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Now that remote work is a more widespread luxury, I've been considering moving out of my current state NY to something a bit cheaper and run by less comies. What are some good cities to enjoy all these gains in? Here's a rough list of what I'm thinking:

Nashville, TN
Salt Lake City, UT
Greenville, SC
Dallas/Plano, Texas
Birmingham, AL
Boise, ID

Can any /biz/-nessmen comment on these? I would move somewhere more rural, but currently single and would like to optimize for meeting chicks and I've found its a lot easier in bigger cities like these.

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Las Vegas Nevada

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you're not meeting chicks during covid and you aren't getting any matches on tinder now fuck off back to r*ddit

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All shitholes

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I am tho, you sore loser.

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>currently single and would like to optimize for meeting chicks


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>I am tho you sore loser!!

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nah, stay out of Boise. You'd hate it here.

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its awesome isn't it?

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cringe meme from reddit basedboys
this is basically correct
ID is only for white men with families
if you are a typical ny faggot, go to oregon

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You are a gay nigger that follows all your faggy "trendy" fag instagram friends to go ruin other places because yours is an unliveable shithole.

Fuck yourself "more rural" as you chose every light blue cuck training wheels city in the country.

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Is there a website where I can filter cities by population size and racial demographics?

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suck my dick you salty dog

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I've heard Pittsburgh is a pretty cool city

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also Cincinnati looks incredibly based. I haven't been to either but they both have beautiful downtown areas and from my understanding they're both affordable and extremely segregated so you don't have to worry too much about joggers

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ID is for low effort assholes who compensate for their pathetic lives with trucks, heroin addicts, and this type of joker wannabe faggot like pic related, took it in Ammon last week. coal rolling isnt a personality and its hilarious how uppity you get about a worse version of colorado. i fuck with you guys all the time because everything pisses you off so much, a side effect of not having lives. ive fucked 3 girls in 3 weeks and they all complain about the above. Eastern Oregon basically is Idaho, your advice sucks, get fucked
t. new yorker who moved west

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Fuck off back to your containment zone you communist redditnigger jew slave. You see this? It means not welcome.

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i'd beat your ass irl you scrawny shit

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I’d move to somewhere in North Carolina desu. Seems comfy.

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i left NY three years ago for Colorado, have explored the northwest over the past year or so, and im probably moving back east to either rural New England or either of these >>24135491 >>24135527. people out west are insufferable, retarded, super territorial and hate everything about lives so they make their state/town their entire personalities. its really sad. Denver was different because more people were from out of state than in so theyve accepted it, but eastern washington/oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Montana are full of assholes. use the area as the truck stop they were born to be and go hiking in the national parks, but there's no reason to live out there. the PNW cities are alright but expensive for no reason other than people trying to escape the rural assholes. i never tried california because ive only ever heard horror stories from it.

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how was denver, were the chicks cool?

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also, housing out here is retarded because so many of them plopped down double wides on the side of highways and get mad when people drive by, like theyre somehow out of the way when theyre obnoxiously in everyone's way. they didnt build enough roads anywhere so everyone lives on top of each other. you can get much more house and land back east for less, look at zillow. basic houses on 3 acres of high desert go for a million for no reason. the mormons are actually pretty nice, its everyone else that sucks. New Mexico was cool but the weather sucks and high altitude levels get to you after a while.

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went to london and every girl i talked to seemed interested
also there isnt garbage everywhere like nyc. it is expensive tho

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it was alright. 6ft+ blondes are easy to come by but theyre all kind of out of it, spacey, its weird. all the other chicks are other states rejects, some of them are cute and a lot of them are nerds so theyre easier to get along with, or outdoor junkies thay are obsessed with climbing. nice bodies but its all they can talk about.

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Denver is tight. Underrated party city

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Ya, you are right, so no reason to come here

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Wtf Idaho has low obesity too, it's as if they are fairly safe from the spic-nig cycle overall unlike every other state. You could effectively raise a family there.

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If you are white and under 50 and dress well, you can fuck a dozen women a month for free, and keep a harem of free pussy on demand. Barring the expense of drinks and maybe dinner/movie or something. I have impregnated three different women who asked me to give them a white baby, and didn't care that I was not going to take responsibility.

You can also get hookers for extremely cheap, and most of them you can bareback and creampie and they won't even bat an eyelash. I like to get a fresh 18 year old, eat her out until she is soaking wet, then lay her on my bed on her tummy and mount her from behind for a nice deep, grinding fuck. She doesn't even realize she's being barebacked until she feels a load of sperm being pumped into her belly. Filipinas are so dumb that you can just sweet talk them and they will come back for another round (to get bareback and creampied), even though they supposedly want to use a condom.

About 3 months into my own degenerate adventure I stopped giving a fuck about their feelings and straight up told the women I was fucking that I was going to try to knock them up, and that I was going to cum inside of them every time. To my surprise this made them even more eager and horny in bed, and pestered me to come over and fuck even more often. Even the hookers, who supposedly dont want a baby from a stranger.

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> I have impregnated three different women who asked me to give them a white baby, and didn't care that I was not going to take responsibility
Based colonizer

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I want to live bear those eccentric assholes to get away from people from the northeast, especially nyc. I came here for work, you are easily the shittiest people in this God forsaken cunt and I used to work with loud detroit niggers just to provide a frame of reference.

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Sort by “most diverse” and go last to first.

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I actually just called there and they said "we're full". Try someplace else, sorry.

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Or you could just move to somewhere closer,
Saco, Maine?

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you dont know who i am. all i was trying to do was go hiking to get away from people and discovered you people live more densely than most people do out east. im not sure whether to shill or fud your states because while i don't want people making the mistake of moving out there i also want you assholes to learn something about living. stop if one more person fires a popgun at me im crashing my car into them and murdering their family.

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lol USA cities except chicago fucking suck.

Osaka Japan.

After the great xBTC 100x i'm just gonna hop.

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Most New Yorkers are fine, you're just mad about riding the subway with a bunch of subhumans.

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I'm not from the mountain states.

No. It's really not just NYC. I can tolerate short bouts with the city. But as far as wage cucking I hate the noise, the shitty air, even the way they speak here it's just fucking cramped to me. Maybe it's because I'm on the spectrum but I've never wanted to chimp out this bad before.

When my coins moon I'll never come back to this place.

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