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>everyone worried about BTC/ETH scaling properties
>don't realize RLC scales any shitcoin of choice
>don't understand RSK bitcoin smart contracts
>don't realize how important a computational marketplace is (airbnb of computing)
>don't know about the mining dApps coming that will change the landscape of mining forever
>don't understand how iExec will usher in the next technological advancements in AI and dApps
>tfw smartest team in crypto
>tfw china is excited about the tech
>tfw Intel, IBM, and Chinese cloud partnerships
>tfw iExec is unironically the next ETH/BTC level gains
>tfw only 80M circulating coins
>tfw only 90M marketcap
>tfw buying iExec at $1 is going to make me a deca-millionaire by 2021/22

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Stop wasting your time on non-profitable platforms. Check Pteria, make profit with investment

> DAO that can change the game industry forever with blockchain solutions (Wallem partnership)
> High API (more than 24%/ rewards from staking 2% monthly)
> High token liquidity because of limited max supply (7.2M tokens) and token burn (1% of total supply in less than 2 weeks)

> pteria.org
> t.me/pteria

PTERIA has rising stat (10% for a day) and listed on 5 exchanges: Uniswap, AEX, Balancer, Bilaxy, BitAsset

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>tfw you realize digital oil isn't real so you cant cash out

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I know the board has been flooded with newfags and normies, but shilling them RLC is just cruel. Atleast tell them to get XRP or BSV, they might actually get a few pity pumps along the road.

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fuck you're right we cant let normies get rich easily

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Unironically, rlc is link on steroids. Can easily become top 15 and will be 56$ in March. 140$ by sept 21

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Oh I know. LINK is nothing compared to iExec

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this, unironically


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Day of the Barrel SOON

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