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it's going to 10k $, isn't it?

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It sure is

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You better believe it.

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Estimate on this?

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Always was

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yeah but probably not in a while right? surely not this bull run

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Could I... could I finally make it?

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That's a man

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how much do you own

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3k for sure

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I dont think soo.. Etherium its very slow. thats Why its Cofounder left the company and Started working on Cardano ( ADA ) as soon as Cardano releases being able to turn anything created on ETH to cardano at the end of the month anything build on Eth will move to Ada just a matter of days.

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were going to the moon niggers

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Just 17, but that's all I can afford right now.

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Just like neo right? Just like eos right?

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I own a little less, 10. 10 might sound small but if it goes to BTC's price in a few year I'm done in life, together with my other holdings in link

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The better product doesn't automatically win. It will be a tough time for ADA. Maybe they can pull something off as Apple did in the 90's

But right now I doubt that anyone can compete against ETH...

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If I had money I'd hold both ETH and ADA. More ETH than ADA ofc but both are great holds.

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At least

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Is DMX token good one?

Join in a referral program on Probit for DYMMAX (dymmax.com), international platform, they collaborate with blockchain platforms and ecosystem of China, USA and etc.

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Im finally going to make it....
I love this timeline

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Praise vishnu, how much pnk to make it?

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100,000 pnk sir

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The fact that this was almost $2,000 is kind of funny.

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We’ll soon reach $600...don’t blink though, because that 6 will be replaced with an 8 shortly after

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>tfw only 4 eth

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Yeah, funny it was that undervalued
just watch as eth2 rolls out and we hit double that amount
and keep holding you worthless vc tokens that will never be used for anything other than staking

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Some of you are ok. Sell at $710

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It will go up to $800 by January 2021 and than $1500+ by May 2021 and than it will correct to $1k or so.

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>just watch as eth2 rolls out
only 3 years to go lol

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>dumpster fire
>token locking
>token burning
>3-5 years from phase 2
>going to 10k

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If so ill be millionaire

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July 2021

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No, its not.
Its only slow (and expensive) when buying shitcoins in uniswap.
From ether to ether, is very fast. And cheap too.

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>From ether to ether, is very fast

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Fast is relative, retard.

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no shit sherlock. ETH is slow as fuck

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Shut the fuck up, pajeet. No one is going to buy your cardano bags.

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ETH is pure spaghetti code. ETH was without a doubt a great idea; I will not deny that at all. However, most people in crypto don't have the comprehension or knowledge to be able and look at the code-base and identify flaws that could be catastrophic, both in terms of economic, security, and overall functioning in cost signals.

Vitalik is smart. However, he's the most retarded smart person in all of crypto. He's a fucking child who doesn't own up to his inability to produce a creation and has longevity. Him and his cronies wrote shitty-ass code. It can't scale. The only way it can scale is constant upgrades each time they feel things are getting congested. This is where the problem lies. It is impossible for ETH to implement a scaling solution to where it doesn't need upgrades anymore. For ETH to work, it will need constant upgrades of ETH 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, so on and so forth for an indefinite amount of time - just kicking the can down the road. Off-chain scaling won't work either because ETH's security is already shit on a stick. Making something more complicated that is already a piece of shit is 100% pointless. People can never steadily develop something on ETH because with each 'scaling upgrade', those who are creating on ETH will have to pivot each time to ensure their product is compatible to work on ETH. To sum it up, each time ETH decides to upgrade to scale, it just gets worse.

For ETH to work to the level needed, the amount of ETH in ever single wallet needs to be known after each transaction. Since ETH cannot implement SPV, it's impossible for ETH to scale because it does not have the capabilities to know the exact amount of ETH in every single ETH wallet after each transaction at a massive scale.

The only way to permanently fix ETH would be to roll back the chain to the beginning almost. Vitalik is just your average Russian retard who can't produce anything of value.

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lol Vitalik and team have been working on it since 2015.. and it's already completely finished (as in many tests have been done with super computers to make sure everything is working without a hitch) but they don't want to tell everyone that so they're rolling it out slowly so the market doesn't go crazy.

