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smooth brain real estate/atm investor here and i have a question for /biz/

how do i invest in virtually anything on this board?
btc? link? these are of course the big ones i read about, but have no idea how to get started.

could any anon here spoonfeed me or at least post any info graphs?

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Google m8

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Go back, tranny.

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I'm worried about these sell signals coming in

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also, if any anons can link any links or reading material about the markets i would much appreciate it.
literature pertaining to things like; what makes one crypto a smarter investment than another? where is crypto currency even being used?

things of this nature.

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Can I get a damn source on this woman?!?!?

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googles articles are trash. actually users and investors are who i want to talk to.
back to /pol/

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Just lurk dude
Also just Google shit

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its hard to lurk when every post is either anons laughing at others for investing in "x" coin, or other anons saying how theyre gonna rope themselves for investing in "x" coin.

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you will never be a woman.

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also this

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Use cashapp for bitcoin, and coinbase for ether... your welcome

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eat shit, tranny

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and stay await from LINK, it's a coin for nazis, not for trannies like you

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wtf why she have a dick?!

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interested in a coin? use coinmarketcap to find out where its traded. for the big ones just register on binance. once you sent some fiat you can buy and sell coins, really simple bruh - oh, and never never ever use futures.

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I'll help you anon as most people here are assholes.
Step 1 download coinbase app. Its the easiest and safest way to buy the main cryptos but fees are quite high.
Step 2 spend time watching the coins on coinbase and buy any of the big 10 when they "dip"
Sfep 3 watch as many YouTube videos as possible about trading
Step 4 download crypto.com app as by now (you should take about 4 weeks to get to this step) you realise most coins that ,are big gains aren't on coinbase so you try crypto.com for more
Step 5 after resear hung trading more you sign up for binance and transfer all your coinbase coins to your binance account to start trading more
Step 6 you lose all your money gambling on futures

Try to avoid step 6. Buy and hodl is your friend gl

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