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Reminder that XRP pumped on a memedate while the golden bullrun is still at the base. Normie money has not flooded in yet.
The memedate was given by UHNWI and Nov 20 was a G20 meeting.
XRP gained over 10b in market cap yesterday. Something was said in that meeting that caused fat-wallet in-the-know people to fomo in, this was NOT an organic pump, this was NOT normie fomo.

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this was the just flare airdrop

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There is absolutely no fucking way idiot Twitterfags are buying billions worth of XRP, pumping the price by 82% in 2 days.

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Interesting theory OP

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market cap is a meme

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Yes, we know. The NWO is knocking at the door and the Great Memeset is incoming.

Buckle up fellas we're launching soon.

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You don't need billions or even millions to pump the cap by billions. The entire supply is not sitting in sell orders.
You're the kind of redditor that just mindlessly repeats things you heard with not thought of your own.

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no, I actually think that mcap is a meme

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Outside of this board there are very few people who know about Flare or the airdrop. Even on this board there are fuckloads of people who have no idea what it is or how it works.

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>I actually think
You never had a thought in your life.

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If you go on YouTube and look up how to register for airdrop you will see all the normies not understanding in the comments saying they’re not doing it.

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And thus the new generation of xrp bagholders is born.
0.35 in 2 days
back to 0.25 in a month

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Reddit is largely the same.

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It pumped because of the inverse h&s. and because money started to flow from alts. It's still down 95% from ath.

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Thank you, randomfag on the internet, for this free psychological evaluation from 3 lines on text.

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I’m screencapping all of these

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Nobody cares. XRP isn't relevant. It's like if someone made a liquid sidechain token, marketed it as if it's somehow equivalent to actual crypto projects and got legions of twitter chumps to buy it.

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>It's still down 95% from ath.

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As a outsider and ex-BTC maxi, I have a feeling that Flare Network will give the same hype as DeFi did with Ethereum. It's the era of smart contracts and Ethereum can't interop their own assets with others. It's a whole new meaning to XRP after this.

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>Ethereum can't interop their own assets with others
It can and does without trusting a cartel with the keys to those assets like you will have to do with XRP.
If you're even slightly technical and have written even a single line of code in your life I don't understand how you could delude yourself into buying a single XRP token for any reason.

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Do I need to buy XRP from one of the participating exchanges to receive the airdrop or can I just transfer the amount I already have there?

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>a cartel with the keys to those assets like you will have to do with XRP.
Opinion completely discarded. Come back when you understand the XRPL and the escrow.

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leave. dumbass.

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>doesn't even try to defend the tech
So it's a liquid sidechain that a bunch of banks have agreed to use so they don't lose control to actual crypto projects like BTC. You sure showed me.
No. Fuck off with your banker scam and paid network of "influencer" spammers. You don't belong here, you will pay for your betrayal of everything good and right.

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how do i get the flare airdrop, i have 21k xrp

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Oh you’re one of those schizos fucked in the head harder than the xsg schizos

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No, and I will keep asking on every XRP thread I go on until I get a legitimate answer.

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So I read this article. Notice he uses a lot of words to say nothing except deliver a sales pitch. There's no content in any XRP horseshit. It's all pure obfuscated sales dribble to appeal to the dumbest people in the room.

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Knowing the basics of how systems work and recognizing obvious scam tactics is not a mental illness.

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ROSE is good too.

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You’re talking dumb shit against David Schwartz? You realize he patented distribute ledgers decades before bitcoin even launched? You’re a moron.>>24147052
>knowing the basics
You don’t know shit. You only know muh Jed dump muh -975893858% down
>obvious scam tactics
You’re a literal fucking moron.

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those twitter chumps are gonna make me rich.

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>he patented distribute ledgers
That's exactly consistent with how a subversive kike scammer operates. Most of the "new ideas" in tech are known by everyone involved long before they're implemented. The scammers jump on those moments to patent the vaguest possible versions of those ideas.

Wow "on-demand liquidity" and it's underlined and everything. Why are you so easily impressed? Have you ever developed anything? Why are you so convinced you know what you're talking about when you clearly have no experience with anything related to either complex systems or markets?

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You fucking retard. Ripple literally donated DLT to the World Wide Web Consortium, literally the keepers of the internet lmao just shut the fuck up I’m not even going to bother reading the other half of your post.

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>keepers of the internet
top kek

You're a fucking moron

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Answering your question means you’re more likely to figure out how to claim the airdrop which means the unclaimed tokens that are going to me pro rata will be lower.

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chink pump to catch stupid westerners. all off crypto weibo is full of it, west cucks cant read chinese xexexe

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Its called manipulation ao Jed Brad and David can keep dumping on you

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download xumm or exodus wallet and follow the instructions in the app

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>World Wide Web Consortium


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Oh alright I get it now. I won’t do the airdrop anymore. Just for you pal.

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Ripple crackheads will never prosper

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Stop taking your meds and lurk in XSG

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what did davie give to them

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Gifted them DLT. DLT is the internet of value. Ripple is not the only company shilling, there are thousands of corporations already connected to Ripple and DLT through other platforms.

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