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I had it, its not that bad and now im inmune to it

But you will have to take the mandatory vaccine anon, prayers

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And yet


I'm really disgusted by the state of the people. Really really sad. I'm losing hope. Thanks, globalists.

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I had it.. I know about a dozen people who had it as well. One lady died at my job... she was 65 and in poor health.

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probably because you don't have any friends, your coworkers think youre weird so they don't tell you things, and youre estranged from most your family

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I know one person who supposedly tested positive for it. Pretty sure those tests aren’t reliable anyway. He basically had flu symptoms and that’s pretty much it. This virus is NOTHING, no one should be afraid of this shit. I always thought most people were stupid, now I know for sure. Why the fuck don’t you need to wear eye protection? If there was a big bad virus you would need eye protection obviously but nope guess it’s not important

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I had it. Was just another cold that I shook off with chicken soup, OJ, and a decongestant.

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And just like that, we lose our freedoms. What to do? I wanna fight this shit, show others the truth, but it's like that scene in They Live, where the protagonist had to fight that nigger for him to wear the truth lens. People don't use their brains for shit.

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The honest truth is this:
> It does not matter if COVID is real or not
The reality of the situation is as follows:
> The world needs to prepare for bioweapons to become a main weapon against the population
> In order to survive this, the population must be monitored for health reasons with complete compliance
> The population must consent to any given vaccine, because at any time people failing to get a vaccine will mean the bioweapon can still spread and cause unknown damage potentially becoming endemic.
The real truth of COVID is the progression of the world from one where Bioweapons are a myth to where Bioweapons are a reality. The movies and shows of 2020 were going to preemptively warn you of this, but someone in China realised this was happening and decided to release an actual bioweapon resulting in China locking down and exterminating anyone infected.

The world currently is pretending to have a similar thing to China in order to impliment the idea of a vaccination program that means everyone will have their health monitored consistently.

Freedom of choice, freedom of health and freedom of movement are about to disappear in 2021.

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I do but they all say it's no worse than a cold

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The movies and shows of 2020:
> James Bond 'no time to die' features the main villain using a bioweapon.
> Falcon & The Winter Soldier features the main villain picking up a bioweapon plotline that was leftover from Captain America: Civil War

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my late 70s grandpa currently has it, as well as early stage cancer and t2 diabetes. Appears he'll pull through

not looking good for some obese late 50s lady that I know, though

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You got scammed by the bankers. Sorry, no refunds.

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I know 3 people who have had it

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I had it and it was hell. I almost died. I have nothing wrong with me (confirmed by a doctor) and my lungs are still not recovered some months later.

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>Separate and divide the people by race.
>Divide the men from the women.
>Brainwash our kids with T.V. and school since mom has to work.
>Control our money supply through Federal Reserve and IRS that should be illegal. Pay off the government so it doesn't matter whether you are Democrat or Republican.
>Control our media to brainwash the masses: CFR, Bilderberg and 5 Corporations own all media.
>Put crack cocaine in black communities only to imprison black men and ruin the black family and kill off the black leaders through Co-Intel Pro.
>Depopulation: There goals are to kill billions through war, food, tap water with chemicals and fluoride. Manmade diseases like Ebola, HIV, AID's and Vaccines, creating airborne chemical warfare MERS virus, Zika virus, prescription drugs, Planned Parenthood and control weather.
>Steal money from every American through the banks: Libor Scandal, AIG and Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche, China Banks and other big banks.
>Create fake and proxy wars to drive down the dollar and have a one world government.
>Give our jobs to robots and enslave the people but this time all races, that’s not Democracy that's

Reminder China owns bitcoin as well

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I know about 5 people including 1 who is over 50. All had symptoms ranging from a runny nose to relatively high fever and temporary loss of taste. None had to go to the hospital and all recovered without any issues.

COVID is a Chinese manufactured scam being propagated by the Democrat media to shut down the United States and destroy it. It is/was also used to enable voter fraud in this country.

it is hardly mroe dangerous than the regular flu. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise, they are likely idiots or just NPCs (same thing really)

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No you didn't. Fuck off bot.

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sadly there's not really much we can do, people will only hear what someone like pokimane has to say

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Yes goy, sacrifice 2 years of your life for corona the meme virus(the flu) that is only dangerous to old sick boomers.

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I work the switchboard for the company that owns the emergency number in my country and I have personally spoken to the head nurse of one of the main regional hospitals about covid-19 wrecking her departments before transferring her to one of the people in charge of the ambulances

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I've been sick over a week and I came back negative. Having very mild sore throat on and off, it's really weird. Only reason I suspect covid is because usually when I get sick it isn't so spotty. Anyways it's just weird.

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either you have yet undiagnosed autoimmune issues or you are a disinfo kike

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a girl i used to chill with who was my ex's best friend at the time apparently got it. she made several instagram stories about barely being able to walk after getting it and having a fever etc so i "guess" its out there

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My idiot friend went to a thanksgiving related event with COVID. Me and my brother went, before the friend got his test results... and my brother got covid. I am living with a covid patient lol. He tested positive.
So yeah, shit's pretty real.
>B-BUT I haven't seen it!
Well I and many others have. My parents and stepparent are all in healthcare. They see it and deal with it all the time. I would say talk to people outside, but lol. I guess I can't blame you for your ignorance. Well, except for the fact that you're on the internet.

