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I'll buy them @ $1 and pool them @ $10, queer.

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>This delusion

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I’ll buy them at 1 cent baby

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oh no the paid fudders are hitting the gas

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Keep fudding til 2¢ and I'll buy 50k. You guys are doing the lord's work

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fuck it I'm out

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Where do you even buy this shitcoin?

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Stateratoken.com -> Trade

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Oh yes very organic. I see the dogshit poster has bought in. Smart move to hld a ponzi when there are a dozen coins with an actual usecase.

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Even Im out and I never bought

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>he bought the tranny scam


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This is what happens when DEVs care only about money and power. They are banning people in telegram who weren't spamming 1.38$ meme. No announcements. Literal Java dashboard takes 6 months. Whales fighting to get out. Tipping point will come, once to many try to get out, one will just dump bag instead of trying to % out, cascade will begin. The spiral into the darkness. You wanted to try and dominate me, silence me? I wont let you fucking dare.

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Not sure if John Doe or fake John Doe, but either way - LOL
>Devs only care about money
Thats why he gave almost his entire stack to the community, jeanyus.

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Can confirm, they just banned me for refusing to write a blog post claiming devs are the true Olympian gods

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Checked & based.
They actually managed to contact my broadband provider and have me blacklisted in the entire Southern Hemisphere :(

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Jej, John. Adjust it already.

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Didn't Sell at .40
Didn't Sell at .35
Didn't Sell at .30
Didn't Sell at .20
Didn't Sell at .10
Didn't Sell at .05
->You are Here<-
Didn't Sell at .01
Didn't Sell at .001
Didn't Sell at .0001
Didn't Sell at .00001

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This shit doesn't even work, its supposed to get dragged up in value when eth/link/btc go up right? lmao

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No. Read the whitepaper.

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My name is Scott Bateman. I am
twenty-six years old. I live in the American Garden
Buildings on West Eighty-First Street, on the eleventh
I believe in taking care of myself, in a
balanced portfolio, in a rigorous deflationary routine. In the
morning, if my bags are a little puffy, I'll put on an ice
pack while doing my price alerts. I can buy a thousand
After I remove the icepack, I use a CoinMarketCap
stats and charts. In the shower, I use a
delta app, then a 4chan biz posts,
and on the face an exfoliating face app.
Then I apply an 10k Statera buy order which
I leave on for ten minutes while I prepare the rest of my
I always use an uniswap interface with little
or no slippage because slippage dries your bags out and makes
you lose some coins. Then Metamask, then an anti-phising eye
balm, followed by a final moisturizing "protective" password..
There is an idea of a Scott Bateman, some
kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an
entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold
gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping you
and maybe you can even sense our bags are probably
comparable: I am simply, BUYING, MORE.

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I sold just over 11k STA for under 1 ETH. It was a 9% loss and I bought when it was like under $0.01. I feel horrible that I didn't sell at $0.45. I'll buy when it starts going back up. I don't need to be in this thing while the whole market is pumping extremely hard.

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This is a scamcoin and won't touch it even with 10 feet pole again. I bought at 16c and made me miss all the recent moons.

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I remember the jumps from 5 cents to 45. Price doubled every day for like 3 days. Good times.

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I know that feel bro. I bought at $0.99 breh and noped the fuck out of there at $0.001. Never again bruh.

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how can you fuck up that much? i bought at .4 and sold at .06 and thought that was bad. were you using insane slippage or something? retard...

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They have no clue how bad its going to get. Us day 1 whales are in profits into the .001's

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whitepaper says that yes, the increase of the underlying assets that STA is an index of should increase the value of STA

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I know right? A friend of mine - more of an acquaintance, really - bought at $3.50. Needless to say, he's ruing that decision. His stack can't even buy him a respectable pair of kneepads at this stage.

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Based John. Fuck trannies and jannies.

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I can feel him. I bought my STA stack at $8.9 and now it is $0.03, I am getting crazy too.

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statera is a scam but these threads always crack me up hard

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Cite it for us, breh. Page number and paragraph number, bruh.

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Yes, bruh. As a fellow "day 1 whale" I was able to procure a sizeable stack of Statera in service of Megan; using only my mouth.

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2c waiting room

>fundamentals are strong
>you just wait for the dashboard
>did you even read the whitepaper
>it can only fail if crypto fails
>wow 1 post with this ID fudding
>wow so many posts to fud a coin you don't even own
>1.38 eoy guaranteed

or any other bagholder cope

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Thanks for bumping the thread, John.

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>Thanks for bumping the thread
need to add that to the list of scamtera copes

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>he keeps a list

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Buying another 20K.

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How long has it actually been since they first announced the dashboard? it sure feels like 6 months

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uni is returning a error when trying to buy this coin.
you are fucked, op.

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Trips of Truth - the Dashboard will indeed begin the Pump!

