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Two fucking months with no correction
Greed index at 91
How brutal is the dump going to be?

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> He thinks it will dump when The Great Reset is occuring.

Anon, I...

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>no correction.
The correction was In September and October newfag.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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you have 55 more weeks of this stupid

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We went from 10k to almost 14k in October mong

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Fear and green index is at 62 you lying faggot bear.

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Why are you even on /biz/ if you are talking about BTC? Holy shit you newfags should go back to /r/cryptocurrency and suck more dicks.

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Fuck you nigger cunt bear

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Bitcoin is the only crypto that matters you stupid faggot

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You don’t belong here

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It's institutional buying, e.g. Grayscale & PayPal. They aren't buying up Bitcoin to turn around and sell it for quick profit. These are long term plays and they've taken their Bitcoin off the market.
So how can a big dump happen?
It can't. Expect minor corrections up to new ATHs.

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Can't you read?

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That's great, now go back to an entire subreddit where you can suck each others cocks in a circle jerk. BTC is garbage that serves an on ramp to actual use case crypto.

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>he doesn't know

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Physical cash is going to be outlawed soon as Corona 2.0 is released in January/February, they'll claim it was the 'Mink Variant' that occured a month or so ago.

When that happens, everyone will switch from cash to cards. Banks will be overwhelmed and have to switch to crypto methods to manage the massive increase in transactions. As more transactions get blocked by the banks automated systems, people will begin to realise they need finances outside of banks.

The Crypto market is going to soar, especially when certain crypto are tied directly to the incoming NWO Universal Basic Income

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They buy on OTC not on spot without pumping up the price
The only people who pump up the price are retailtards and exchanges, the retailtards do this because there are "bullish" news this is the reason the institutions released those news in the first place

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it's gonna be pretty brutal, u can see from the newfags here thinking we won't have a correction

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How about you stop being poor and buy a real crypto instead of being some poverty stricken faggot desperate for 100x in the latest chink scam. Bitcoin is the only crypto that matters

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Muh commie world order conspiracy theory will lead normos to pump my bags

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>When that happens, everyone will switch from cash to cards. Banks will be overwhelmed and have to switch to crypto methods to manage the massive increase in transactions
Oh yes because crapto is know to be capable of managing many transactions per second lmao

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Guys are you that fucking retarded?
More than HALF of all US companies will declare bankruptcy in 2021 due to covid.

Europe is also fucked, not as much as the US but it's going to be brutal still. It's not like this is secret speculative shit, every fucking investment firm knows and states that public? Of course we won't moon next year, it's going to be bad.

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>Only retail purchases of Bitcoin affect the price.
Literally not true.

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Yeah and?

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Nano does

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Take your meds.

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If you're talking about stocks, then yes I'd agree simply based on valuations. Greed phase.

If you're talking about Bitcoin, based on its use case, we are in the fear phase.

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It's literally a tether pump. No institution is buying at these prices. Read moar m8.

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Yeah it's also manipulated by tether injections

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No, you should read more. None of you seem to understand what's going on.

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>t. increasingly nervous bystander with zero gains in 2020

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We know that retailtards are part of the game, nothing new here
But they aren't the prime movers, those are exchanges and whales

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I'm all in on BTC ETH and some Link. Literally over 90% of my net is in crypto and has or years.

Say where I'm wrong (you can't) or fuck off.
Even mainstream media is aware of this shit, how are you fags seriously wondering IF crypto will dive down again, it's laughable


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>IF crypto will dive down again, it's laughable
you fucking retards can't accept what your eyes see.

you don't live in a democracy
you don't live in a real economy

>how can it pump?!?

they will print any fucking amount of money and drop it out of helicopters, you stupid retarded animal.

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>Bitcoin is the only crypto that matters
Imagine believing this. Yikes

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i'm actually confused by this, you think crypto will dump or no?

you think the stuff about the fed changnig hands might have been true or was it just tin foil stuff? i think regardless of what will happen people don't feel secure so they are going into the crypto

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Faggot ass shills. Go fuck yourselves with giant black dildos like you know you want to.