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While btc and other crypto is growing time to find top tokens. Why should you check PTERIA

> High rating on CMC and Coingecko
> Massive burn from 21M to 7.2M max supply happening in December, so token liquidity will rise
> stable APY on staking of 24%
> Wallem cooperation

> pteria.org
> t.me/pteria

High token price (X4 just for a month)

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>eth is slow as fuck at only 15 TPS

Eth 2.0 increases transactions to 100,000 TPS in phase 1

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And that's years away, we currently are on track for delayed deployment of phase 0 if the contract doesn't get filled in 2 days. And I hold ETH but don't be deluded, it's far away.

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It going to 15$k

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Is he right?


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Go back to your shilling AVA threads, retard.

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Vitalik said in one of his interviews upon phase 0 the TPS will go up to 2000-3000 (currently it's 15-25 tps) which will be more than enough for now.

We only need 210k more eth for it to begin.

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>smart contracts
pick one

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Phase0 does nothing for tps you misunderstood something

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am i gonna make it??

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800 EOY starting to seem conservative. I regret only having a small stack. I got to enter sub 500 but am fomoing every single fucking day.

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If ETH goes to 10k... then expect a defi craze as ETH is dragging most of these shit coins upwards as well.

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No, look at all these greedy future bag holders. Time to sell when biz starts getting hyped.

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Don't know about $10K but ETH is easily going to 0.1 BTC which is $2K near term. Long term though if BTC reaches $1 million we could easily see ETH at $100K.

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Last hour was late.

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you mean a handful of nerds from an anime forum who have been holding this shit for 3 years through a bear market and will never sell, ever?

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$600 rejected so hard it fell 4% in a minute

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it was the same with 500 two days ago

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I know, it was just a light jab. I have 22eth (after losing 20eth trading shitcoins) so I hope to God it goes to 0.1BTC like the clowns here say.

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I fucking hope so
Just reached 100 eth

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Based Vennu, his unique sound will ensure that we will all make it. Him singing is basically angels nutting in my ears

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>smart contracts month(s) away
>ETH 2.0 phase 1.5
>3 years away minimum

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Yep check em

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retard, zksync and rollups already scale ETH. cardano is a fucking joke and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will join in on the winning team. it's much more fun

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>a clusterfuck of tinker-toy duckt-tape and knick-knacks already scales ETH
why so butthurt anon... ahh, I see why. it's the ETH dumpster fire that you call a platform

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ah ok, you're just retarded

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I am long on ADA, they will not kill Ethereum but they will cater to uses where Ethereum is not practical. They have established relationships with three whole sovereign countries- which while not global powers, will prove to be valuable testing grounds that will be imitated by larger countries. ETH will be kind of a commons, ADA will be a bit more specialized.

I’m not selling ADA before $10.

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I will eat a bowl of shit if it ever surpasses 2k on the long run

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It will and you won’t, pussy.

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hell yea

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spice this up with xrp and monero and you will

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Well, today the DeFi projects have no opportunities they are created by laymen. I prefer to invest in Dymmax (dymmax.com) several times then give my money to any amateur!

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>$597 and dumping like bitconnect literally right now
Anon, I....

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>dumping like bitconnect literally right now

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it might when BTC reaches the 100k landmark that it will NEVER reach
basic economics

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i hope so anon

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>PLTR RSI in the 90's all morning
>doesnt dump
I dont understand anything

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price of marketcap?
please, I need to know quick!

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Is anyone staking yet?

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you can google it?

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It always was.

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"In the new world its fast fish eats slow fish..."

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Fucking based.

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More like the USD will plummet to 0.0001 ETH

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This Pepe has a very classy smugness to him, I like it.

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haven't seen this pasta in a while. anyway buy dot and ksm and thank me later

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Hahahaha will definitely go high but no not 10k. You know what else will go high, $IOV

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But iov, hold it and remain eternally grateful to me losers

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