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>XRP moons 100% on the weekly
>Jewbase only rolling out BTC news
Lmao they’re distracting us with the shiny shitcoin. They don’t want us buying XRP.

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This has been bothering me for awhile, hardly any direct news posted on one of the biggest exchanges below assets they want people to be moving money in. The fact that the BoA confirmation hasn't been included yet blows my mind

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It's funny watching you normies slowly realize what is schizos have been telling you. All while ignoring you were told previously

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Quads of truth

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>It's funny watching you normies slowly realize what is schizos have been telling you. All while ignoring you were told previously

I listened to the schizos. Thank you based schizos. For what it's worth, I had a dream last night that XRP hits $1 by the end of this week!

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Checked. Based.

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checked and redpilled

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Checked and basedpilled

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btc has always been the red herring, it will give you short term gains but xrp was always meant to win in the end

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Because nobody gives a shit about XRP, it literally doesn't do anything

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Dumb nigger confirmed

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Fucking based. Have been buying weekly for a year through all the fucking fud.

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Except BTC was designed down to its core to do absolutely nothing

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They always hated XRP. They are seething right now.

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checked and checking in

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it's mindblowing how the most mundane things can be turned into schizoid conspiracies by people like this

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do I still have time to buy XRP or is it gonna come down soon

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I cant wait for all of you faggots to lose your money. It may not seem like it now but LINK will outperform every crypto in this bull market, especially your trashy little garbage coin

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Why did u wait u retard

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I normally do stocks, and I don't browse /biz/ enough to be obsessed with crypto, so I missed this whole affair.

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>centralized nothing pumps

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Shit like this only makes it moon harder

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Uh oh

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XRP is a securities dump scheme. They pay bots and shills to shill the company
they pay clients
the founders created and control XRP and got away with dumping it.

This is like if Tesla created T-Coin and then convinced the SEC that T-Coin was given to them by "independent open source developers"
Tesla then is free to hype T-coin as much as they want while dumping it behind the scenes.

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>Calling BTC a shitcoin
Altcoins exist only to accumulate more BTC
Arethere any cripples here that is not a newfag? I guess not, because any pre-2017 XRP fag would have already made it.

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