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>$1000 net worth

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>mfw $400 net worth

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19 dollars in bank account

1.4 million in LINK

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Criminally based.

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my net worth is only 10k but at least i'm not in debt

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I have 70 cents in my bank account and 800 dollars in memecoins

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most people your age are in debt, so youre doing fine.

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Pay your taxes.

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£56,000 net worth

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>$1000 net worth
>1 more year left to finish my civil engineering degree
feels good graduating with no debt

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Kys, literally nobody asked you

You’re a total fucking tool, change asap

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I have 1k in my bank account and 10k in crypto. I’m fucked aren’t I? And I’m 26 years old, balding and still trying to graduate

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The vast majority of your peers have less than that, kys entitled fag

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>$10K net worth
>0 spending because living with mom
>abandoned all hope to get laid but at least I can trade some shitcoins everyday

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>Finished military service
>Two citizenships
>30k in the bank
>suicidal and lonely
I just wanna find a wifey and live in the countryside fuck uni gosh I don't wanna learn passionless bs

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Why the fuck would you keep that much money in a bank account just depreciating when you could have 1 more LINK instead

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You're basically still a child

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You're doing great
Don't go to Uni unless you can get there for free (if you leave in a country where it's basically free), and in the meantime find some good work so you don't waste your time there because it's mostly BS indeed, but that's a good way to get a network which is literally the most important thing after uni and for work in general.

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>You're basically still a child
I know! I wasn't claiming to the contrary.
I can get it for basically free cuz of military shit I did, but it seems pointless to me. I don't really have passion for anything in life and it seems like a waste of my time and effort to pursue a degree in something I care little for. The only reason I even consider it is for networking and social aspects.

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I also meant it in a positive way as in you have your youth before you
Also desu I wanted to join voluntary paramilitary service in my country but I got back with my gf and I wouldnt have time for her

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You made the right decision in my humble opinion. Military is interesting and provides cool experience, but nothing is more important than time with the people you love (I would know I'm 21 <:)

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19yo net worth~25k

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I'm 19 with the exact same networth as you. Half allocated in crypto and rest safe in an index. Hope you make it bro

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are you me?

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>I dont have a passion
Good. People go to Uni and get useless shit degrees for stuff they are passionate about. Guess what? „Passionate“ Jobs are paid shit, because there are tons of people who do it with a passion.

Go to Uni and study something you are actually good at, not something you are passionate about. If you absolutely don‘t know what to study, just go with a business degree.

Do this and your future self will be forever grateful. Oh and btw Uni is where you meet your future wife usually, so that problem will get solved as well.

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The beauty of this age we're living in is that you don't need a high paying job for financial security. I pursue a few different channels rn for income and I build skills.. basically I'd rather find stuff I love and do then waste my time doing stuff I don't like for money. Maybe that's foolish youthful romanticism, but I believe it can be done.

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damn he cute

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this anon fucks

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congrats on being happy, id kms if i were you

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>I believe it can be done.
This can only really be achieved by being your own boss and being willing to take the risk of losing everything.

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Holy kek, I was about to end it but this thread made me feel so much better about my situation.

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>£10k in stonks
>10k pension
>7k in crypto
>£400 in fiat

Kill me now

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13$ in bank account
200$ in crypto

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>25K EURO net worth

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35, 2.4M havnt quite /made it/ yet

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What the fuck is pension and why do you count it to your net worth
Here the government just takes 1/3 of your salary and pays you a meagre pension after you're 67

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>€500 + €200 crypto
I need a job, I hate being a broke student

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Tell me about duckdao.io?

Please, watch and share your opinion about their Crypto Incubator and investment system. Want to take part but try to find more info about it

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$200usd in bank
10k XRP

Am i going to make it?

