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What will happen to the workforce when zoomers are expected to take over?

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Mass permanent UBI fuck waging everything will be robots from r9k

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>shes not even good at it

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sir this is a Safex mining board what do you mean zoomers.

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i honestly think america is doomed. everyone is just trying to get rich quick via
etc etc
all we do is consume or abet consumption, there's no actual production of anything accept for techfaggotry which has passed the point of usefulness and is now just inventing "optimization" to sell to bag holders of "outdated" tech

fuck this country, fuck this world. Id rather not work and just hunt for food everyday or grow my own

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> including crypto in that bunch

You know nothing about the crypto world, clearly.

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>criminal parents
>garbage children
absolutely shocking

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Mexicans in a bean-pod

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