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Where did I said it can't pump you retarded pice of shit? Jesus christ, this place used to be much less fucking dumb, you can't even fucking read holy shit

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What goes up must come down. All the newfags here don't remmeber dec 2017 when everyone was saying it will keep pumping throughout 2018. We are literally in vertical parabolic move, It won't correct? HAHAHAHAHA, look at the correction Link had after an identical vertical parabola in the summer, that's all I'll say.

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>Of course we won't moon next year, it's going to be bad.
lying fag.
you DESERVE to be great reset into the camps.

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Ray "maybe I'm missing something" Dalio
300k Citibank
JPMorgan flips
"Gold ETF's moving to Grayscale"
Massive worldwide inflationary events, no letup on horizon
Michael Saylor

Tether pump

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Usd isn't being spent, there is actually a risk of deflation which is a problem for businesses

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Google analytics show no new retail interest
Look up Michael Saylor
Do the math

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The news are there to pump their bags

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It's the same people who already invested in the past with few new retards
Look at google trends for stock to flow and halvening and get red pilled

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Ben Bernanke to congress:
"I would fly around in a helicopter and drop money out before I would allow a debt-deflationary collapse to ensue"

you must understand. they will NEVER EVER EVER allow deflation to take hold. Deflation means the gov dies....inflation means dumb public die....

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You're a blind fool. If you have a sound argument and want to discuss this rationally I'm open to it.

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>Usd isn't being spent,
what is QE
what is MMT
yes, thats the problems with QE/MMT is that they are just balance sheet tricks to make bankrupt businesses appear solvent.
that tricked worked for a bit but no velocity is crashing so they must move to next stage:
helicopter money (aka. direct stimulus checks, ubi, etc)

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>Greed index at 91
And it will stay like that until we stop pumpin, could be one week, one month, one year, who knows.. I hope you do realize now a stupid and useless is that indicator

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This is a really silly metric and no sophisticated investor is going to use it in any meaningful sense. Also, it doesn't take into effect what Bitcoin *is* i.e. a hedge against this exact type of situation. It's algorithm just looks at price action. We are in the fear stage of Bitcoin.

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Lol. I keep seeing this great reset. Finally check it out. It’s all environmental bullshit. How is this a great reset?

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Wait, so massive economic downturns and widespread civil unrest and bankruptcies incoming means more people will spend money they don't have and pump my magical internet memecoins price, right? This underwater Sri Lankan coin clipping board would never lie to me, right?

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Last time we reached this level was summer 2019
We shall see what happens

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>Nano will be the reserve currency of the NWO

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Bitcoin is an opt-out option to this boom and bust cycle of Keynesian monetary policy (money being controlled by the last people you want controlling money). This cycle is never going to stop (until it does), gets worse every time and the more it gets worse the more they fuck with it.

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I'm not saying we won't dump, I'm saying you don't know when it will happen and how much money to be made there are still left, so it's useless

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>"""Great Reset"""

>> No.24115035

while this is true, it's the nature of a parabola that you can never guess the top easily. It might be 19k, it might be 190k a month from now.

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>stocks in greed phase

not really, the bigger companies profit from the smaller ones shutting down

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Too much autism in 3 paragraphs

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The Link pump had nothing behind it. No fundamentals. It was amazing watching it go up, there were a few people asking why it was pumping, in the end the question was never answered. The best argument I heard was something about China moving money into crypto.

In the end it was all speculative.

This is a 180 to Bitcoins pump which has a very apparent explanation along with a multitude of converging factors >>24114381

I'm not saying we won't see corrections, but to expect a crash akin to 2018 (which was similarly speculative and purely retail) doesn't hold water.

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They are removing available bitcoin from sale. Less supply while demand continues to increase.

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>The Link pump had nothing behind it.
chinas blockchain thingy started it, then the four korean banks, then t-systems. and a bunch of literal whos along the way, so there was plenty of reasons for link to pump

>> No.24115289

Chinese miners thank them

>> No.24115304

So do hodlers like us.

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>3 year bear market
>BTC and alts drop by 90%
>2 months into bull territory
We haven’t even begun yet, anon. BTC will unironically reach 100k this go round, will happen in 2021.