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Ive been super depressed lately and this has made me laugh so hard, thank you anon

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>$115k met worth ($45k crypto)

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>15k EURO

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>3000 EPAN tokens

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>tfw 25k€ in finland state guaranteed student debt
>12months euribor interest rate -0.483%
>bank premium is like 0.50%
>real interest is like 0.02%

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>10k cash
>20k crypto
>10k stocks

God I'm so fucking poor

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>24 year old
>about to graduate MSc Finance
>€15k ($50k) net worth, all in stocks, except a few crypto gambles.

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>civil engineering

Lmao fag

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Not with XRP

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You're older than 27 and you have greater than $1000, congratulations anon. You're going to make it I'm sure

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£230k cash and assets inc house mortgage paid.
Income streams drying up by end of year.

Feeling poor bros

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>no denbts
How much can I invest?

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30 btw

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I hope so too

then with what? I don't have much money that's about 5k usd

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>Over spring break I won the title "king of the $0.99 bj"
>Totally over it
>Owe it all to XRP


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your mortgage is paid you imbecile

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60k in debt from private college international studies

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>$51,000 net worth
I only make 39k per year. Kek.

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>20k crypto/ 5k stonks/ stockpiled goods of unspecified nature

idgaf have strong sons trained to fight, wife who still blows me happily, and I eat food I grow/process/cook myself. wealth is where you find it.

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> 26
> 300k, 80% of which is in crypto
> No debt, never went to Uni

Still trying to avoid the tax man.

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You won't make it, friend, because...you already have.

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>30, eastern yuro

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bro, you're set. I don't think you need money desu

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750K net worth
Only $2000 crypto
Slowly accumulating more
Playing it safe, I’m too old

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If /smg/ is right, you're playing the game correctly. I would only put significant amounts of money into crypto if I could REALLY afford to lose it.

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>24 years
2k net worth
>1k xrp
Feels good to be a future millionaire

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נכון, וגם בריטי

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>7k stocks
>2k crypto

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yeah I know, but a year ago I had fucking nothing financially (you're talking to someone who's never had a legal credit card, passport or driver's license). plonking some cash into BTC and watching it do this is making me think I could provide some intergenerational opportunity if I do it right. never cared before, but I feel this might be the right time to take an interest.

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Thanks anon
I will never be able to 100X, but I’m using it as a hedge and further diversification. Also, no matter what we have, we always want more.

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>$2k networth

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No skills
No money
No debts

Fuck usury
Fuck technology
Fuck taxes

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people who are saying their net worth is positive aren't including things like mortgages and other loans are they? Because you are supposed to subtract the value of any loan you have from your net worth as they are liabilities.

>my net worth is -150k

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it is possible they own the like place i do
>30-50k property i own
>100k in bank
>1k in pms
>11$ in crypto

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> 600€ in divvies per quarter
> 70k€ in Portfolio overall
>0 debt
> 1 year from now i gotta have 100k€ and expecting 1k€ divvies per quarter and im gonna fulfill biz rule #1 which is having a net worth of around 100k€/$ at 28 or leaving this board

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Not even taking into account the COVID-19 lockdown financial slaughter.

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I turn 29 in 2 weeks.
I have about 700€ in my bank account and about 3000€ in crypto.

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>18 yo
>$1000 in fiat
>$150 in crypto
>$2000 in PMs
My only chance of making it is inheritance, it would take ages for me to make it with just this.

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You're doing fine for your age. Gotta start somewhere

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Be careful to not cut on that edge

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Get some experience. You are going to be hella valuable after The Happening, we will need people like you to rebuild.

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> Uni is where you meet your future wife usually, so that problem will get solved as well.

Im legit trigerred.
I fucked it up didnt i

Jesus christ

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16k in bank
62k crypto
idk why I even bother having 16k fiat, I should've just aped all of it

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BTC is 6% from ATH, ETH is still 60%
Figure out a ratio that works for you

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>$2500 net worth in ALGO, BTC, and XRP
Well hello there fellow /biz/nissman

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When I was 24 I had $3,000, no job, and no work history. Now I have $127,000. The white man marches on.

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