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> 19 yo poorfag
> Invested more than I'm willing to lose
> Already lost £5k gambling on uniswap

Does anyone mind giving me a few pointers regarding my portfolio?

I'm still building my positions and looking at buying new alts, but I fear I'll be diluting myself.

Idk if I'll ever make it desu, but 8-10x hopefully would be nice.

Much appreciated Biz, feel free to drop your portfolios below lads

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If you can wait 2 weeks for a 30x minimum, get in EGO

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Dump KNC, AMPL and that small amount of OCEAN, swing it all into SFI or more RSR.
Look into SFI, I think there's a thread here about it. It's looking like the next YFI, potentially going into the many-thousands range SOON. Or RSR, at least have 50k.
Never say I didn't warn ya.

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More eth than BTC and Link combined is ridiculous in my opinion

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Little bro, move some money into Etharte or unifi. Stake it for 3 months 50% bonus. You can instantly sell the bonus so that can go back into eth, making it a 50% gain

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Too diversified. Stick to 5 coins max given your capital. Suggest either reweighing your entire portfolio by the market cap of each coin, expected returns with respect to btc, or go half of your portfolio into safe coins (btc,eth,link) and the other half onto 1 or 2 alts of your choice

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You're doing absolutely everything wrong, anon. Since you're a fellow bong, I'll talk to you on telegram about how to make it, what's your handle?

genuine offer.

I'm a millionaire now and started with much less than you.

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And don't go all in as you reweigh your portfolio, dca in and out at 10-20 percent intervals.

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Go all in LINK for a sure 10x. Other alt options might go higher but are gambles. Also LINK has a bigger chance of maintaining more of the value it gets when it pumps.

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You are falling for the diversification meme, just go all in on Link

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Do you have a stable income? Don’t put your hopes and dreams to make it big during the great golden bull run (if it ever happens, this is just a small pump). You don’t want to end up homeless. Buy coins that have history and throw 2 or 3 ether if by chance a shit coin moons.
>link (has a future)
>BTC (steady gains)
>ether (gas)
> a privacy or security coin (sentinel,Forsight, monero)
Then whatever random meme coin
>polkadot or polkstarter

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>Invested more than I'm willing to lose
That's just wrong, that's the easiest and probably biggest mistake to make when investing.
Don't go all in, cash out what you need if you have to

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all in vidya

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I put $2000 into crypto las July and since then I have never used wires or my credit card to buy more on coinbase or something. Currently have about 12k worth. If it goes down to 0 overnight I wont care as I have a steady income, this is just a game/hobby to me

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>Don't go all in

Get the fuck off my board. You don't get into crypto to keep your money safe.

Don't just parrot shit advice without assessing it. What else, should we {{{diversify}}} and ///take profits/// as well?

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This. HODL.

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I see this announcement, "Baex is a new gem," almost everywhere. Did you see that? I checked this system, this is a defi binary system with fantastic shares, indexes, fiat & crypto pairs. Does anyone use it? They also offer a bonus system to earn on the invitations: baex.com

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Lose knc and ampl and buy ocean only when it dips

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This. Solid coin choices to build wealth with 10k$

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Sell everything, then get 1000 LINK and buy PNK with the rest and you might have a chance to retire in 5 years

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>maining ETH


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>Holding more shitcoin that Bitcoin right now
Ouch. That's gotta hurt. You are only supposed to hold Alts as a joke.

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15k is a lot for a 19 year old. Take it out and put it into a safer investment.

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LINK, stop gambling, DCA, live off porridge 12m.

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Consolidate into just LINK and BTC maybe keep half of ETH stack

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jesus this is tiktok 12yo cringe

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I'm 32 and think I'm gonna end it soon

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ur probably gonna be a multi gazillinaire anon

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the only good advice on this thread

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If you want to make it (100x) you need to take your 15k and gamble (high risk) it on 1 or 2 lowcap alts that you think will moon

If you want a less risky but still some risk ~10x put it in eth

If you want the safest chance at returns in crypto but probably only a 5-7x, put it in btc

Of course only work under the assumption anything you put into crypto is gone forever.

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Nigga all in a low cap since you don't have anything left to lose. U need that 100x coin. Ppl posted a bunch of good ones in this thread.

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Thank you very much guys, honestly really appreciate it. I hope other anons can make use of the advice here also. I'll absolutely be acting on some of the recurring points here. Hope you all make it, god bless

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Should I just make my uni into something else?

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stop gambling, stop listening to shills. your top three picks are decent just hold.

i know you feel like you need to make it this bullrun but you won’t and you don’t need to. the rest of us would give up our entire stacks to be 19 again. you’re doing fine just stay smart, continue to stack and HOLD. time is on your side, take this to heart and you will make it.

