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I cant stop cumming anon

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Based. It’s finally happening.

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is it too late to buy?

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You had 4 years

>> No.24130466

What book do i read to understand wtf is happening here, as well as all the jargon?

>> No.24130473

explain to a brainlet plZ!

>> No.24130478

42 years

>> No.24130501

what am I looking at here?
huge pumps on certain dates? were they predicted?

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Didn’t uhnwi say there would be some initial exuberance followed by a dump to shake out the weak hands?

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anon, when crypto goes up = good, if crypto goes up a lot = super super good xrp is going to go up all the way = infinity and beyond good, im not sure how else to explain it, I have a constant stream of jizz coming from my dick, but instead of sperm they are xrperm

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ty anon, i started crypto 6 months ago with 2k investment. now holding 38k xrp. will i make it?

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based coomer schizo
you will have Fuck You money

>> No.24130625

Me neither, I'm literally covered in cum

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>I have a constant stream of jizz coming from my dick, but instead of sperm they are xrperm
Yeah, and like someone's helping you to coom

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fuck guys it stopped

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it's only just begun brainlet

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Yes, my erection is returning, new streams will burst forth soon

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It’s just the .50 sell wall and we’re recovering

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Keep lurking, there is a jargon guide in the stockmarket general

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Transactions are going crazy today. $140/sec .7% of ledger. I would like to see this compared to the start of the 17 run

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