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presale this week

be early for once you mongoloids


huge influencers and artists created this, just wait for it to be the hottest "gem" once the presale is capped.

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WTF is this?

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crystalblue.io I have dyslexia

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NFT = ez money if its not dogshit. look what rari did.

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What is even the value of an NFT?

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its some meme shit where faggots buy each others gay images for ETH. I just follow the influencers

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why do they need a presale?

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Hopfully to make their marketplace better. Looks really barebones right now

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how do you know they aren’t just incompetent devs?

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They haven't even published the hype NFTs or the full marketplace since the blue token isnt launched yet. NFTs are shit but this team and the artists they've commissioned will bring this thing to the top of crypto twitter.

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I don't. Just the only reason I could think of to justify the presale

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I am only buying if I see the influencers hyping it

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why justify greedy devs?

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hold onto your butt
I'm trying to make fucking money, follow the money to make the money.

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I'm holding

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Nice try.

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link me a chat with the developer so I can btfo this scam

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based KH posters will make it.

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Wtf is the point of a marketplace?

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To sell faggy art to other incels

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To buy and sell things retard

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just kill yourself, you wont make it.

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Who’s behind this shit?

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Probably Hitler

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You need a place to buy and sell the actuall NFT. NFTs are the actual only use case for crypto

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NFTs are kinda gay but these markets print money especially from influencer wash trading, follow the money boys.

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Not gay, the only real use case. Everything else is a meme

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I’m here to make money anyway I can. Check out their discord gg/dBzE52nupN

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You are a fucking retard

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biz is full of retards but this dude probably makes a lot of money

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NFTs are the only legit way to make money in crypto

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stop misleading the people in my thread faggot.

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Suck my dick nigger

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What makes this better then other NFT markets?

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