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>be me
>no friends
>family hate me
>no gf
>skinnyfat mouthbreathing retard dyel
>no hobbies besides vidya and reading scifi books
>no job, flunked out of college
>have like $500000 net worth from bitcoin and inheritance and disability gibs

i hate my life but im actually comfy. its so weird

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>no friends
better to not have any, than to have a shit one. After you make it you can find like minded friends.
>family hate me
Just cut contact with them. You don't need a family, that doesn't support your goals
>no gf
It was cool to have a girlfriend, but that was decades ago. In today's society you're way better off not bothering with thots.
>skinnyfat mouthbreathing retard dyel
After you make it, and you'll have more time you can get in shape by eating properly, and working out. It's hard to do it, when there is so much happening during a bull market
>no hobbies besides vidya and reading scifi books
It's not late 90s/early 00s. It's not cringy anymore to like vidya. It's completely normal. If someone. You can't make the whole society happy. There will always be people unhappy about literally anything you do. Either you eat meet, or not, either you're left or right wing, either you're christian, or an ateist.
>no job, flunked out of college
>have like $500000 net worth from bitcoin and inheritance and disability gibs
Collage is a meme. Job is pointless if you're about to make it. with your net worth, and bullmarket just ahead you're going to be set for life. You'll only have to reinvest into safe assets.

>i hate my life but im actually comfy. its so weird

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Pick up, king

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Okay so you don't have to worry about money which is pretty rare and frees up a lot of time for you if not all of it.
Start by going to the gym and getting fit. If your mouth breathing is a serious problem then seek out medical treatment or literally just breath through your nose.
Start seeking out hobbies related to what your interested in.
Do these one by one so you don't get overwhelmed. I dont know what your family situation is so im not gonna comment on it but if there's a way you can resolve that then work towards it.

Slowly but surely your life will improve, and improve drastically and then you'll actually like your life and also be comfy.

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>be me
>no friends
>family likes me but doesn't know im super lonely, I partially hate them for abuse n shit
>no gf, but no virgin either
>working on improving myself on my hobbies, learning a new language, playing guitar
>no job, n33t
>No savings at all, but I'm starting to save up money now thx to corona, which is why I'm in crypto now

So yea I'm also in that I hate my life but im actually comfy situation.

>no friends
>better to not have any
1st one good advice

>family hate me
>Just cut contact with them.
2nd depends on, family can be a great backup when the worlds going down, cutting contact entirely can be something you regret years later, but same goes for beeing to dependant on them

>no gf
>It was cool to have a girlfriend
3rd yeah kinda, also GF cost alot of money, except you find a quality one

>skinnyfat mouthbreathing retard dyel
>After you make it, and you'll have more time you can get in shape
4th yea I agree It takes time to adjust your lifestyle, its important to not give up, I came from a shitfamily that didn't even teach me to brush me teeth n shit properly, i didn't even shower daily n shit because they didn't care... When i finally lived alone it was so fucking hard the first few years, even though my Teeth are fucked already, I'm slowly getting there to have an actually healthy lifestyle(no- barely no alcohol, no drugs, alot of vegetables, fruits, sports, teethbrushing etc)

>no hobbies
True allthough real hobbies are always good if you want to meet a girl and make yourself more interesting

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how are you disabled anon?

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Just drop 30k on various fitness and lifestyle coaches that will hold you accountable and force you to stop being an autist.

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Holy fucking based and checked

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what games and books do you like?

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pretty based i guess but i wouldn't trade my friends and family for the world. if you don't need them then more power to you

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No because I’m not a social outcast, I just browse this place when I’m bored

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im reading the horus heresy by dan abnett right now and im playing battle brothers

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Best game you can play is challenging yourself to quit porn and not fapping


Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

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>reading scifi books
Start reading non-fiction pop sci

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I am not surprised.

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