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extremely brutal but there's no saying when it will happen
maybe it will be from $60k to $32k

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The correction from 300k back to 99k will shock the world

>> No.24115379

the correction was in March

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This is probably true for certain companies, it's case by case rundown. The tech stocks have detached from valuations however and have simply become safe haven assets. Short term I can get it, but should make one very uncomfortable in the mid/long term, and it may very well be a lost decade.

I think there are deals to be made on the remaining beaten down stocks, but at this point most will require many years to see a return. People that are investing large amounts now though are pitiable. Through sheer luck I caught the falling knife back in March, if you didn't start investing in those next few months then you weren't paying attention.

From another perspective it's not so much that valuations have become detached, it's that the equity prices are being corrected via inflation. In that sense, the stock market isn't getting more expensive, it's staying the same and the dollar is what's going down. This is obviously true to a certain extent.

But it's mostly bullshit due to the fact that we're at an ATH during a recession (when the stock market was ALREADY in a bubble back in 2019). This creates a scenario where everyone is looking at each other waiting to see who drops their bags first, or again, the lost decade scenario. But the market has never moved so quickly, buyers and sellers have hair triggers.

It's a Mexican standoff.

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May have to thank tether treasury more than anything

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A mix of schizo shit and the elites planning on creating what sounds like a literal new world order.

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Does anyone think 40m is a lot of money? That's like a speck in finance.

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You can find the top with fibs and EW count you can never be 100% sure but doable.

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It's enough to prevent dumps if you keep injecting it multiple times a day every fucking day and even to pump it
>inb4 muh volume
You can pump it by trading with yourself

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There may be pullbacks, one is incoming at 20k probably but i doubt they will be more than 10%.
The liquidity and availability of Bitcon on exchanges is going down rapidly and institutional interest is growing very fast.
Huge demand and low availability, thats bullish as fuck. I think people have just been numbed by 3 years of a very volatile bear market and expect everything to blow up even though the signs are all extremely bullish.

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Wait correct me if I'm wrong but your theory is that no one is buying Bitcoin, it's all just being manipulated? These stablecoins are just printing ad nauseam to pump the price?

>> No.24116143

But muh premined tokens, the teams only hold 82% of the supply and there will be use cases soon!!

>> No.24116168


If you will come with me...

They want to talk to you in the BASED department.

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Most of the price manipulation depends on tether treasury, exchanges and whales.
The there are still retards who buy though

>> No.24116333

Who knew that a finite supply of something would lead to simple supply demand economics? It's odd that this single non-inflationary thing would go up. It's so strange.

>> No.24116455

Artificially create the demand and it's gonna moon

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I've used Tether and USDC before to buy and sell crypto. It makes all the more sense that people would be moving back and forth heavily now (especially at this critical point) so that they can move in or out on a hair trigger. I gave many reasons for this pump >>24114381

I suggest listening to Raoul Pal. But really you just need to understand the macro landscape right now. To think this is all just price manipulation...I aint even mad at you, you just need to do look into it more.

In the genesis block, Satoshi left a message

>The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

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The correction was in 2018, newfagz.

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I'm aware, and I understand why people do it. Jumping out of the fiat's boiling pot and into the crypto's highly volatile boiling pot changes nothing however. They control the finance, the laws, and the media. If they didn't want you getting into it, they would simply outlaw it in the West. What I'm saying is so long as they control the means of production, politics, and laws, you're just opting out from one boiling pot and into another. Many would argue that Bitcoin is an expendable Trojan Horse into global currencies to get the millenials and zoomers into crypto which is globalist in nature, just to rug pull it and kill/suppress the entire market as a whole, then roll out a centralized global cryptocurrency with specificncrypto's that are meant for speculation and investing but are ultimately tied to the centralized crypto. Don't get me wrong I'm going to enjoy this ride while it lasts. I would simply say to work smarter, not harder with your investments, and take a good bit of profit on the way up because this will only last so long.

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>perceiving a scarce and appreciating digital asset in a world that is transitioning to a paperless system, as a regular stock


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anon, we haven't even touched ath...

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holy shit you are retarded lol

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holy shit another retard lmfao no wonder you have no chainlink

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>crypto's highly volatile boiling pot
The days of 90% drops are over. Finito. Look at the March crash and compare Bitcoin to other equities. It moved less than many. Most of the money sold was held by people that held it for less than a month. Coinbase reported that all throughout the dump, there was an unending mass of buyers.

