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For the past 4 months I've been fudding XRP nonstop while quietly accumulating my own stack.

If you were stupid enough to buy the fud, you're now paying the price. Literally.

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Not even XSG is talking about this. It’s being fucking suppressed and it’s so obvious look at the volume

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well done OP

you shit on your fellow anons instead of helping them

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Xrp is a scam.

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Ahah nice anon i did the same and i'm reaping the rewards rn

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As a fellow XRPer I say:

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I bought $250 of XRP back in August/September. I'm glad I listened to you retards.

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Wow you wasted your time (if you think fudding/shilling on biz affects price action you’re a fucking moron) while trying to trick other anons into missing the bus by being a Jew! Congrats. Seriously.

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what app is that op?

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My dear fren, the board had a XRP schizo thread going for months now where every retard and his dog were spoonfed with all available breadcrumbs.

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In an effort to help them recognize and make it. This fucking mentally ill tranny op tried to trip up other ms so he could accumulate his little dicklet stack. It’s pathetic

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Never buying your shitcoin -70% in 3 years lel
enjoy your little pump

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It's still the time to get it, considering how much it will grow the current price is a joke

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Based and saved

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>they don't have a flare wallet yet

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