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What is your standard for "making it"?

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$450 per link aka 4.5mil before taxes

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never want to make it
claim haircomb

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Enough money to buy a house and quit my job. Not sure exactly how much money that will take though.

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3MM after takex

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this is not making it you have to think bigger

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that is upper crust abject poverty tier

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300k of clean money, not including assets and I can finally commit suicide

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Enough to own a house, generate passive income to live on, and have a good amount of savings.

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I doubt I'll even be able to sell link no matter how high it goes it has just been too fun to hold these past 3 years I don't think the next 3 will be any worse

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getting a text back

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Enough to buy a house fully in cash and then have enough leftover where I don't have to stress about money.

~$200,000 is about the bare minimum for me, because I would be happy buying a $100,000 house in the midwest and the half remaining would be the minimum balance that I try to retain in my bank account. I'd continue working, but I'd only spend money while above 100k.

That's the daydream I have, anyways.

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Really depends on the house price. Once you know that, it will be clearer

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I live in a third world country, so if I can keep on making more than $100 a day I'm basically the 1$

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$3mil liquid and $1mil in a home.

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>I'm basically the 1$
I AM the $1

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if i ever get to the point where i'm not wageslaving, i will have made it. just 50 more years!

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5 mill after taxes before 30

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$500k after taxes is bare minimum/poverty level. $1 mill after taxes is enough to never work again.

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$1 mil for me

i'd buy a house, a car, heaps of plastic surgeries, and still have 100s of thousands left in the bank as security.

i'd continue to work.

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At least 50 million to live my desired lifestyle

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No more wagecucking. That's it. No extravagance. Just free.

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I'm only 23 so I'm just trying to get a good 200k gain as a head start for the rest of my life. I'll reinvest that of course.

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Of you’re talking making it making it it’s gonna be like 50 billion. There’s japanese business men with 50 billion dollars in the bank. Realistically 20 million would be absolute making it in the US for an average person. Enough to buy a house, invest in a couple business, and have enough left over for inheritance and as a fall back incase you some how lose everything.

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Not having to work a day for the rest of my life

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$1000+ passive income every month

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5M euros would be enough for me

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>I'm only 23 so I'm just trying to get a good 200k gain as a head start for the rest of my life. I'll reinvest that of course.
You have a good, realistic goal (depending on your stack).

200k at 23 is probably worth 400k+ at 30.

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>1 mil = can quit work and work on other projects in poverty. OR can keep job and live an ok "normie life"

>3 mil - above, but without having to work. If no family, can do some stupid shit. Still requires active asset management and all that.

>10 mil - "normie" made it tier - do whatever the fuck you want, never work again. This excludes buying anything actually "luxury" like super cars, etc. Not even talking about private islands or yachts here.

>100 mil - this is the definitive "old money" rich tier. All the old money people accept it as such.

>5 billion - "made it" for me - can work on literally anything and change the world (should you desire to do so). Can blow money left and right and never run out.

Of course, I can't even dream about the mil, let alone the rest.

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Escaping the wage pen

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Don’t have to check prices for groceries and own a house in unincorporated territory outright. Also a white ethnostate.

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Owning cash flow real estate that pays you.

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10k a month

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*I* am the 1$

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Actually I want to change mine to this. I hate working and would do lots more if I wasn’t preoccupied with it.

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You guys are too greedful. 10k dollars USD is more than enough to buy a house and retire where I lives

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I'll probably only make ~30k-100k this bull run and then reinvest that in the next bear market

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that would put you in the highest bracket.. so under biden's plan - how much do you think you'd have to fork over to daddy fed? pro-tip: more than you think. and you'll still have leftists and the media screeching that youre an evil huwhite male. sounds fun.

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Southeast Asia?

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getting out more than I put in

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more like Haiti

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North eats India

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>wanted $1,000/day in my 20s
>just want $500k lump sum now in my 30s

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Not needing to work for a living.

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>dual citizen
>israel and America
>Love Israel more
>expensive as fuck to buy here
Kill me

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I need 2,000,000, in cash, on my bank account, after tax.

That's when I can stop waging and try to make money in ways that I enjoy.

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Good thing you'd continue to work because you are gonna blow through that million. Unless you buy a shanty, a Ford Pinto, and get surgery by Dr. Nick.

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> $2MM before 30yo = set for life
> a good long term relationship
> a job I genuinely enjoy (probably starting a small business of some sort)
Currently at $1MM, no gf (haven't been trying to meet girls for a while though) and in college.

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> dual citizen
> israel and America
> Love Israel more
post this on /pol/ kek

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you're a normie consoomer if you can't figure out how to live a good life on $3MM net worth.
That's $225k/ year on average if invested passively in stocks at an expected return of 7.5%. And if you spend like $100k/ year (which still is a lot) for a few years instead you'll quickly make it to $4MM+.

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>tfw hopeless degenerate who will never make it even with millions of dollars since i would inevitably find a way to lose it

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Pretty much this. A nice house and enough money to live off interest and still do whatever the fuck you want

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I just want enough money to buy a medium sized house in some comfy rural village and have enough passive income to not have to work. For my country as much as a million USD is more than enough.
If I can afford one trip overseas each year that's just a bonus.

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all a man needs

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to not have to wagecuck a single day ever

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Enough money to work 4 hours a week.

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enough to retire and live a simple but comfortable life in a third world country

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>What is your standard for "making it"?
when I will have enough money to pay for reliable hitmen to kill all central bankers and blow every single central bank building at the same moment in every single nation

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You're an idiot. A billion is an unfathomably large amount of money and no one needs anything close to that to live a life of obscene luxury.

