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How do you neet if your poor

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It's only viable if your parents own thier own home or if you live in government subsidized housing. Otherwise it's the wageslave life

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first, learn that "your" is possessive, whilst "you're" stands for "you are".
You'd be surprised at how learning these little things in life can actually help!

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Wasted trips
get a job

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Buy as much statera as you can. It is very cheap right now. Wait untill it pumps then pool. Live comfortably for the rest of your life.

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wage temporarily, buy crypto

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you dont unless the rents or govvie lets you and you play by ((((their)))) rules. Do you think homeless people want to be on the street?

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>He doesn't live in Norway

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get a bs online job and trade while you do it

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You can’t, if you don’t have money you can’t pay rent vidya porn or coonsoom

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In Norway, you can rent a 1k-1.5k apartment, and have surplus of 1k every month, for free. All you need to do is fake disability. Which is like 30-35% of the population. So basically free house and expenses for weed and food and whatever you want kek. But dont tell anyone this ofc

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so a third of the population is disabled and no one notices?

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People are faking disability, maybe 5% of those 30-35% are really disabled. So lets say you want to neet, go to doctor, fake ME disease or severe depression, well gz you can neet forever. Literally that easy.

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And yes if you get kids on top of that, you can earn dollars per kid lol. I just had to vent what a joke it is

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yea until your bitch ass aunt janet north korea narcs on you

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(((emotional))) handicap

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that's why people don't want to pay taxes

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Well it doesn't matter, all that matters is your paper from the doctor right. That easy, nobody cares if someone says otherwise

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Well do they have a choice? Nope. Either pay tax or get fucked

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Yea until aunt janet takes it upon herself to call your jewcologist and youre put on the jew list and cant be prescribed fake depression anymore. Klaus is coming for the neets.

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It doesn't work like that. If you want to neet forever, just move to norway, claim citizenship, fake disability, gz set for life. I'm literally giving you the key to neetdom

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people who earn less pay less taxes. doesn't make any sense.

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Kleros doesnt understand that word sir

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i hope that never falls through for you. If i was on your kleros court to determine your diagnosis as hired by Klaus for independent fair contract second opinion for your jewcologist id probably vote its fake depression, sir. Please do not hate the courts sirs

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Any tips?

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Dont be poor, problem solved

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Sadly its the only way

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online help desk, cust rep or an online assistant

no skills needed and pays at least minimum wage

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