

>> No.24193849

Yeah right? the shit they don’t teach you in high school.

Trying to tell my siblings have your money work for you not the other way around.

I’d want to retire by 40, but I think I’m gonna long haul and retire when I’m at least 55

>> No.24193860

i never sold, kinda wish i scalped that $15 and bought back at $11, but hindsight 20/20 obviously
it's never that easy in reality, if i had scalped the morning spike today i'd have fucked up lel

>> No.24193904

tell me how brother

I'm going with Japan, whether I make it or not. But Singapore and Korea have appeal.

>> No.24193924

real thread

>> No.24193925

Andy Left is never based and will always be a faggot.

>> No.24193933
File: 86 KB, 1080x697, 1605998716160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayyyy thats whats up. Remember your poorfren when you nut in your first supermodel.

>> No.24193939

You will have the option to pay out of pocket or work with the doctors office/ dentist/ whatever to enroll in a payment plan to cover costs of services rendered. What do you think it is that insurance even does if not exactly that?

Even if you don't have such an option, it would likely be cheaper to get a personal loan from a bank to pay for some medical bill, and just pay it back with interest than the amount you're likely to overpay by going with insurance.

>> No.24193940

>sorry can't make you president yet
>here, have 10 mil of taxpayer's money

>> No.24193954

I sold PLTR held CRSR, going to buy back in on PLTR post dip.

Hopefully my guess is right that PLTR dumps. PLTR has the inertia but I don’t think they have the financial support to maintain the gains without at least another decent dip/correction first before continuing to climb.

>> No.24193956

This reads very Zerohedge
Very bullish then

>> No.24193965

Just don't get too cocky. I got btfo back to where I started. Now just comfy etfs with weekly deposits. Literally as soon as you start thinking it's amazing and easy. Boom the bogs get ya

>> No.24193999

He's taking hormones?

>> No.24194002

Why wouldn’t he be able to cash out?

>> No.24194026

Stop pretending to be a stock market trader. Just buy a good company like PLTR and hold it. Its not hard. Never sell but if it dips buy more.

>> No.24194042
File: 546 KB, 925x518, 3c1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I got btfo back to where I started

>> No.24194069


Exactly why I sold half my portfolio today. If the stock market just printed free money no one would have jobs.

I’m very bullish but I know there’s gonna be some equally nasty dips before the climb resumes

>> No.24194090

The reasoning behind air canada going back to 2019 valuations is that the management that caused those valuations is frankly excellent. The company was mismanaged and falling apart for a long time and although they're still a shit airline on customer experience, the current management paid off debts, built up a cash stockpile, and aggressively cut costs from the company and addressed a number of untapped travel markets with well-placed routes.

>> No.24194108

fuck now I want to buyyyyyyyyy