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Screenshot your holdings and target price.

My target is $20

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I don't have target price. But I accidentally bought a suicide stack while playing with Bitfinex UI.

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does anyone have the youtube channel of that obese nigger xrp vlogger that does daily updates from his car I want to see how he is celebrating

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I would be happy with $10 but lets see around last ath if I sell

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Hes gonna die from heart disease soon anyway.

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$10 is conservative

Im personally expecting $20 to $50

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I don't want to screenshot for fear of exif data but Im holding more than 120k worth of xrp since 2017

Ive got a really great job that pays well, some investment property, so will probably hold until over $100 assuming momentum doesn't look like it will launch it into deep 3 figures. I think then and only then will I consider seriously selling. This is when it will be harder for me to decide when exactly

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I have 11k more in exchange

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Red pilled and based.

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If xrp had the market cap of bitcoin right now it would be $7.60

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Who brought all these poor people to my board? You had literally 3 years to accumulate!

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My holdings are nunya.
My target can probably be guessed.

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Stop, I can only get this hard anon

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I bought a 1k stack like 6 months ago. I don't really have a target price. If it gets high enough to where it's life changing money I'll sell. Otherwise I'm holding forever.

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i don't have as much as you guys my stack is smol
am i gmi?

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bro its going to be so tough. especially considering im still in my 30s. I feel like ive been mentally preparing my exit strategy for years now. Anything less than that is not worth my time and not mentally bothersome to hold

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The MC is going to surpass BTC. I don't anticipate it going over 2K, like, ever but for once the schizos are prolly right anon. At worst, the new bottom is gonna be around .50 next year, at best, well.. It's gonna get comfy in these threads to say the least.

Bros whether now or after the flare snapshot (if the dip is substantial) you need to be holding this, the sky is the limit and by the sky I mean around 2k.

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21k stack here as well

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It almost hurts to be at 5k. But I bought most of it under .20 so it's ok bros. I just couldn't risk more than that on XRP. Schwartz is so blatantly jewish I had to fight all instinct to go in that hard on my poorfag budget.

Jesus though bros it's really gonna happen within the next 12 months. Can you imagine if Flare is legit too and it becomes a competitor with EOS/ETH?

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17k here, lost 2k XRP trying to swing, hurts so bad

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retard alert

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>all these puny non stacks
are all XRP holders literal third world pajeets or??

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Holding 25k. Plan to sell 80% at $10 and sit on the last 5k in case the stupid crazy predictions come true.

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