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>continues crashing
>crashes even harder

Is he Satoshi yet, guys?

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Bagholding this shit is sadomasochistic.

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wake me up at zero
seldom I would say, any crypto is *utterly* worthless.. but this shit, this is fucknada.

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>inb4 seething about blockstream jews

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even payjeets get Sunday off

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Holding a faggot shit coin, the faketoshi scammer is rekking your anal hole.

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i have been waiting... i'm a very patient man

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my favorite is the jew dicked seething poltard

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>and, on The Day of Our Lords Rest, not a shiller of this shit was to be sighted..
well, no-one could have predicted this

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>he doesn't know

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$175 and dropping is everything I need to know.

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Yikes and he’s a fag too

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Thanks for genuine concer for my financial well being

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After holding 1/3 of my portfolio in this as a hedge since mid-2019, finally dumped this and switched to XLM earlier today.

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You really are retarded about money

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Are you saying I'm retarded because I held it for so long or because I dumped it ?

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neither, because you considered it a hedged when it's a highly volatile fork of a fake internet coin

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>cant screencap it because not enough context
hope xlm goes up for you fren. best of luck

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1200 eoy
how's that working out guys?

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