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DocuSign valuation: 41B
Link valuation: 6B

LINK is inappropriately undervalued by a staggering margin.

With DocuSign there is no confirmation that the terms are enacted after the contract is fully executed; 90% of quotes are not confirmed against anything but a fucking word doc.

A more appropriate spot price on LINK would be in the $120-130 range, with guidance 10/15% higher

Seems like normies are asleep at the wheel?

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Na nigga.

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>DocuSign: used by 75% of corporate America
>Chainlink: used by 0% of corporate America

Fuck that's a tough one OP

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checked and bump

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agreed, i write $50MM value/wk for my co
but link is truly what is missing from confirming the contract routings mid and post-execution

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Kek. Sorry fren. LINK is overpriced. DMG is not. Watch the whales exit in late December.

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For the noobs playing along at home:

I write high value complex contracts
Collect docs that may be bullshit
Compile said bullshit into one shitdoc
Send shitdoc to vendors
What you think happens: Vendors ignant, sign. Or vendors pissed, resend untucked.
What actually happens: vendors sign, contest terms LATER when they think they have or need leverage.

LINK untucks all of this for the vendor and the client

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One time I asked a lawyer at the startup I used to work at why docusign exists, and what a digital signature guarantees. He said verbatim “A digital signature doesn’t guarantee shit” and “docusign is stupid”. This man has a law degree from Dartmouth, and was 37 at the time I decided to bother him. Digital contracts are ripe for change, and chainlink is poised to take over.

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how many link does enrique t salem or bain capital hold??

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i lold

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Uncle oldfag I remember in 2019 when the google blog came out and link pumped to $5 you made a thread telling us you were always a linkie and just fudding for shits. Fud all u want but we know the truth

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One CL contract negates entire departments, I haven’t pushed for it yet for my co

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How much do you make and how many of you are there in your job/field? Link's base valuation can start at 20x that.
No shit fag that's why Tom is buddy buddy with "Surge". They see the writing on the wall.

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Going to SS this and research, excellent point anon. My est is 16B for total valuation based on your equation, but does not include medium sized businesses (10X as many in my industry) so I’d say 30-50B would be the valuation all-in conservatively since I don’t have the medium sized biz metrics

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comparing docusign to chainlink is like comparing Bitcoin to amazon. shut the fuck up.

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ill compare my balls to ur throat faget

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Are you only looking at the trustless oracle side of things? or are you considering the other things LINK can do like VRF, DeFI, etc. when making this guesstimate?

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Comparing a comparison of docusign to chainlink with a comparison of bitcoin to amazon is like comparing a comparison of coffee to tea with a comparison of weed to heroin.

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Correct, valuation not comprehensive - only for the replacement of contract depts, the value there is more on the high side of 50B. That’s one piece of the valuation pie, not the whole thing

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I think a 50B jump isn’t unreasonable over the shorter term, longer term much higher. I think the public is asleep

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I’ve always thought there is a use case for this in the 3rd party vehicle sales market...

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0 companies worth a damn use chainlink and they never will

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How much money is currently in aave?

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So why keep pointing it out like a faggot.

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The problem is, when there’s a dispute, all the parties still end up in court. Suing is an American culture and right, even if code is law.

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and then he sodl low so he could buy back high
unironically halving his stack
hence why he's eternally assblasted
funny you don't mention that part

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nufags don't know and instead of moving on you and the other trannies keep tiring to rehash the exact same posting that has been disproven for years.

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You’re missing the point, the point is to remove the trust involved in a given transaction between two parties.

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ive been here for longer than you people. Doesn’t mean I keep tabs on every larpers faggot background

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Let them sue. It’ll be a simpler process with code

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Kekked and checked

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I guarantee you anon I've been (((here))) for much longer than you. You should keep track of them so you don't fall into yet another tranny psyops.

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Right of passag,e for new fags pistachio brain.

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Comparing a comparison of comparing a comparison of of docusign to chainlink to a comparison of bitcoin to amazon with a comparison of coffee to tea to a comparison to with comparison of weed to heroin is like comparing comparing a comparison of a battery manufacturer to Tesla with a comparison of AMD to Walmart to a comparison of bicycles to motorcycles with a comparison of rowboats and jet skis.

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