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Those icx bags. Oooof

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yes, uni is good but there is definitely something better on the uniswap market.

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I’m seeing good coins. You should go up.

Why not rlc for the eRLC coming in March? If you are into tokens like Ocean Protocol

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£16k is unironically pretty good for a 19 yo. Very few people have that much money saved at that age (unless parents gave it to them which doesn't count).

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You telling him to sell at 4$ when the price can go 10$ ?
I would only bet in the top 50 coins atm
Lots and lots of tokens and coins out there. most end up never going up or down

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Would turning it into SFI or SENT be worth it?

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19 as well, currently holding:
0.5 BTC
20 ETH
100 link
3000 ocean
+ another 8k in cash - been working since I was 18

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Pick 2-4 coins that you actually like and think have mid-long term potential (if you’re above 120 iq). If your not smart just go 1/4 btc, 1/4 eth, 1/4 link, and 1/4 mid cap moon coin(rsr). This will retain you the most value of you can’t pick good coins yourself

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>(if you’re above 120 iq)
and 1/4 mid cap moon coin(rsr)
>reserves right

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Heres, some advice; Stay off pajeet exchanges. Simply sell everything except for BTC, ETH and Link. Split your allocation to 1/3 per coin. Continue to rebalance every quarter or every 6th months or something while also DCAing into each position on a weekly or monthly basis

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I'm 20 with about $265k in LINK. At early 19 I also had about 15k (in LINK). Currently you might think that LINK is just too big so you would be better off trying your luck with various shitcoins, but you also have to keep in mind that the whole crypto market cap will be expanding. Ethereum is at $58bn. Bitcoin over $345bn. LINK is at $5bn. Chainlink has done so much development wise and it's starting to be THE standard recognized by nearly everyone. I'd just play the long and safe game which would be to go all in LINK. That 15k will turn into 150k within a year. Give it another year and you will be looking at 500k at the age of 21. Give it til 23 and you'll have 2m. That is in the SAFEST investment you could probably find on Earth. And you know why I say the safest? It's because only on biz can you find so much discussion about Chainlink. Information is valuable. You make money by having info that most don't since the info won't be priced in yet. Honestly I wouldn't risk your 15k on shitcoins at all at such a young age while LINK is still at only $5bn cap. You still have the safe and almost guaranteed 5-10x with LINK within a year and you have a very nice amount of money as well. 15k is at such a young age is a lot and I know this because I was there(I'm talking like I'm some experienced boomer while I'm still a dumb lucky zoomer). Just don't fool yourself and do a very thorough research on Chainlink. Plus you won't have to worry about your shitcoins dumping or pumping which WILL take a lot of time from you.

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Next time link dips, buy link out of the eth.
When BTC hits 25k next month, if alts are tanking in price then buy link out of the btc.
Sell the other small holdings whenever they have a good day, keep the money in btc and eventually put that into link.

You should be aiming for 1k chainlink with that portfolio, anything over 1k should be considered a good success. Gl anon.

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Get 32 Eth. /thread

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I am okay with eth but you should look at L2 solutions like matic or something new like TON (tokamak network). tokamak also has a nice system that reward the bug finder

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Bitcoin Maxi here. I'm late to the game, but I bought 1.5 BTC when it was 9k.

Shill me on why I should give a single fuck about ETH or Link when I have already doubled my investment on BTC and it's just now entering the golden bull?

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I agree with this guy op, looks good ,maybe sell rsr knc for monero or xhaven

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Nice work

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>Sell everything
>All into Link and eRSDL
>Hodl and wait

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fuck no, bitcoin and eth is safe

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I wonder where you lost 5k cause your Portfolio looks quit conservative

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Bitcoin "maxi" who just started and bought his first btc at 9k
Only on biz

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Your folio seems decent. I don't follow Ampl or Kyber but you should do just fine, just stay away from uniswap rugpulls. If I were you id accumulate more Ocean and even add Kleros

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sir with my current income roadmap and those proyectiosn I am probably getting 1k link best case scenario, when will I make it T_T?

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If you keep gambling I can guarantee you'll lose the rest

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Put everything in eth. If weekly eth closes above 486 next target is 730

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Any advice guys?

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My net word
12k Rainy day cash for if I get laid off
3k checking daily balance
1k Physical Cash
23k BTC bought around 10-12k
11k GBTC bought at 15 a share (didn't want to move money out of IRA boomer account)

All offset by 30K of student debt, that I don't want to pay until the 77yo boomer takes office and possibly remembers what he was told he was to do, before succumbing to dementia and shitting himself to death.

Am I retarded for wanting to drop another 1-2k into ETH? Or should I pace myelf from this point and steadily put 500 a month into crypto while rebuilding a little dry powder on the side? I make 75k salary.

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