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Doesn't matter if you don't like the coin It will go back to $30 without you.

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Then why shill it here?
Just sell man, it is really sad seeing you dellusional fucks thinking this shit is going to matter when all the smart contract platforms shard and scale.

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Careful OP, there is a notorious nano fudder out here somewhere. I do agree with you though.

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Can we see the data on fundamentals - use, adoption, etc

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Oh no another nano thread! Quick, somebody get the outdated 2018 screenshots and crappy memes! Also make sure to make 70+ posts by the same ID

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hahaha. you know the team is dumping daily right? you're literally funding their lavis vacations.

tomochain is better than nano will ever be, plus it has XMR level privacy.

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Check this thread: >>24133568

In short: Nano is decentralized, immutable, censorship resistant, feeless, instant, non-inflationary, fully distributed, and can scale on the first layer, reaching thousands of TPS with optimized hardware. It currently can do 100-500 transactions per second. Far more than BTC's 7 TPS, which is relegated to a fee based mining network. Nano on the other hand, is ultra light weight and requires no mining, with the entire network requiring less electricity to run than what a single windmill can provide.

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DAGboi is going to get rid of you satanic worshippers. Stop spreading your lies, you leftist redditors. Get off our board. Join the DAGboi gang to get rid of these nano scum

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yeah just wait and see what PNK does while oyu sit on your nanos

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oh noez

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Already all in nano, very comfy, only up up from here. It’s a dawning of a new day. Nano $10 eoy

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HOW LOng until this 2x's me if I buy now?d

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