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I hope you reserved your seat at the table

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glad to sit here you with you gents

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175k stacklet here lookin to have a nice chunk to re-invest

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Fartless beans

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Enjoy the fine wine and cheese gents, you've all deserved it

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Yes it will. For some reason everything with rsr just clicked for me. The project, the team, the investors, the memes. Anyone alse feels that way?

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the bogandoffs tells me this is the coinbase listing pump. we already experienced the binance pump.

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The memes are actually super important. Like with LINK, there is a community that will NEVER. FUCKING. SELL. It's based

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yes, crashing into the moon

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explain this chart

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buying the dip all according to plan

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I have 200k RSR, am i gonna make it bros ?

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how does $200k sound?

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200k is a suicide stack

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it's up 120% on the month you dumb nigger, you tell me if it's crashing

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XRP gonna look like a toddler in comparison.

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ATH market cap yet down 25% from ATH price. Things that make you wonder

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>no ad blocker
>gets Disney ads

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pls yes sirs

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Yes, and just like XRP prebull accumulation, you could've bought millions of this for cheap.

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I hold 10,000 tokens of this piece of shit. I bought it and then saw their "team" of idiots and art majors and regretted it.

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poor and proud

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I dunno Kevin seems like a neat guy. Devin? Nevin?

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That's normal. Because there were more coin between the last market cap, and now. Meaning the coin can be worth less to meet the same market cap because there are more of them.

> one hundred 3 dollar coins
have the same market cap as
> three hundred 1 dollar coins

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How does $11.2M sound?

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benis :DD

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sold all my stack at 0.000122 satoshis
now im stuck with non
when should i get some more?!?!

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>he doesnt know

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RETARDS! even at 1 billion marketcap just shit wont even hit 10 cents

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>This is really going to be the 2017 XRP of this bull run isn’t it?
Which means the price will crash immediately after and stay dormant for years before mooning.
Get XRP instead and save time.

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>Marketcaps have glass ceilings REEEEEE
Lol idiot.

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i ... didn't buy more at the bottom

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I'm way less than that, but I will parlay into other moonshots.

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Yeah I can 100% see this being the mainstream PayPal / airbnb / Reddit of crypto for normies.

Pro tip to all the people waiting for the dip nobody's selling at this price. All the cell volume walls you see are just whales trying to keep the price down so they can accumulate they disappear as soon as there's any resistance as they cancel their sell orders. It's outpacing BTC, they're doing more onboarding for their closed beta of the app in Argentina and Venezuela, it's going live on coinbase this isn't even the coinbase pump. Plus it's managed by why combinator which basically builds $1B unicorns for fun. This is probably your last chance to get in

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This is a top 10 coin
That's 3.5B at CURRENT prices

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I love the 56 meme and I believe it will become the truth

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DESU I probably won't be selling my stack for at least 5 to 10 years if they pull off what they're trying to pull off I'll just do the arbitrage to make an income off of it.

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RSR will never go below two cents again. Not next week and not in your lifetime.
>Any swingies from the recent movements in the teens who sold had best get their affairs in order and pay your gains to the IRS.

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>even at 1 billion marketcap just shit wont even hit 10 cents

How many dollars did the Federal Reserve say they were going to print?
I think the exact figure was something like unlimited.

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what is the suicide and make it stacks for RSR these days?

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XRP went to what, $3.50? And that was in the 2017 bull run. This is going to be a different beast with the amount of money coming into the market. This is your ticket to financial freedom, and it is still cheap as fuck. Get in now, or cry later.

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More powerful than monero at a fraction of the cost. Get this coin right now for only a few cents.

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This for reference.

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The worse fiat inflation due to government printing is the more fiat is exchanged for RSR. another coin where /biz/ profits as the world burns.

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Suicide/Make it stack has always been 100K/1M

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this thread is full of the same logic as the STAra bros from a few months ago.
and look how they are doing...

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Do Peter Theil, Coinbase, PayPal, and / or Sam Altman

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The request network of this bull run is more fitting

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Do they back STA?

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i just bought some at 0.023 am i too late?

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yeh, in the sense that its a shit project you are right. TOMO bro, up to you if you want to be ignorant. iykyk

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This is literally a pump and dump coin lmao

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How much have you accumulated, FUD man?

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>pumping for weeks
>PnD coin
biz logic

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