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I bought XRP at 1600 satoshis thinking it couldn't go lower, I didn't expect these gains in a few days - what's going on? Should I sell?

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Wait for the Airdrop faggot. You have no Idea whats going on with Flare

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what is going on with flare?

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Whast does that mean? What is Flare?

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they will be giving you free money for every XRP you own

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Flare is matching 1:1 xrp to spark tokens
Your xrp must be in a supported ledger.
I’m using Bitrue who is compatible with the airdrop.
You can use my link below to sign up

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what another platform? you just have to sign up?

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Google flare airdrop, fren. December 12. Nuff said.

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I traded 5k xrp for dai and will put them back after the pullback. It will touch maybe 43 this weekend and retrace to 35 - 31 by wednesday then I will rebuy. XRP XLM and TRON are where numoney will think they have the most potential. Just keep stacking satoshis.

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>Flare is matching 1:1 xrp to spark tokens
It's most likely to be higher than 1:1

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So just carry all your XRP over? Anything else?

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Signed up for flare drop then bought more xrp, transferred to my wallet? Anything extra I need to do? Or will the snapshot just see my wallet total at the time?

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>Should I sell?
lmao yes sell right now

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you are, without a doubt, going to be irrevocably priced out
buy rope now swingy

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Who told you matching 1:1?

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what other supported ledgers for the air drop? coinbase?

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go read the XRP general thread newfag
everything you need to know is at the top of each thread, you're welcome for the spoonfeeding

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Use this LWLGZW for signup, otherwise just wait

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What is flare? Am I a flare?

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Since lazy anon couldn't be bothered to copy and paste a link


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if you like 1000x more txs on ethereum enabled by GLITCH, yeh then you should sell

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Alright, I have an uphold from Brave
When is the snapshot?

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This is just the begining...

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Check XSG schizo thread. Flare instructions posted every time. Don’t dick up the XSG thread.

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I would recommend using an offline ledger nano vs an online exchange desu

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