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Please let there be a little pump ill increase the % sell per day. You wanted to lose a whale by having a power trip in a small price telegram. Nothing like seeing a coin dump as every coin in its "muh index" pumps.

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Since they actually announced? Well, the first time I became aware of a Statera dashboard was in 1819. I recall it distinctly as that's when John Keats published his labor "odes of 1819." A favorite work of mine, and my boyfriend.

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Need a Meme or Sta Ad made bro’s anyone in ? I’ll send you enough for a BigMac Meal in Sta or ETH.

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Round numbers, fren.
stateratoken.com > trade

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why buy now, when can buy at 2c?

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>>24100555 #

You all pissed John doe off lol

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>posts fud
>posts scamcoin
>agrees with pigerz
>does't get the joke
>peak delusion?

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>posts "fuck it I'm out"
>revisits same thread five hours later, posts boomer meme

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It went lower is all. Was worried about regret

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Any Meme bro’s I’n here.

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I bought this shit at 0.15 I wanna kill myself

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jesus christ the amount of effort i've put into explaining this shit on biz. literally months spent explaining it to other anons. it's fucking dead. what a waste.

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Anon plz stfup is not dead. Pic very related.

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Thanks for clarifying, fren. For a moment, I - and everyone reading the thread - thought of you as a pitiful slaveclown. But now that you've addressed that lingering doubt we all feel better about things, in general.

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Remember to flush your sta down the loo

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What happened here. Same price I bought in August

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I bought the absolute top lol

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No team. Blatant power trips by Dev/Mod banning long term members. 7+ months for a .java dashboard. Whales who arent going to stand for a greedy power tripping team.

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Yeah I agree. This thing is a joke. How on earth does it take 6 months to create a dashboard? There has literally been zero marketing for this by the team as the prevailing attitude seems to be that it is not up to them but up to the community. As soon as it bounces back a bit I'm selling. In hindsight the fact there was a tranny involved should have been a giant red flag. Oh well you live and you learn i guess

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>When one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

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>posts fud 5 hours ago
>posts fud 4 hours ago
>don't really know what this is, 2 hours ago
>fud? not sure... 1 hour ago
>posts fud, just now
Clearly no interest in STA

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6 months? Breh, I've been waiting for this shit since 1776, the year bitcoin launched.

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checked and based
I have personally been waiting since 103 BC

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>(experts) agree
>(anonymous source) says
>our (analysts) predict
Many such cases

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You are from before my time, grampa. I only learned about the many benefits of STA holdership through overheard conversations with the Messiah. Wherein he foretold that a great "pump" would occur; assblasting "fudders" to such a degree that many of them ached for the final, snug comfort of the rope.

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Irony. Banned from price telegram for talking about my DCA price point start around 3 cent. Banned. Now I have a DCA sell point at 3 cents becuase for you power tripping greedy fks. 10% of my daily DCA sell is going to my "STACunt Fund" to enlight all forums and boards of your tyrannical ways. You underestimate what people will do when you back them in a corner.

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>6 posts by PIGERz
imagine seething this hard

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Based tranny Megan spoke up.

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We're all going to make it.

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SCAMTERA. fuck this dogshit.

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These threads are so toxic lol

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Another promise of great things happening. Great their working behinde the scenes. " 7
month Mah Dashboard", "Mah Secret Project", "Mah Behinde Scenes". You know what us whales think about that. Have another -20% day.

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lol not much different than old LINK threads and XRP/RSR threads, just a bunch of negative nancy worthless disingenuous shitters that if they cannot make it then they will do their best to prevent others from making it

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This is beyond seeth. I found a purpose finally. I shall not be silenced. I haven't felt this much passion to fight a corrupt organization in years. There will be a pump after the dashboard. .01 to .015 followed by another dump as the whales take shit on you greedy disgusting devs and community.

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These 1PBTID posters are so toxic lol

>> No.24102903

>I found a purpose finally
Can you imagine this being your "purpose in life", fudding a supposedly "dead shitcoin that will never succeed" because they asked the tranny out and were promptly declined

>> No.24102905

Didn't you get the memo to swap for DMG? Poor guy. You had like 3 high exits. How greedy are you ?

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Holy Fuck, my sides. Literally in tears m8. Excellent bait

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Is this guy serious? Going on a fucking crusade after getting banned, is that correct?

I don’t even hold the coin but I’ve noticed the fudders are a special breed compared to your everyday crypto fud.

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>muh porpoise
Le bacon narwhals

>> No.24102965

I’m interested in investing into Sta How can I join the group chat?

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Umm... Well, you're in a group chat right now. Perhaps you'd like to visit the Statera website for links to other places?

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it wont go lower than this, good buy at this price just to hold for next year

>> No.24104456

we've been saying this since 24c stablecoin lmao

>> No.24104498

I’ve heard this so many times with STA. 15c was the bottom, then 12c, then 10c, then 8c, then 5c. I’m still hodling, You have zero idea what you are talking about

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