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why are we back at 18k?

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Bear trap my frend, always happens on Sundays after the first week of a bull run

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Dead cat bounce. Next week is going to be brutal.
>First week of bull run.
Kek, it's had 7 consecutive green 'weekly' dildos. You had your chance.

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Retard, this bull run hasn't even made it to the all-time high yet.

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Weekend correction.
I guess you werent holding anything in 2017, right? Every bull market have weekends corrections.

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it's a dead cat bounce, dumb retard
it's going under 18k

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how am I a dumb retard

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you ask dumb questions, retard

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You're such a faggot I almost can't believe it

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So is it going to dump back to 16k soon?

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>every bull run needs to reach an ath

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Bears, how about you go crawl back into your pit? This bull run has barely begun and it’s a clear scam wick to shakeout weak hands. We saw this exact scenario happen 3 years ago

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who is this guy?

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Wtf I sold bros....

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Maybe. In fact, the usual dump should have happened yesterday.
This happens because many people cant put cash into the exchanges in the weekends, so buying stops. The bears take advantage of it and sell.

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you have to go back

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Because it’s unironically different this time.
The buyers aren’t weak handed retail fags who panic on a single red candle.
This is coming from the guy who makes most his money when Bitcoin goes down.
Go to warosu and search for my tripcode, I called the biggest short opportunity a few months ago and backed it with a screenshot of a 21 BTC position.

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Every bull run in the history of crypto has, you dumb nigger.

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>Every bull run in the history of crypto has

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I told you so...

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low volume bull trap, this is going to 13.8 before breaking ATH

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13.8k* (guess I should clarify that since I know this board is full of nocoiners that probably think I'm talking about link lmao)

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