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ITT: We thank the jannies for taking care of the tranny poster.

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Why is this stickied

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It's just not BIZ without people spamming trannies and degeneracy. All the richfags got replaced with poorfags

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Thank you based jannies>>24150085

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Wow how did you sticky? Are you janny?

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Filthy janny, there’s no such thing

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Oh jannnnniessss

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This fuck you guys. Now we just have soijak spammers instead. Board is normalfagged up.

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thank you based telegram janny for getting rid of all the evil nazis in ersdl

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stupid janny bans me for a week to a month everyday yet here i am
fuck you tranny

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anytime I post "nigger" on /tv/ the post gets removed

fuck janny

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thank you janjans

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