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>you are gonna blow through that million
I fucking said that, retard.

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$500k to put a down payment on a decent house in a small town and a tesla
$1mm to outright buy the house and tesla
$5mm to put a down payment on a nice house and buy the tesla and bmw m4 coup outright
realistically im not making more than that

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I just need enough to buy a house, pay my bills for a year and still have 100k in crypto. When this happens i'll fill my fridge with beer and spend a few days smoking weed and drinking in my undies while I work out the next move.

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I have 2200 invested and I am now to 3600. Please bros I just need 20k, 20k would be lifechanging money for me.

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1 million dollars. Once i hit it, I'm conservatively investing 600k, and living the life of a broke pensioner in thailand with the other 400k

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Cash out $200K for consoomption for a few years.
$100K in crypto.
$100K in stocks and/or safe boomer long-term investments.

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69 dollars to do 69, 69 times

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This will allow me to:
1) Buy house/apartment outright
2) Quit job
3) Recieve $200k post tax income from stock investments

currently at $120k... only have to 30x left to go

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I want to move to Thailand for a 5 to10 years. Do nothing but read, work out, and fuck women over there. I can technically do that now but I want to have at least $2 million net worth before I stop working. I'm at $550k now.

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100,000 dollars to travel across the US for a year. Probably settle in Cali and become an actor, I can pretty much do whatever I want but it’s so much easier with money.

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Financial independence. I wage for about $100k/yr. If I am taxed down to ~$70k and if I plan to live off of a passive income of ~2-3%/yr then I need around $2 3-3.5M to have made it.

>> No.24185446

300k post tax
A nice condo, debt free, a mid range car. And with expenses that low I can save pretty much 90% of my income from work. I go crazy if I don't work so even if I had 10M I'd still do some bullshit job.

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My folio is $700k rn I need to at least 3x that to feel remotely comfy. Being a poorfag sucks so bad bros.

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You can commit suicide for free anon just walk to the nearest bridge

>> No.24186419

You might offend actual poorfags but I agree with you 100%.

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Not having to text her first

>> No.24186497

I can live independently wealthy while paying my enemies enough money to kill themselves in front of me.

>> No.24186591

>have at least 2 mil (after tax)
>get married and have kids

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Being an accountant makes me see just how delusional you idiot consoomer are, holy shit. You don't need 100 million to retire if you aren't retarded. It takes minimal effort to coast on a few million if you aren't financially illiterate. Feels good knowing that even if just of you retards "make it" you'll still find a way to burn through a life changing amount of money.

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Becoming a billionaire.
Being a pioneer in the first official new contact with our ancient astronaut creators.
Using a time machine to go back in time and not become a wizard while keeping my billions...

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1 million euro.
I know it's a low goal but I very much enjoy my life right now and it's a very cheap one.
All I want is being free from fucking work, thats all. Thats making it to me.

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$1M of passive income per year from staking eth

>> No.24186849

10$ ada

>> No.24186879

I forgot the last point.
I also wanted to obtain the immortality technology from the ancient astronauts and discover their culture and history.
Imagine if you had thousands of different civilizations in a galactic federation and the universe was your only limit.

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sounds like poorfag wageslave cope to me senpai

>> No.24186964

calm down cameron

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Rent/ mortgage free would be making it for me

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Europoor here.
Maybe around 200k to buy a place without paying a mortgage. 400-500k even better for one more place to rent. Or Making 2000 a month passive and own place without a mortge. Good think is I already have 600-800 semi passive already.

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Based. That's also my dream. They must pay for what they've done (in Minecraft).

>> No.24187319

It's a strange but it seems this is my life mission.
Each time I had dreams of my death I contemplated the horror of failing my goals and dying without reaching our creators when I had a possibility to obtain this outcome.

I spent one year trying to understand why I had this goal, and the only reason I found is that I may have known an ancient astronaut in a past life.
This seems crazy but it feels so real and the emotions are so strong when I attempt past life regressions.
I am trying to find out if this is true before I go on a crazy life adventure for the remainder of my life.

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Freedom to pursue your interests, depends how old you are and where you are, but 1 million USD is enough to love on comfortably realistically.

Personally I'd like to raise enough capital to start my dream business.

>> No.24187407

Having a stream of income big enough to not having to work, one million dollarinos would be more than enough where I live, I'll just have to invest in conservative income generating assets to get a nice 30k a year

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Anywhere between 100k to 5 million

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1M: well off
2.5M: very comfy, first level of financially independent
5M: probably made it, you won the money game
7.5M: made it
10M+: definitely made it

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If I can make 1mil after tax, I'll have enough to invest and create a passive income stream to live off of, maybe working 2 days a week on something that doesnt necessarily pay much but I enjoy. I'd leave the U.S. and wage cucking forever

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10 mil
5 mil is great too but 10 is nicer

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I wish i were that t-shirt

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Let's say a 4.5% safe withdrawal rate on any given stack (usually stocks)

$1M --> $45k per year --> basic frugal retirement
$2M --> $90k per year --> comfortable, semi-luxurious retirement (I'd be happy with this)
$4M --> $180k per year --> wealthy retirement (this is the goal, making it), a couple houses and a boat, and tons of travel
$8M --> $360k per year --> rich retirement, would be far exceeding expectations here, you can afford a few houses and a small yacht at this point

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Buy a place and use the rest to get a passive income, I think 500-600k would be enough

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