Bitcoin is a cockroach, if a country outlaws it another will allow it. It's basic financial arbitrage. Also VPN's are ubiquitous these days. The Fed knows they can't kill it just like gold or liquor. Therefore what's happening now is the laws are tightening. Exchanges have been shook up recently, stablecoins are being dissected. This is a crackdown not to outlaw Bitcoin, but to legitimize it.

Jerome Powell just spoke about Libra and stablecoins to the IMF - they're on the way. This puts the spotlight on Bitcoin and makes it the de facto store of value. Central banks still wield unbelievable power through their fiat system, they don't need to outlaw Bitcion, and the optimistic truth is that there are people that understand this. (((They))) aren't all bad. Brian Brooks, Heath Tarbert, Gary Gensler, more people are moving to key positions that understand that Bitcoin is a net benefit.

I'll be retired at 40 thanks to the last boom and bust cycle, I was able to afford real estate cheaply, thanks to those who lost everything during the great recession.

>> No.24117532

>during the great recession
Most people's misfortune are few others fortune. I never said crypto is getting outlawed. I said that Bitcoin is a Trojan Horse for them to eventually normalize cryptocurrency usage and institute a globally centralized trackable cryptocurrency. Cash use being outlawed in Europe and North America will be one of the first major indicators. Cryptocurrency use is already here and is going to multiply, I never said otherwise. Simply that sooner or later the Bitcoin rug is going to get pulled on you so try and manage your exposure accordingly and responsibly. Not you specifically though since it sounds like you're one of the ones that have made out well ahead already.

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Is the bitcoin rug gonna happen during this bull cycle?

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>kikebase reported that

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They're wiping out all small business so the world is ruled by a few ultra-elites who hand out tiny UBI payments to the peasants every month

>> No.24117844

Bros I just need to know. Will there be a march dump befire the gbr?

>> No.24117908

>no argument

>> No.24117925

Well yes, CBDC's are coming. The latest thoery is that existing stablecoins will be the CBDC's (they will see heavy regulation). On this point the Fed admitted that it isn't great at innovation, it very well may adopt an existing stablecoin. This will give them an unprecedented amount of new tools for controlling society. It's the rise of behavioral economics:


This will put the spotlight on Bitcoin, the premier digital gold asset and it will be the new store of value. Every metric is pointing to this.

Digitizing digitizing digitizing, it's not linear, we are on the parabola of digitization.

>> No.24117982

The rug? God no, that won't happen for a while. At a minimum they would have to first pull cash, go full digital, and have legitimate talk of "global digital reserve currencies". I'd imagine the banks will first artificially create a crisis in bitcoin before attempting to institute one as it would give them easy cover of doing so. "Look at what happened when Bitcoin cratered, all these institutions and corporations and people got wiped out! We have to do this to protect and preserve everyone's wealth!" They'll have a pr excuse and an opportunity to fill the vacuum while everyone's freaking out in the cryptosphere for a Bitcoin store of value alternative. That's not even the tip of the iceberg with the amount of jewery that's possible once they get their foot in the door.

>> No.24117999

I don't understand why you don't think Tether and other stablecoins would see massive influx right now. If you disagree with the macro factors, then at least that's an argument. During a Bitcoin bull run, and at a key level, it only makes sense that a stablecoin would be #2 in volume.

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You have to go back

>> No.24118119

>Two fucking months with no correction
the correction is priced in

>> No.24118188

Do you see where the mc of tether was in 2017?

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>greed index

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You need to go back newfag shitcoiner

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Shwab is the leader of the World Economic Forum, link related. They have made pictures even promoting this shit now. Literal propaganda, pic related.

Lockdowns are starting again. Entire state of Oregon is locked down. Cali and Ohio have curfews. They want to kill the last of the small businesses. Only mega corps you can buy from in the long run. Amazon, Walmart, Target.

There is hope, Denmark protested and the government backed down. Good little video from a guy here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwoBY8rfSUs

Lord knows what will happen lmao, I'm just enjoying the show

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Oh, in that case this. This started to happen before Bitcoins breakout:


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this anon is right fuck your boomer coin stupid fuckers enjoy your 2x while i get 10x turbo losers

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