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Your stack has been called up for the Reserve Army.
>Report in

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>it's tanking below 2ct again
Why even live?

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1500 rsr reporting in, will i make it?

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How does $1.5k sound to you?

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ok i guess, i'll buy a ps5 and a hooker

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32000 stack reporting in. It'll have to do.

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9k lol im so poor

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200k reporting in

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780k here, why can't this nigger coin hold value FFS

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25.9k reporting in

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900k master sargeant reporting

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100k but i bought at the top like an absolute mongoloid

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>at the top
90ct to 1$ is basically confirmed
just ride it out fren

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My stack too, will we make anything worthwhile?

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How does $100k sound?

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Sounds good, can you give me a date to mark on my calendar that this will be done by? Thanks very much

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$0.5 Jan 7 2021

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Oh no no no no we got too cocky bros

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Reporting in

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Fear not, we will prevail.

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I'll let it dip and put whooping 100$ into it
how long will I have to wait to become millionaire with that investment?

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10k because I think it's a shitcoin but I also liked the memes

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150k reporting in

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Ah, a fellow patrician

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We are tanking
Why can't this shit keep value

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this post with repeating digits and Sam gif makes me wanna buy

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108k reporting in, thinking about loading up some more.

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>it's tanking below 2ct again

RSR will never go below two cents again.

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Can someone redshill me on why this coin is going to .1+?

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uuuh, because...uhhh...HITLER!

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128k stack here. Hold the line rangers.

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Don’t be so sure. It may go below that one last time before going past ath. Maybe you’re right though and we will maintain 2c support

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Ahhh why is this dumping bros ahhhhhhhhhhh

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Do not worry friend. Buy more now.

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200k Corporal reporting.

I just finished my main bag on cold storage that i have to try not to swing.

Now i want to try to get a 50k profits bag

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Will likely pour 1$k in but will wait for it to dump a bit.

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This coin follows BTC very closely

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Yeah I know bros. I have a decent stack but no more fiat to spare at the minute. Just wish I took the obvious swings desu... though I guess hindsight always makes it look easy

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Be sure

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how do you buy it?

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binance or uniswap

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how did you find this website?

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Is it going to coinbase?

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Why does uniswap sell at the worst possible prices? Bought 5k and recoeved 4,700k worth.

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855 reporting in

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hey i made this

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rsrdev when coinbase announcement you little shit?

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Im a newfag thats using coinbase now because my friend told me to use it, but most of these coins that guys talk about here arent on coinbase.

Which service should i be using if I want to convert my BTC to this for example?

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dew it

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Uniswap is dogshit

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Bought on Binance and got a fair price, decentealized cucks BTFO yet again lmao

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first off, learn how to use coinbase pro. otherwise you're going to pay insane fees for swapping.

then you'll have to send your erc-20 tokens (or ether) to your metamask wallet which is a browser extension.

Then you can interact with decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

youll have to do some research on how this works. will be overwhelming at first, but it's pretty easy. there are youtube tutorials im sure

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Right, haven’t used my Binance account since 2017. Since I live is the US do i need to run it through a VPN?

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Holy fucking shit why are so many retards on this board now

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Shill me this coin /biz, what's so special about it? Apart from coinbase looking to list it

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right?! the fucking "advice" (((people))) in this thread are giving out is literally "just trust a chink exchange, bro" and "just use cuckbase". fuck off back to plebbit, all of you

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No solid advice or info, I'll just stick to trade btc/eth for now

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nothing. dump it after coinbase.

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I mean, I’m not mad. Sold the whole stack 2 days later for 1k profit just wondering why uniswap sucks ass.

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Nice you will be able to buy a nice PS6 when it comes out

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Had 2.3 million at one point, got shaken out.

Stacked BTC and ETH instead might regret but I can sleep at night.

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How long do you plan to hold it. I bought 200$amd im gonna hold until next year at least

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205k RSR stack here, might buy more later tho

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>spoon feed me
go back

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go seek psychological help

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What is the ceiling for RSR in a few years? I like the project and thinking about dumping some serious money into it

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>please do my research for me for free

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based neville shitting on the circulating supply then the price

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60k stacklet reporting in

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1.5mm reporting in. Not selling till it's at least over a dollar and I'll probably just arb it at that point anyways

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The ceiling is kill yourself you fucking faggot

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12.5k attennnnnnhuh

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48,888.88 reporting in. Glad it dumped gonna throw half a paycheck in before it moons.

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2.9mm reporting in

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its 140k now ;)

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It'll be there soon ;^)

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Where is daddy’s research slave?

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In your whore mother's nasty vagina

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Are there any indians here? I have a question.

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im a poorfag working towards 25k

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You will literally never make it with 100k sorry but you’re priced out

Real /biz/ OGs bought for 0.0004 during the presale

10MM = suicide stack
100MM = make it stack

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finally, my fellow officers have arrived

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1 milly LFG.

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what's my title at 2.1 million?

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my advice, don't believe any suggestions from /biz/. apart from putting everything into XRP

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i do the opposite of what /biz/ says and it worked for me so far

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Explain to me why you think this investment will pay off.

RSV has almost no market cap, it seems like way more people are invested into RSR than the actual stablecoin it backs

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go read the white paper and then come back

>> No.24150152

>Explain to me why you think this investment will pay off.
I don’t, I bought cause I’m stupid and want to lose everything

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RSR is forming another cup and handle! Get ready for another nice pump this week, boys!

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Volume is not there, I think there will be some consolidation before going up again

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2.2 M stack reporting in..We gonna make it

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Stuff outside the TA charts is happening this week. I wouldn't swing or short it.

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Nice try but your comparing volume when RSR was on only that exchange to now it's on Binance and other big ones. Too bad it takes like 5 seconds to look up and figure out you're wrong.

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Because you don't know how slippage works

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