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I skipped my employer's (((health insurance))) benefits this year since I'm young and healthy. Did I do good?

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If you're young and in a 1st world country (usa) you'd still be on your parents insurance until 26

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I'm 27.

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>not getting high deductible coverage for 10 dollars a week
>not opening an HSA
>not maxing it out in your young years to cover your medical costs tax free later on
you're a dense nigger

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Quit your job and make Safex mining your career.

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Insurance in my day used to have catastrophic policy only but gone are the days of insurance for those who dont want to cover everyone elses overuse of drugs. Idk man yea ive gone without insurance for years. And i dont have house insurance and my car insurance is legal minimum.

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I will do all that next year.

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I'd just get catastrophe insurance incase a wild nigger decides to put you in the emergency room. Only costing me $110 a month.

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forfeited my drug benefits in February when I stopped working full-time to pursue opening a private business. Was diagnosed with cancer five months later. Sick benefits and drug benefits would have been nice...

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if i die from some natural cause i guess that's okay. i'm really not so attached to life that i care to fight through something like cancer. keeping the sickly alive has weakened our gene pool anyway.

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Ew you're old

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and you saved what $300/year? enjoy getting hit by a truck or slipping on wet floor when they drag you to the ER with no coverage

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They still fix you up and then you can just not pay the bill

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I too am an autistic zoomer working at target

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Not worried about auto collision, car insurance will cover medical expenses related to auto injury.

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