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Isn't this some meme copypasta from /pol/? Or am I fucking crazy for getting doja vu from this post

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I'm fearing that's true. Well, anon, I'm getting fit, you never know when you need to be strong, maybe I'll try to off some politician or two in minecraft. Thank God I don't have children, I would've have been worried af for them. My heart goes out to the anons that have children that will have to live in this sick world. I'll make my sacrifice by not having a child this planet. Thanks again, globalists. Hope their time comes soon.

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I'm posting this for the first time. I have an insider position and it's real.

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lmao at the usage of "i guess" here

in addition to the media faking it, maybe this random instagram girl might also be faking the virus

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So... They're gonna die or something?

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I think it's much higher chance of seeing it if you live in the city as well. I live in the midwest and don't know a ton of people who have it.

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because you have no friends or live in part of the country that doesn't matter
i had it in may and know a bunch of others who had it as well as a death

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I've got a surgeon friend who says it's a nothingburger.

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I had it and it was a shit week feels horrible would not recommend

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Neither and I don't believe a single tranny that says they have. Probably was their bodies negative reaction to the hormones.

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Obviously the tests are rigged and this is all a giant jewish swindle to microchip the world and create the new world order.

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Fuck off bot.

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nobody believes you, kike.

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The one thing that concerns me about covid is the amount of people I’ve come across that have lost their sense of taste and smell. I caught it myself a week ago, and I still can’t smell.

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A fictitious virus did this to you? Holy moly!

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The covids is only wiping out Mutants.

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Dunning Krugers like you are the reason Trump lost the election.

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Watching you hop in this thread and discredit people makes you look suspicious. Is it deadly? No, but there are TONS of people claiming they loss there sense of smell. I’m convinced that covid deniers are CCP shills spreading disinfo to infect Americans with this virus. 11 mill cases and you don’t know ANYONE positive? Fuck outta here.

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friend's grandma got diagnosed in April, she was 90 years old when she passed away a month ago in October. Took me a moment to even make the connection in my mind. it's all garbage.

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i know a couple people at work who have had it, both young guys who had symptoms but wasnt crazy serious although one said it felt different than any illness hed had before. also one of my dads relatives (i think a cousin) died from it which freaked him out because his cousin was a doctor and 10 years younger than him (dads mid 60s) with no health issues.

its definitely real, personally idc if i get it but it makes me laugh that most of the general populace at my job that refuse to wear masks or take precautions are older people who are more likely to become seriously ill or die. guess we were overdue for a cull.

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Actually pretty believable.

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to be fair, schizos like this don't know many people, especially not people who go outside

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Remember, this is the same establishment that says:
1. Saturated fat from butter is harmful but transfat from margarine is good for you.
2. Mercury in broken thermometers is dangerous but it's perfectly safe when we inject it directly into babies (thimerosal).
3. Fluoride works great as the active ingredient in rat poison and pesticides, and it's also good to drink because it protects your teeth from cavities. Unless it causes dental fluorosis which is when fluoride destroys your teeth. It does both. Shut up!

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Doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just like my API3 bags. Just cuz i don't have 'em doesn't mean I'm not rich yet.

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Recently came across duckdao.io, Crypto incubator with an investment model system.
Also, there is a crypto card game with a fast growing community. What do you think about it? Is it good to invest?

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Everyone I know who's had it says it's nothing, it's almost like political correctness to pretend it's serious at this point.

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oh sorry my mask isnt covering my face, im so clumsy and forgetful sometimes. say do you really think this whole covid thing is real?
>my grandma died!
wow im sorry to hear that. but you know, ive heard these tests can come back with a positive result if youve had any version of corona virus over your whole life. so many elderly people who die right now are having it attributed to corona regardless of the cause, which pumps up the numbers.
>but why would they pump UP the numbers? wouldn't they be trying to HIDE the numbers instead? WHAT WOULD THEY GAIN FROM DOING THIS?
Well, since you asked, let me tell you a little bit about the pharmaceutical industry and the federal reserve...

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Fuck me, what do you mean by freedom of movement disapearing?
Also will the vaccine fuck me up?

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Get yourself some SwapDEX (SDX) and you will never have to worry about the scary ronas anymore.

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>what do you mean by freedom of movement disappearing?
Essentially, indefinite curfew and de facto house arrest for the vast majority of the population. A few "essential workers" are allowed to go to work in vital industries but other than that no one is allowed out except to pick up necessities. Government has free reign to detain anyone suspected of breaking quarantine.
>Also will the vaccine fuck me up?
Not the vaccine itself, but it will be part of a greater health monitoring schematic. Suffice it to say that it will essentially mean the end of personal privacy in any meaningful sense.

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>all in healthcare
lmfao might as well just flat out admit you're lying moron

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>Essentially, indefinite curfew and de facto house arrest for the vast majority of the population. A few "essential workers" are allowed to go to work in vital industries but other than that no one is allowed out except to pick up necessities. Government has free reign to detain anyone suspected of breaking quarantine.
Does that mean I finally get my neetbux?

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I had a friend who got covid. His autoimmune system was fucked and he had asthma but still lived.

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I know a few. They all said it wasn't bad.

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