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How much BTC is he holding?

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>Warren Buffet

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Probably he holds xrp, shilled by his /jew/ friend

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They only say they hold none, but in reality they are stacking

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Does he even need to hold anything?
He's one of those rulers who could require governments to seize all BTC on the top exchanges and give it to him.

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I have COPD

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none, he's holding evil vaccines

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After they've implemented the cyber lockdown, see https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/covid-19-pandemic-teaches-us-about-cybersecurity-cyberattack-cyber-pandemic-risk-virus/
they could require every device that connects to the Internet to run an access and surveillance program, and that program could be used to implement an Internet access tax paid in BTC to Gates as well.

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i heard he had some GLITCH stack, biz please confirm

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can confirm

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look at his graces beautiful thick hair
he must comb it every day

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gentoo on risc-v completely and totally unaffected

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If the ISPs are instructed to shut you down and only let you back in if you install the "vaccine" software and pay the new Internet tax to Gates there's nothing you can do about it.

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>your shitcoin doesn't even have a satellite?

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